Patch Notes V.1.21.0

Good day, Summoners, there is an update – Patch Notes V.1.21.0 for Mythic Heroes!
Brave summoners of the Nexus Gate, get ready for an exhilarating update! In this release, we bring you thrilling expansions to the Nordic storyline and the 7 Wonders feature. Prepare for new levels, wonders, and an extraordinary hero. Here’s what awaits you:


Nordic Storyline Expansion

Embark on an epic adventure as the Nordic saga continues. Experience the intensity of three new levels: Doomsday: The great rooster crowed, Toils of War and A Brand New World. March alongside the warriors of Valhalla, face an army of giants, survive the aftermath of a cataclysmic event, and witness the rebirth of a world from the ashes.

Expanding the 7 Wonders

Unveil the splendor of four additional wonders in the 7 Wonders storyline. Marvel at the awe-inspiring Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, follow the guiding flame of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, gaze upon the divine beauty of the Statue of Olympian Zeus, and immerse yourself in the lush oasis of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


The Creator Goddess of Sumer

Step into the realm of legend as our newest UR hero arrives. Join forces with Ninhursag, the guardian of the sacred mountain, and witness her profound power. Explore the dense forest, traverse the ominous vines, and discover the Temple of Ninhursag, known as the “Towering Mountain of Mesur.” Behold her exquisite statue, a symbol of perfection tinged with profound sadness, as her presence continues to evolve over time.


In addition to these exciting new features, we have addressed some bug fixes in this update.

Nexus Gate – The Iron Forest

Challenge the boss in The Iron Forest of the Nexus Gate no longer has any issues. You can now engage in battle without encountering any error messages.

Nexus Gate – Heroes Availability

Previously, there was an issue where some heroes were unavailable for battle. We are pleased to inform you that this problem has been rectified.

Dionysus Animations

We have resolved an issue involving Dionysus, the charismatic god of revelry. Previously, players experienced a bug where touching Dionysus on the screen failed to trigger the captivating animation that showcases his awe-inspiring abilities.

Arena Battle Results

Some players experienced an unexpected discrepancy between their hard-earned victories in battles and the resulting scores. This discrepancy often led to a lower rank than anticipated. However, we are pleased to inform you that this issue has been diligently addressed in our latest update.

Prepare for thrilling adventures, legendary wonders, and the enigmatic presence of Ninhursag in the Nexus Gate. May your journey be filled with valor and triumph as you embrace these extraordinary quests. Stay tuned for more updates as the Nexus Gate continues to guide you to glory! MH Team.

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