Kingdom Raiders Event

Kingdom Raiders is the latest event in Mythic Heroes! Roll your dice strategically to get your team an early advantage with high rolls, or make a late push with strategic placement and claiming of tiles on the board – show us how you roll in the replies!

Game Issues

Hello Summoners, There was an error in the Patch Notes regarding the behaviour of Gold Dice. In the Patch Notes, it was stated that the value of the Gold Dice did not change and that is incorrect. The behaviour of the Gold Dice is as intended. The possible value resulting from rolling a Gold Dice …

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1st Anniversary Celebration

Today marks the beginning of 4 WEEKS of Events and special rewards for the Mythic Heroes 1 Year Anniversary! Check back every week to collect FREE weekly login bonus’ like Summoning Scrolls and Inherited Divinity!

Patch Notes V.1.11.0

Happy Anniversary Mythic Heroes! It’s been nearly 1 YEAR since Mythic Heroes made its way onto the app store for players to start adventuring throughout the Ascension Realm. From summoning your favourite Heroes from myth and legend, to conquering the most difficult bosses taking residence in Valhalla, Mythic Heroes has seen immense growth thanks to …

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New Hero is Coming (August, 2022)

Dear Adventurers! We have some information about a new hero Mythic Heroes.  After fearlessly confronting Tiamat’s monsters, he faced down the huge, enraged Tiamat. He cast a net on her to slow her down. Despite this, Tiamat kept coming and tried to swallow him whole. . . A new Hero is on the way!

Lore about Nuwa

Hello. Summoners! This is a story which is the Lore about Nuwa Awaken Chaos Era.Let’s read it together! Nuwa observed the massacre inflicted upon the human villagers by the Oceanids with disdain and horror. While the flames of anger raged inside, she sharpened her eyes to see a slight movement below the floor of a …

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