Iconic Weapon

Once you rich Chapter 10-04, you’ll open the capacity to Upgrade each Heroes Iconic Weapon in Mythic Heroes. Each Attribute of the weapons can be upgraded using Soulseals from defeating the Ancient beings from the Zodiac Caverns. Each Attribute that you level will increase a different skill for your Hero Attack, Health points, Defense, Attack Speed, Critical chance, Critical Damage or other. Each hero has his own set of parameters.

While enhancing each attribute tree of your Iconic weapon, you will also unlock extra abilities for each weapon. These abilities can enhance both an existing attribute and a hero’s skill.

Iconic weapons can also be Awakened to make them even stronger, but you will have to complete all the Attributes before you can Awaken any of these weapons. Also, to awaken the weapon, the hero requires a certain level of Ascend.

The maximum level of upgrade of Iconic Weapons at the moment is 450 level. But in most cases, it is enough to level up it to 400 to get all the necessary abilities.

Ganjiang & Moye Izanami Iconic Weapon

There are heroes who do not need to level up their weapons to the maximum. A striking example is Izanami, who is more than 300 levels, to fully disclose her potential.

Izanami Iconic Weapon

How to

  1. Tap on any of the 5 attributes to enhance them with their Zodiac Soulseals taken from the corresponding beast.
  1. Enhance Attributes to unlock hidden Iconic Weapon skills.

How many Soulseals are needed

To enhance iconic weapons, you need 4 types of Soulseals. You can get them from defeating the Ancient beings from the Zodiac Caverns area. The higher the level of the bosses, the more the better the quality of the Soulseals.

  • Soulseal I
  • Soulseal II
  • Soulseal III
  • Soulseal IV
1-20 1 20      
20-30 2 20
30-40 3 30
40-50 4 40
50-60 2   20
60-70 3 30
70-80 4 40
80-90 2   20
90-100 3 30
100-110 4 40
110-120 2   20
120-130 3 30
TOTAL   110 90 90 50

Let’s explain a little, for example, to level up 1 attribute from 1 to 20 level you will need a total of 20 Soulseals I. To level up attribute from 110 to 120 level you will need a total of 20 Soulseals IV.

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