Divinity in Mythic Heroes is one of the options for improving your heroes. As you level up you will receive new skills and attributes that can be combined and used depending on the situation on the battlefield! This article contains all the available information about the skills that your heroes can get in the game.

How to use Divinity

  1. Each UR and SSR Hero has 1 primary Divinity and 2 secondary Divinities. Their Divinity level can be increased with Divinity Gems.
  2. Tap on the primary Divinity icon to access the Divinity Talent Tree. Use Divinity points here to obtain new skills.
  3. Divinity Skills are only usable during battle when they are equipped.
  4. Equipping skills requires Divine Energy, the skills can’t be equipped if the Divine Energy is insufficient.


The elder Gods were all born with distinctive strengths. After thousands of years, the strengths or “Divinities” have separated into 5 special types: Immortal, Psyche, Devoid, Asterial and Arcane.

In this realm, 3 of these Divinities are chosen by all Heroes and they uniquely empower them with many distinct skills and strengths.

Even if two Heroes choose the same skills, their individual variables produce different results. The evolution of each Hero is unique.

Asterial Skills

IconSkillSkill Description
GeminiAfter receiving a healing skill, an additional recovery of 6% of Health is also generated. This effect can only be triggered once every 5s.
AnnihilationDeals an additional 150% damage to enemy summons/minions.
SupernovaAfter releasing Ultimate for the first time, increase damage dealt bu 30% for 8s.
Meteor ShowerAfter releasing an Ultimate, deal extra damage to 1 random enemy(ies), equal to 1x 15% of target’s current Health.
SpotlightHero’s Attacks cannot be dodged. Additionally, every 1% of Hero Accuracy is converted into 2% of Crit Damage for the battle.
Full MoonWhenever this Hero dodges an Attack, increase Attack Speed by 20% for 3s.
New MoonAfter using an active skill, increase Dodge by 50% for 2s.
AuroraAt the beginning of the battle, the enemy Hero in the same formation position across from this Hero will have 50% less Accuracy for 5s.
Black HoleAfter surpassing 300 Energy for the first time, remove all the Energy from this Hero and the Enemy with the highest Energy.

Psyche Skills

IconSkill Skill Description
MaestroAfter applying a control skill, increase Attack by 10% for 5s.
DeftnessEvery 2 auto-attack hits, deal an extra 80% damage to the target. This damage is treated as True Damage.
TormentIncreases damage dealt to enemies with a debuff on them by 12%.
Sprout10s after the battle begins, remove all debuffs and recover 10% Health.
PrevailIf enemy’s Health is more than the Hero’s, reduce enemy’s damage dealt by 18%. If enemy’s Health is less, increase the Hero’s damage dealt by 18%.
PanaceaIncrease maximum Health by 30% during battle.
Collective FervorWhenever an ally Hero releases an Ultimate, restore 30 Energy to them and this Hero.
Divine-FireIncreases Energy by 2 every second. This Energy does not decrease (except when triggering Ultimate).
Self-HypnosisWhen healing an ally Hero, recover 20% of the overall Health recovered to the healer themselves.

Immortality Skills

IconSkill Skill Description
SymbiosisAt the beginning of battle, gain a shield equal to 15% of this Hero’s max Health for 8s.
ResonanceWhen this Hero is killed, stun nearby enemies for 3s.
RecoveryDuring the first 15s of battle, recover 4% of max Health every second.
TranscendDodge the first enemy damage dealt.
SunderIncreases damage dealt to shields by 100%.
SavvyIncreases damage dealt from active skills by 25%.
TenaciousIncreases all shields’ strength by 20%.
WaterdropReduces Crit damage taken by 35%.
WrathFor every 6% of Health lost, increase Attack by 1% (to a maximum of 30 stacks).

Devoid Skills

IconSkillSkill Description
PhantomHealing received cannot be reduced.
Broken MirrorReduces Hit Energy Restoration by 35% for nearby enemies.
Energy FieldAlly Hero with the highest Combat Power is immune to first lethal damage. After, they will gain a shield with 30% of this Hero’s current Health for 8s. This effect can be triggered 1 time(s) per battle.
AnimusAuto-Attacks have a 20% chance of generating a shield equal to their damage dealt.
Time-lapseHero’s auto-attacks have a 20% chance to stun the target for 1.5s.
ExcitementRestore 150 Energy within the first 5s of battle.
VexationWhen hitting enemy with auto-attacks, reduce their Hit Energy Restoration by 50%.
EngulfAfter each of the first 2 Ultimates, Hero gains a buff which increases Lifesteal by 12%.
Spirit FlashAfter the first time any enemy releases their Ultimate, generate a shield equal to 50% of max Health for 10s to protect this Hero.

Primeval Skills

IconSkillSkill Description
CulminationIncrease Attack by 1% every 4s during battle.
Primal TotemAfter releasing an Ultimate, gain immunity from control skills for 5s.
Death WaiverThe first time this Hero takes lethal damage, gain full immunity for 2s instead.
InspirationWhenever a skill targets an ally, increase their Attack and Defense by 10% for 5s.
PurifyWhen healing an ally, there is a 20% chance to remove all debuffs inflicted upon them.
PristineWhen Health is above 75%, increase Defense by 50%.
EmbroilmentWhen Health is above 50%, increase damage dealt by 10%. When Health is below 50%, reduce damage taken by 10%.
CorrosionWhen an auto-attack hits, reduce target’s Defense by 30% for 5s.
ColossusIncreases Attack by amount equal to 50% of Hero’s Defense during battle.

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