Tier List

In any game where there are many heroes, it is difficult for the players to choose the best ones. Mythic Heroes is no exception and we are has compiled an up-to-date Tier List that should help with this task. Grades explanations Grade Notes S Best in class A Good hero, often used B Average hero. …

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Patch Notes V1.7

NEW FEATURES AND BUGFIX We were able to include some requested features and Bugfixes in this patch: We added Antiques System! We added New Event : Valhalla Many Heroes skill bug fixed New Weekly Events Zodiac Mapping Tower of Babel New Hero: Loki and Skins A fully 1.7 patch note will be released on April …

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Guilds in Mythic Heroes is a component game that provides a large number of privileges and resources for leveling heroes in a single player campaign. Each Guild is a group of up to 55 players. According to the standard rules for building any community, one of the participants takes on the role of Master, and …

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Patch Notes V1.6.0

Greetings Summoners!We have scheduled server maintenance on 2022/1/21 from 21:00 – 23:59 UTC. You can read about the changes below. New – New SSR Hero. New – Community Tab added to the Event Center. New – New Hero Events. Optimized – Various Store Changes. Optimized – Various Hero Fixes. Optimized – Hero Guides. Optimized – …

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The Festival

It was an especially peaceful day in the forest, but night was fast approaching. Yukionna was on her way home from a little stream at which she liked to spend her time. It stayed unfrozen during the winter and many of the animals went to it to get water. She liked to watch them as …

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New Hero Archimedes

Archimedes, The Inventor, is coming to the Ascended Realm! This Guardian, Fighter class Hero is ready to take down the opposition with his superior firepower! Collect him from the Limited Summon Banner, January 7th!