Hello, Adventurers, today we will talk about Antiques in Mythic Heroes game. Go ahead and explore the Tombs of the Ascension Realm! What are Antiques? Antiques are ancient artifacts from all periods of history which have had a significant influence on myth and legend. Now, they come to Mythic Heroes to bring you and your […]

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Divine Chronicles

Hello, Adventurers! Today we will tell you some basic information about Divine Chronicles Mythic Heroes. Let’s go! First of all, you can find Divine Chronicles after some progressing the campaign stages on the third game screen “Campaign”. Look at the right-bottom side of the screen and find a portal in bushes. Background Game Description: “At

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Guilds in Mythic Heroes is a component game that provides a large number of privileges and resources for leveling heroes in a single player campaign. Each Guild is a group of up to 55 players. According to the standard rules for building any community, one of the participants takes on the role of Master, and

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Fable Agora

Hello, Summoners! Today we will tell you some basic information about Fable Agora Mythic Heroes. Also we will show you some experiment about it, so keep on reading! Game Description: “Years of war have ravaged the Ascension Realm and the citizens there need help. To assist them, Captain Baldur is posting Quest requests in this

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Iconic Weapon

Once you rich Chapter 10-04, you’ll open the capacity to Upgrade each Heroes Iconic Weapon in Mythic Heroes. Each Attribute of the weapons can be upgraded using Soulseals from defeating the Ancient beings from the Zodiac Caverns. Each Attribute that you level will increase a different skill for your Hero Attack, Health points, Defense, Attack Speed, Critical chance, Critical Damage or other. Each hero has

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Divinity in Mythic Heroes is one of the options for improving your heroes. As you level up you will receive new skills and attributes that can be combined and used depending on the situation on the battlefield! This article contains all the available information about the skills that your heroes can get in the game.

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The Arena Mythic Heroes building allows players to take part in PvP battles every day to get prizes. You can find this location on the Kingdom screen on the right under the Guild towers. Let’s see what description and rules you can find for Arena functioning. There are two kinds of Arena modes: Gladiator Arena

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The Museum in Mythic Heroes is a construction that allows users to evaluate their certain achievements in the game. There are many collectable treasures in the Museum. You can find this building if go to Kingdom screen and look at the left beneath Mail icon. The treasures (bonuses) will be unlocked as you progress through

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