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Hello, Adventurers! Today we will tell you some basic information about Divine Chronicles Mythic Heroes. Let’s go!

First of all, you can find Divine Chronicles after some progressing the campaign stages on the third game screen “Campaign”. Look at the right-bottom side of the screen and find a portal in bushes.


Game Description: “At the beginning of time, countless particles flew through the Universe. These light and dark elements repelled one another, but at one special instant, two came together at the perfect angle to catch in each other’s gravity. The two fused, making the seed of the Infinity Tree.
After thousands of years of evolution, the growing tree produced the other foundational elements of the world: wind, fire, thunder, water, soil and wood – besides the light and dark particles already mentioned.
With these eight elements, a life form crystallized in the Heavens, simply called the Creator. In the heavy waters far below, His image reflected and gave life to another deity. This distorted image in the water became the Void God (opposite in every way to the Creator).
The Creator then gave life to the first genderless deities: Kaos, Pangu, Nammu, Ymir, Ame-no-Minakanushi, Nunn, Shiva and Ometotl.
Their children became the first of the Gods and with the flux of elements between the Void God and Creator, they became dynamic and made individual choices. As generations passed, they eventually became the Luminarchs, Shadowarchs, Verdians and Guardians.
The “Divine Chronicles” do not simply explain the process of how this happened. The book is a portal through time and space. It allows the reader to relive the history of the Universe, feeling the pain and joy of all the legends of old.

Rules of functioning

Now, we will see how to use this building. In the inner menu you will see four icons of factions. One of it is active, the others are hidden. You can choose active faction and join the storyline quests. While you will be passing through stages, it could be possible to open next factions menus.

  1. In the Divine Chronicles, the players can experience each faction’s historical events and learn more about each Hero’s story before the Campaign begins.
    There are 4 factions. Only use the faction’s Heroes in their own Chronicles.
  1. Each Event has its own requirements to clear, please read the Event description for more details.
    For some Events, players will need to clear levels in another faction’s Chronicles before having required items to proceed.
    Some Events just require time. All you need to do is wait.
  1. Raids will not affect the unlocking of other Events.
    If a certain Raid is too difficult, the players can set them aside and complete other Events first.
    Reading Mode displays all the completed events. While Progression Mode displays all the incomplete events.

Every quest line is divided into stages and each stage will bring you rewards.


Luminarch storyline. When the Creator first came into being, the Universe was a vast, beautiful place. However, this grand entity was completely alone in the Heavens and with pure light created the Angel Covenant to protect the sacred order of the world. Many of the Elder Gods later joined them, and this alliance became known as the Luminarch.

Shadowarches storyline. The Shadowarches are a camp opposed to the Luminarch. Their goal is not to impose death, but rather to encourage chaos to destroy the old order and remake the world. The Void God knew their motivations, so he manipulated them to serve his own goals. However, when Lucifer, Lilith, and the Death Pact all joined together, they became known as the Shadowarch and eventually stopped taking direct orders from the Void God.

Guardian storyline. Humans were vulnerable in the early years. Their lifespan was limited, so they could not learn powerful magic or match the battle skill of the immortals. When the war between the Gods led to the infamous “Flood Age,” the humans’ casualties were enormous. The humans that survived, did so through collaboration and innovation, forming the Guardian faction. These humans became a formidable force that could even compete against the other godly factions.

Verdians storyline. The Verdians worship the Infinity Tree as their deity and their strength comes from harnessing nature’s power. Since the sacred tree is older than the Creator, they see it as the Great Mother to everything. The Titans were the first Verdians and later the Gods, nymphs and elves joined. Typically, the faction is peaceful, but when they see a threat to balance, they do not stand idly by.


Luminarch Chronicles: Part 1.

The faction’s story started when time began in a vast, empty Universe with a single being… referred to only much later as The Creator.
With pure light, this gentle being produced the Angel Legion to maintain the Universe’s sacred order.
Later, when the Elder Gods and Titans joined with them, their alliance began known as the Luminarchs. The union was crucial, as the Creator’s image, when reflected in the abyss water far below, spawned a shadowy entity… One that opposed The Creator in every way, known simply as the Void God — wanting only to destroy.

Luminarch Chronicles: Part 2.

