Fable Agora

Hello, Summoners! Today we will tell you some basic information about Fable Agora Mythic Heroes. Also we will show you some experiment about it, so keep on reading!

Game Description: “Years of war have ravaged the Ascension Realm and the citizens there need help. To assist them, Captain Baldur is posting Quest requests in this agora. Completing them will grant bountiful rewards to the Heroes brave enough to accept them”.

Rules of functioning

So now, we will see how it all works. First of all, the player can complete Quests in Fable Agora to earn rewards. This building you can find on the Kingdom screen in the game, it named Fable Agora on the right and bottom. When you click on this construction, it leads you in the menu of quests. The mechanic of it pretty simple. Choose the quest line with a reward show, tap on Dispatch button and pick the team for certain requirements.

Quests will be reset daily. The player can also reset Quests with Diamonds. So every day after some bounty hunt time you will click on this completed quest lines to get a reward. If you want another reward for a quest line, you can tap on Reset and it will bring you the other options.

Also, you have a Quest Level menu. There is a system of a quest tier level. There are one to six stars on your quest lines marked and it is connected with your hero level dispatch. Menu shows the quality of the quests you have for now. You will receive Quests of the rarities with your level earned number. It will gives you min and max Quest stars. Level up condition changes after you get definite star quests complete definite times.

Then you have 3 types of Quest difficulty. When completing a Folk Tale Quest, the factional and Ascension requirements need to be met. If all the requirements are met, there will be a bonus reward.

Folk Tales. Folk Tales are the easier Quests in the realms. The reward for completing each Folk Tale Quest is 1 Moon Coin. If the bonus requirements are also met, 1 bonus Moon Coin also will be rewarded. One Heroic Deed Quest will be unlocked when the required number of Moon Coins are collected.

Heroic Deeds. Heroic Deeds are moderately difficult Quests in the realms. The reward for completing each Heroic Deed Quest is 1 Sun Coin. The Legends of Gods Quest will be automatically unlocked when the required number of Sun Coins are collected.

Legends of Gods. The Legends of Gods are the most challenging Quests in the realms. When Legends of Gods Quests are completed, bountiful rewards can be collected!

About Rewards

There are a lot of daily rewards you can get here. There is a list of examples:

  • Star dust,
  • Diamonds,
  • Gears of time,
  • SR hero shards,
  • Gold, etc.

Of course, when you get progress on your account, your rewards will become more valuable here. And after some time you will get quest reward not only 50 diamonds, but 120 diamonds lines and so on.

Reset profits

Let’s see if we can get more gems by resetting this quests. And with this experiment we will calculate how much we can profit by resetting this Fable agora. We will learn, how much profit we can get. For example, we already have 120 gems for free attempt and we will dispatch it manually. Now we will do some reset, it cost 50 gems. Let’s see if we can get some profit and get some more gems quests.

So we randomly have 3 attempts with 120 gems after first reset. We got some profit for using 50 gems. We can do another reset here, let’s see if we can profit again. We have 3 another quests left. Okay, we’ve used 150 gems and 2 bad attempts, no profit yet. Another attempt gave us 40 SR shards and we can get it also. Another 3 attemps is empty, but 175 gold is pretty good, so we just get it. One last reset and 64 SR shards we can get here.

So we can see, that the most gems that you can get randomly in a day is four quests. We’ve bought 10 attempts for 500 gems in general. We have 360 gems for quests earned. So there is no great profit to spin this roulette 10 times. It’s enough to spin 3 times maximum if you are lucky today. In this case you will have aprox. 50% profit. In theory for 10 resets you can get all the lines with gems, but it is very pricy and really no profit at all.

We hope you’ve learned something new today about Fable Agora Mythic Heroes, we wish you good luck and Happy Holidays! Stay in touch!

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