Guilds in Mythic Heroes is a component game that provides a large number of privileges and resources for leveling heroes in a single player campaign.

Each Guild is a group of up to 55 players. According to the standard rules for building any community, one of the participants takes on the role of Master, and also appoints a Vice Master in case of his long absence from the game.

Lv.EXPMax Vice MastersMax Members
120 000440
280 000440
3200 000445
4400 000445
5700 000550
61 100 000550
71 700 000555

As you complete daily quests and various locations, Guild members receive activity points, a fairly valuable in-game unit.

In the Guild Coliseum is where the events of the Sanctuary take place. The most long-standing is the Epic Showdown. When this colossal 30 vs. 30 squad battle takes place, there is a distinct effect given by the Guild Towers to establish the strongest and most clever Guilds in the realm. The player must first set up their Defensive Squad and then embark on Invasions against squads on the other Guild’s side. The Guild with the most Victory Points at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner and gain many rewards.

The Guild Market can be visited to purchase high-level Artifacts and Runes, resources and Hero Vouchers with your Guild Coins.

The Wishing Fountain can be used for a Free Wish everyday, and you can purchase other wishes afterwards. These wishes will reward you with Guild Coins and Energized Omnistones.

DropPrice (diamonds)Guild ActivenessGuild BadgeEnergized Omnistones

The Guild Research Center holds the best scholars from around the realms. These intellectuals seek to improve the performance of Guild members during Guild activities. Their research requires stones known as Energized Stones, which hold the materialized energy of magical spells. When they are analyzed, the researcher will learn about enemy spells and can then redirect this knowledge to helping Guild members improve their combat skills. The Energized Stones are obtained from the Blade Wraith who holds the most famous magical blades/swords in history. Guild members are well-served to submit stones to improve all Guild members’ abilities.

Research types:

  • Wraith Research – The Blade Wraith carries some of the most famous blades/swords in history. He now challenges the strongest in the Guilds to clear the negative energy accumulated from these weapons. Wraith Research will increase drops from him and success against him.
  • Showdown Research – The entire Guild can benefit from Epic Showdown wins. If you invest Energized Stones into the this type of research, you will increase your Guild ability to win these battles against rival Guilds.

The Fortune Altar holds some of the popular events of the realm. Every day, Guilds send rewards to their members and one type is Fortune Coins. The number of these coins is variable and depends on the Activeness of the Summoner within their respective Guild. They are used to attain the Gods’ Blessings. If one is lucky enough to be chosen by the Gods, the rewards will be epic!

The Guild Daemons area holds two creatures; both are very powerful. The Blade Wraith is a powerful demon. His strength was accumulated from all the negative energy generated on battlefields throughout time. This demon can use many legendary weapons while in battle. The only way to suppress his urge to destroy everyone is to challenge the Summoners from each Guild. The brave Summoners who accept his challenge will be rewarded and their participation will bolster their Guild Activeness. The Wardragons are revered creatures which burrow deep into the ground. They typically make their nests near layers of gemstones, and over time, each dragon’s skin becomes infused with the color of the precious stones around them. Incredibly, each mineral essence is more easily fought against for certain factions. For the Shadowarchs, Ruby is easier; for the Luminarchs, it is Citrine; and for the Guardians and Verdians, it is Sapphire and Emerald respectively.

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