There was a seemingly endless procession of demon troops that flooded into the nascent world. In their wake, they left nothing but destruction. After years of fighting, the Angels eventually fell back to provide a last stand at the “Sanctuary.” The two seraphs, Lucifer, and Michael, led the Angel Legion to protect this most sacred of places. They fought day and night but their foes’ numbers were simply too many. The two seraphs would have to do something desperate to buy time…

Luminarch Chronicles: Part 3.

It had been weeks of endless hordes of demons streaming into the Sanctuary. The angels were depleted, both mentally and physically, and the overall situation looked dire. It was at this moment that the two highest of the seraphim, Michael and Lucifer, looked at one another in obvious distress… They knew that something needed to be done… Quickly! Lucifer shot into the air, and immediately dove back down at the demon general to take him out. Before their opponents could reassemble, Michael attacked another high-ranking demon. After the death of these two commanders, the demon fighters simply scattered.
While the rest of the angels breathed a sigh of relief, Lucifer intently focused his thoughts. He knew that the demons would learn from this incident, and they would return, reorganized, as soon as possible. The Angel Legion had to be creative… Lucifer decided to build a Tower of Light and immediately convened the angels to direct all their efforts towards making this structure; for without it, they would surely lose the Sanctuary.

Luminarch Chronicles: Part 4.

After hours upon hours of tireless work, the exquisite marble structure was nearly finished. When the last brick was placed, the Tower of Light enlivened and glowed with an intense luminance. It was ready and just in time… The next morning, just as Lucifer had predicted, the demons returned. The “Battle of the Dawn” had begun, and the tower’s concentrated beam cut through the demons’ lines like a hot knife.
This tower was a game-changer, but it required Stardust to function… A lot of it! Soon, all of the dust was gone in the Sanctuary, meaning that they would have to travel to the feared Afreet Den to gather more. For in this far off place, the creature Genie guarded a massive horde of the precious dust…
To get there, someone would have to go to the Celestial Firmament… Only the strongest of the seraphs could manage such a feat. Since Lucifer needed to maintain the tower’s defense, Michael needed to make this epic journey…

Shadowarch Chronicles: Part 1.

The Shadowarchs started informally as a collective of individuals opposed to the Luminarchs. Although many perceive them negatively, they were in no way “evil” as a group. They simply — for many different reasons — refused to follow the Sanctuary’s orthodoxy. So, they rebelled. Their goal was not to impose death, but rather to encourage chaos and destruction (And they would say that they only do those things to reshape the world to be better…). In the early days, the Void God tried to exploit this movement. However, the group eventually recognized this, and when the Death Pact joined with Lilith and Lucifer, they began an independent trinity known as the Shadowarchs.

Shadowarch Chronicles: Part 2.

After their descent, the Fallen Angels collected themselves and looked around their new barren land of magma and sulfur. While searching, they were forced to fight many fierce creatures… After defeating a Wardragon, Lucifer faintly heard his name being called in the distance. He motioned for the rest his followers to stay and, alone, he wandered towards the mysterious sound. Eventually, he saw a peculiar-looking tunnel that descended deep into the Earth. He cautiously proceeded, and on the opposite end of the tunnel, entered a giant, cavernous room with a massive stone table. From the end of the table came a regal voice, “Welcome to the Dark Council, Lucifer…”

Shadowarch Chronicles: Part 3.

Lucifer was a little shocked to see a massive stone table with legendary figures all around it. Only the deity on the end was unknown to him, which was odd because he sat in the place of the most prominence. This deity spoke, “Welcome to the Dark Council, Lucifer . . . I am the God of Time, Cronus. We have led you here because we have seen your remarkable potential…”
“Potential is only that though… To prove your abilities, you must defeat three of us…” Lucifer happily obliged and defeated Anubis, Izanami, and Medusa. After, Lucifer spoke. “I am not done.” There was a vacuous silence… “…I want your chair!”
After a hearty laugh, Cronus responded, “Of course! This is our code. If you can defeat me, it is indeed your chair!” Control of the Dark Council hung in the balance of this epic battle…

Shadowarch Chronicle: Part 4.

