New Hero is Coming (August, 2022)

Dear Adventurers! We have some information about a new hero Mythic Heroes.  After fearlessly confronting Tiamat’s monsters, he faced down the huge, enraged Tiamat. He cast a net on her to slow her down. Despite this, Tiamat kept coming and tried to swallow him whole. . . A new Hero is on the way!

Lore about Nuwa

Hello. Summoners! This is a story which is the Lore about Nuwa Awaken Chaos Era.Let’s read it together! Nuwa observed the massacre inflicted upon the human villagers by the Oceanids with disdain and horror. While the flames of anger raged inside, she sharpened her eyes to see a slight movement below the floor of a …

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Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin Attributes Faction Rarity Type Ability Turtle Warship Ultimate Yi Sun-shin instructs a turtle ship to charge straight into his opponents, dealing damage equal to 300% of his Attack to all enemies in the boat’s path. He then attracts all enemies to attack him for 2s and beats his war drum to …

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