Boss Tier List

There are a large number of different bosses in the game Mythic Heroes. Each of them has its own characteristics and vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is very important to correctly assemble a team for each boss in order to obtain the best result. Grades explanations Grade Notes S Best in class A Good hero, often used […]

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Pantheon Guide

The main concept of the Pantheon mode in Mythic Heroes game is that you can collect Relics and Divine Blessings to increase the power of your heroes, which will help in the fight against the final Boss. The more damage you deal to the Boss, the more rewards you will receive. Any buffs received during

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What is the limited banner? The limited banner is up for 14 days, during these 2 weeks you’ll have a chance to get the heroes in the banner. 1 SSR1 UR1 SSR of choice NOTE: the rate is up for the specific heroes in the banner, and not overall If you do 200 summons, you’ll

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Guide for Beginners by Asura

Heroes Heroes’ ranks are as follow, in order: Elite (Yellow),  Legendary (Orange),  Mythic (Red),  Celestial (White),  Infinite (Rainbow). All heroes adopt the fifth highest hero’s level.(same as resocrystal if you are familiar with AFK Arena or other games, but here it appears from the start) Each ascension increases a hero’s maximum level by 20 (up to 300, starts from 120). Ascension from E1 to L3 requires 1 hero copy, from M1 to

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