“You have lost… Now swear your fealty.” Lucifer spoke resolutely. The defeated Cronus raised himself slowly from the ground and took one knee to nod in the affirmative. Lucifer was shocked to see that they ALL, without exception, followed suit… They took their weapons, pressed them into the ground, and bowed. The Dark Council was his…
Lucifer’s mind reeled with excitement with potential ideas on how to use this powerful coalition to do his bidding. First though, he needed a base. Luckily for him, there was already an established city which was perfect. It was central, deep in the ground, and had many tunnels throughout the earth…
He casually defeated the demon lord who controlled it and assumed the Throne of Shadow. After, in much the same way as the Council, the remaining demons simply bowed their heads and swore their allegiance to the fallen angel. The city was Lucifer’s, and it would be known as the “Depraved City” ever since that fateful day…

Guardian Chronicles: Part 1.

During the early years, humans were vulnerable as their lifespans were limited. Thus, they could not learn powerful magic to match the immortals. When the war between the Gods broke out, the humans suffered enormous losses.
The surviving group of humans formed the Guardian faction and got through the rough times with their collaboration and innovations. They have grown to be a formidable force that could even rival the other godly Factions.

Guardian Chronicles: Part 2.

The Guardian movement can be traced back thousands of years. It all began when a cruel water dragon, Draco, sent his Oceanids to plunder the coastal villages of Huaxia. These raids lasted for generations, but something shifted when one of them, a leader known as Dayu, decided that his people would no longer be victims… Dayu decided to organize the clans to defeat these fierce marauders.
On the next invasion, against all odds, their troops defeated the Oceanids, forcing them back into the sea. Dayu and his troops were overjoyed but knew full well that their opponents would soon return with increased numbers and ruthlessness. They needed help. So, he sought out the help of the fabled Elder God, the master of the five-element spells, Nuwa. Many of the ancient Gods didn’t think much of humanity, but Nuwa was a stark exception… she cared for them deeply. Despite this, she was a peaceful-loving deity and only agreed to help the villagers rebuild… She would not raise arms against the powerful Draco…
Unfortunately, when they returned to the villages, the reprisal had already happened… and there was little left to rebuild. Nuwa looked upon the destruction in shock. At this moment, she vowed to stop Draco and his minions so that such a scene would never happen again…

Verdian Chronicles: Part 1.

The story of the Verdians cannot be told without first acknowledging the origin of the Infinity Tree.
The Tree is so old that it is often referred to as the Great Mother to everything. The Verdians even claim it is older than the creator. Through this Tree and all nature, they have learned to harness the true power of the Earth.
One of their most outstanding achievements was learning inner peace. Tranquility allowed them to build allies when times were tough, even becoming a great asset while preparing for battle. They were able to remain calm until the last moment.

Verdian Chronicles: Part 2.

The beginning of the Verdians can be traced back to the time of the Titans, a mysterious race of immense deities. It was they who originally ruled the continent of Greece, and each one represented a powerful force of nature. Gaia was one of the elders, personifying the thunderous power of Earth. During the war between the Titans and Gods, Gaia made a deal with Zeus to give the Olympians the victory. However, after witnessing their terrible powers, Zeus rescinded on his promise and instead locked the Titans inside of Tartarus with their former leader, Cronus.
When Gaia found out that Zeus had betrayed her, she was livid. She decided to retaliate and began to create a nature-protecting alliance to overthrow her former ally. Gaia was no stranger to upending leaders. In fact, she had done it twice before… Her third attempt would be directed at her grandson, mighty Zeus.

Verdian Chronicles: Part 4.

Gaia convened her most-trusted allies to plan her offensive against Zeus. As the God-King of Olympus, he had many powerful allies which would come to his aid if the Verdians attacked. Therefore, Gaia first needed to convert these adversaries. If she could, the benefits would be two-fold if they were to fight with her…
Knowing the envy of his brothers, she focused on exploiting this and sent Flora, the Goddess of Flowers, to convince them to join with Gaia.
First, Flora set her sights on Hades in the underworld… Showing up unexpectedly had its pitfalls though, and she was treated as an invader by the guards. She had already fought several difficult opponents before Thanatos arrived… The God of Death was a worthy rival for Flora, and she only narrowly defeated him…
Recognizing her restraint though, Thanatos decided to help the Goddess. He directed Flora to follow the River Styx to Persephone’s garden but warned her that the path there would progressively become more deadly as she went… Regardless, her mission was too vital; she began the perilous journey deeper into this unfriendly world…

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