Hello, Adventurers, today we will talk about Antiques in Mythic Heroes game. Go ahead and explore the Tombs of the Ascension Realm!

What are Antiques?

Antiques are ancient artifacts from all periods of history which have had a significant influence on myth and legend. Now, they come to Mythic Heroes to bring you and your heroes extra power.

Antiques can give your account and hero roster a wide range of benefits. Some provide flat bonuses (ie. bonus attack percentage), some scale with stage progression, and some even provide account bonuses outside of combat! For example, the Namida Chashaku provides you with an increase in health for every chapter completed in the Elite Campaign.

Certain antiques belong to a collection, and by collecting all antiques in that set, you can get bonus perks on top of the initial bonus. Some of these perks can apply out of combat and assist you with the restoration of your antiques.

As you continue to collect and restore your antiques, you gain more benefits from them. Some benefits become stronger, while fully awakening and restoring a collection can give you even more powerful buffs.

The Museum

The museum in Mythic Heroes is where you can track all of your antiques, and even find enhancement resources for them! Test your luck through Tomb Explorations to see what treasures you can find, or go to the Museum Market where you can exchange Gold Coins and Silver Coins for specific restoration and appraisal resources.

How Can I Upgrade Antiques?

There are two ways in which you can upgrade your antiques. The first way is called “Restoration”. To restore an antique, you can use restoration elixirs which are earned through various means in Mythic Heroes, including the Museum’s Tomb Exploration. As you restore an antique, its restoration rate increases, improving the effectiveness of the antique’s bonus. Once an antique cannot be restored any more, you will need to upgrade the antique by appraising it.

To appraise an antique, you must use a mix of appraisal scrolls and antique fragments. These are resources you can earn throughout the Ascension Realm. If you have enough materials to appraise your antique, the star rating for the antique will increase and allow you to restore the antique even further.

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