Patch Notes V.1.19.0

Introducing the highly anticipated Patch 1.19.0 update! Get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure with the permanent addition of the Nexus Gate. Discover a world filled with treasures and hidden secrets! NEW GAME MODE Nexus Gate Welcome to the brand-new game mode Nexus Gate, introduced in Patch v1.19.0!  Designed based on the 7 …

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Patch Notes V.1.18.0

Welcome to the Patch 1.18.0 update notes! This update introduces new permanent game content with the Sinful Abyss as well as a highly anticipated update for the Iconic Weapon System! NEW UR HERO – PROMETHEUS, THE TITAN OF FIRE The Titan of Fire finally joins the Ascension Realm! Prometheus is a dual-faction Mage representing both …

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Patch Notes V.1.16.0

Happy 2023, Summoners! Check out what’s coming next in the upcoming update for Mythic Heroes. NEW SSR HERO – MURASAKI SHIKIBU, THE LEGENDARY WRITER OF THE HEIAN PERIOD A Mage representing the Guardian faction, Murasaki Shikibu bewilders her opponents by chanting a range of poems to deal massive area-of-effect damage. Murasaki Shikibu will be available …

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