Tier List

In any game where there are many heroes, it is difficult for the players to choose the best ones. Mythic Heroes is no exception and we are has compiled an up-to-date Tier List that should help with this task. Grades explanations Grade Notes S Best in class A Good hero, often used B Average hero. […]

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Seven Day Guide

Greetings, Summoners! You can read here some Tips in Seven Day Guide for Mythic Heroes. Let’s go! Day 1. Tips for Adventure. In Mythic Heroes, summoners will travel across history and mythologies, encountering gods and goddesses from around the world. The main campaign will take you on a journey to explore the Ascension Realm. For

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Runes and Artifacts

Today, we have a guide to the runes and artifacts in Mythic Heroes on the agenda. Many people ask which of the heroes to use which artifacts. First, we’ll take a look at artifacts and runes as a class, and then we’ll look at the best combinations on specific characters. Well, let’s get started. Artifacts

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How To Divinity 101 by Asura

Greetings everyone, and welcome to yet another guide. This time we’ll talk about Divinity in Mythic Heroes and I’ll explain all you need to know about it and how it works. How to get it, upgrade it, make use of it, everything will be explained to you. Now, let’s get started! What is Divinity, and how do I acquire it? Divinity is another upgrade system for your heroes (limited

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Best Teams

Building a team in Mythic Heroes will mostly revolve around which heroes you’ll obtain while playing. However, the best teams will usually follow the same logic, you’ll just need to fill in the blanks. Each team can have a maximum of five heroes. In general, the most optimal setup is: 1 Main DPS Carry. 1

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