The Arena Mythic Heroes building allows players to take part in PvP battles every day to get prizes. You can find this location on the Kingdom screen on the right under the Guild towers. Let’s see what description and rules you can find for Arena functioning. There are two kinds of Arena modes: Gladiator Arena and Mastermind Arena.

“Since the onset of the war, the valor and intelligence of the greatest Summoners and Heroes has been tested within the walls of the great Arena. Test your line up, refine your style, and learn from high-caliber opponents. . . Iron sharpens iron! May the best Summoner collect the most rewards!”

Gladiator Arena

So, to find Gladiator Arena you should tap on Arena building and choose first panel icon. This type of challenges you will activate in early game. Interface shows Rating of participants, Personal Rank, Defense team choise, Record list, Arena badges and Reward menu.

Now, if you tap on the ‘Challenge’ button, then you’ll go to the list of Challanges. On the right it comes Tickets on action buttons. Everyday free challenges number is 5. You can buy extra Tickets with plus button upper, it costs some diamonds. The number of extra ticket purchases is 5.

First of all it is necessary to form your defensive squad. It consists of your Heroes. The number of teammates is five here. Then everytime you progress or lose, it will be a record in the record list. After defeating opponents it is possible to get a quick reward for tier medal (look at the Reward icon in upper-left). After the season ends, players will get their rank rewards send by in-game mail.

Rules to take part

  1. Players earn Arena Points and rewards by challenging other players in the Arena.
  2. There are a certain amount of free challenges daily. Additional challenges must be obtained by purchasing Arena Invitations.
  3. The corresponding Arena Points will be earned after winning a competition. Points will be lowered if a competition is lost.
  4. After a season, more tier rewards are available for the players with higher Arena Points.
  5. One season usually lasts for 2 weeks, and players need to compete at least once to receive Ranking Rewards. The Arena Points will be reset after each season.

As you can see the Arena activity is the part of daily quests. Every game day players can use a certain amount of Arena Invitations to join the challenge. Some of them are for free and another one you can buy.

Mastermind Arena

This type of Arena challenges will be unlocked after completing Main Campaign 14 – 4. So, Mastermind Arena is a group competition. To find it you should tap on Arena building and choose second panel icon. Let’s see what the rules are in Mastermind Arena.

  1. Each season in the Mastermind Arena lasts for 2 weeks. Players are divided into 7 tiers based on their Arena rank. Tiers will be retained after a season ends.
  2. You can only challenge players with a higher rank. If you win, your rankings will be swapped.
  3. A challenge in the Mastermind Arena includes 4 battles (3 “Deputy Teams” and 1 “Lead Team”). If the time expires before the battle finishes, the “Defending” team is awarded the victory.

Now, to join the battle you should make four team formations. Any Deputy Team victory will increase the Lead Team’s Attack, Defense and Health by 20%. To participate it is also need to use special Tickets.

The main trick or tip here is to prioritise the factional bonus, because you can get opponents only stronger than you are.

Do not forget to visit The Arena Mythic Heroes every game day and good luck!

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