1. What is the limited banner?

The limited banner is up for 14 days, during these 2 weeks you’ll have a chance to get the heroes in the banner.

1 UR
1 SSR of choice

NOTE: the rate is up for the specific heroes in the banner, and not overall

If you do 200 summons, you’ll get the guaranteed UR from that banner.
If you summon that specific UR within 200 pulls, the pity system will go down to 0 and you wont have that rate up anymore.

pity WILL NOT carry over to the next banner once the current banner ends, it will reset

  1. Is there a tier list?

Please check the posts in Guides section

  1. What are the ascension tiers and the lvl cap?

This is where you use your SSR/UR copies.

The ascension is divided into 5 tiers:
Elite > Legendary > Mythic > Celestial > Infinite.
And the colors for these tiers are:
Yellow > Orange > Red > White > Rainbow

Each ascension has 3 lvls: I, II, III
Eg: Elite I (E1)

With each ascension you’ll be able to raise the lvl cap of your hero.

The lvl cap and copies needed are:

  • Elite I / lvl 120 / 0 copy (base ascension)
  • Elite II / lvl 140 / 1 copy
  • Elite III / lvl 160 / 1 copy
  • Legendary I / lvl 180 / 1 copy
  • Legendary II / lvl 200 / 1 copy
  • Legendary III / lvl 220 / 1 copy
  • Mythic I / lvl 240 / 2 copies
  • Mythic II / lvl 260 / 2 copies
  • Mythic III / lvl 280 / 2 copies
  • Celestial I / lvl 300 / 2 copies
  • Celestial II / lvl 300 / 2 copies
  • Celestial III / lvl 300 / 2 copies
  • Infinite I / lvl 300 / 3 copies
  • Infinite II / lvl 300 / 3 copies
  • Infinite III / lvl 300 / 3 copies

A total of 26 copies are needed to fully ascend a hero, 27 counted with the base ascension.

  1. What do I do with SR heroes?

SR heroes are what we call fodders, to enhance your SSR/UR heroes.

Same faction fodders are needed.
EG: SR Luminarch fodders are used to enhance SSR/UR Luminarch

NOTE: Do not ascend SR heroes unless you’re stuck really early. There’s always a reset option in the hero screen anyways.

  1. Which heroes are worth investing in?

Not all heroes do equally good in all stages of the game (early/mid/late), make sure to check posts in Guides section to avoid mistakes and choose a proper hero.

Few popular carries in the community:

  • GM (Ganjiang and Moye)
  • Izanami
  • Susanoo
  • Tamamo


  • Lucifer
  1. Are UR heroes worth investing in?

Yes and no, If you manage to get multiple copies of a UR, or have the opportunity to summon and build a UR, then that’s great. But don’t feel like you’re missing out, since these SSR heroes are very well balanced (there are SSRs better than some URs at the moment)

  1. What is the enhancement cap?

The current max cap for enhancement is +30. You can make your hero +10 at start untill you unlock the Enhance Limit +5 in the divinity tree.

You can get the Enhance limit +5 from Dinivity lvl 9/12/15/18, in the middle path.

  1. Should I level my team equally?

Suggested is to have one main carry (a dps) +40 lvls above rest, for easier progression.

Eg. If 4 of your heroes on your team are lvl 60, then have your main carry to 100

  1. What happens when my team is lvl 300?

Once your team (your top 5 heroes) are lvl 300, you’ll be able to lvl them all at once using gold /exp/dust.

X amount of resources are needed from 300 > 301, and so on.

  1. Are the guilds cross server?

Yes, the guilds are cross server. Which means that you can create a guild in server X and have players from another server to join you. Same goes with joining a guild.

  1. What is Astrolabe of Fate?

Astrolabe of Fate, or AoF. Is another summoning system that you unlock at chapter 16 (or VIP 10)

In AoF you get to choose a UR of choice and an SSR of choice for a rate up. If you want you can even choose 2 different SSRs or 2 of the same SSR to raise the odds.

Each summon costs 500 diamonds,
And a x10 summon costs 5000 diamonds.

It is recommended to at least do 1 x10 as an f2p player, since the first x10 guarantees a UR/SSR of choice.

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