Patch Notes V.1.21.0

Good day, Summoners, there is an update – Patch Notes V.1.21.0 for Mythic Heroes!Brave summoners of the Nexus Gate, get ready for an exhilarating update! In this release, we bring you thrilling expansions to the Nordic storyline and the 7 Wonders feature. Prepare for new levels, wonders, and an extraordinary hero. Here’s what awaits you: […]

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Patch Notes V.1.19.0

Introducing the highly anticipated Patch 1.19.0 update! Get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure with the permanent addition of the Nexus Gate. Discover a world filled with treasures and hidden secrets! NEW GAME MODE Nexus Gate Welcome to the brand-new game mode Nexus Gate, introduced in Patch v1.19.0!  Designed based on the 7

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Patch Notes V.1.16.0

Happy 2023, Summoners! Check out what’s coming next in the upcoming update for Mythic Heroes. NEW SSR HERO – MURASAKI SHIKIBU, THE LEGENDARY WRITER OF THE HEIAN PERIOD A Mage representing the Guardian faction, Murasaki Shikibu bewilders her opponents by chanting a range of poems to deal massive area-of-effect damage. Murasaki Shikibu will be available

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Patch Notes V.1.13.0

The spooky season is upon us and the Ascension Realm has been dressed up for the occasion! As Halloween approaches, the Kingdom and Astrolabe have been decked out with some spooky decor for the autumn season. GAME MODE AND EVENT UPDATES Limited Halloween Event – Halloween Carnival Celebrate Halloween in Mythic Heroes with the Halloween

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