Zodiac Caverns Guide

Creatures from the Zodiac Caverns Mythic Heroes can be fought 4 times a day, and if you win, you will receive Soulseals as a reward. Soulseals can be used to upgrade Iconic Weapons).

Defeating each boss for the first time gives additional bonuses. This creature’s Summon level rises, but so does the reward.


Rewards: Ankaa Soulseals
Recommended Heroes: Burst. High damage in a short period of time.

ANKAA Skills

Phoenix Fire. Passive.
Ankaa turns into an egg before dying. The egg has 50% of Ankaa’s maximum health. If the egg is not destroyed within 10 seconds, Ankaa will resurrect. The egg shoots fire every 2 seconds, dealing 70% damage to all heroes. After resurrection, Ankaa gains 1 level (stack) of the Blood Boiling skill, increasing damage done by 50% and reducing damage taken by 50%.

Burn Out. Passive.
Ankaa’s auto attacks and skills inflict the Burn debuff on the target for 10 sec, dealing 30% damage per second. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Flame Blast. Active.
Ankaa targets the hero with the highest attack and releases magma from the ground to send that hero into the air, dealing 300% magic damage. The target will also be stunned for 1 second for every 1 stack of Scorch debuff on it.


Rewards: Draco Soulseals
Recommended Heroes: High Mobility

DRACO Skills

Mythic Maelstrom. Active
At the beginning of the battle, Draco summons a tornado that deals 80% damage to nearby heroes and stuns them for 0.5 seconds (plus adds one accumulated level of the “Scatter” skill). Each stack of Scatter increases damage dealt by 5%. If Scatter reaches 20 stacks, Draco will trigger a second tornado.

Draco’s Fury. Active
Draco casts a magic circle on the battlefield, inflicting 150% damage to all enemy heroes and adding an accumulated level (stack) of the “Scatter” skill. If the target gets 5 stacks, its accuracy is reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.

Blue Gust. Active
Draco summons a fierce wind, dealing 250% damage to enemies and knocking them down.


Rewards: Chimera Soulseals
Recommended Heroes: Long Lasting Damage


Zodiac Quake. Passive
Whenever an enemy hero casts an Ultimate ability, one of the soul icons will be lit (under the Chimera’s health bar). When all five soul icons are lit, the Chimera causes earthquakes that inflict massive damage continuously until the battle is over. Earthquakes deal 300% damage and reduce the attack speed of enemies by 50% every second.

Yin-Yang. Active
Chimera attacks a random enemy with the Yin-Yang magic amulet, dealing 250% physical damage. In addition, there is a 50% / 50% chance to silence the target / instill fear for 8 seconds (Silence: heroes cannot use active skills; Horror: heroes cannot use Ultimate ability).

Short Circuit (Energy Fuse). Active
Chimera marks the hero with the highest energy. After 5 seconds, if the target has 80% Energy or higher, Chimera deals 500% damage; otherwise, deals 150% damage.


Rewards: Genbu Soulseals
Recommended Heroes: High Attack Speed

GENBU Skills

Energy Shell. Passive
When the fight begins, Genbu hides in his carapace and gains a shield that blocks 150x damage (Critical hit counts as 2x damage). The Shield reduces damage taken by Genbu by 99% and counterstrikes the source of any crit, dealing damage equal to 40% of Genbu’s attack. In addition, every 5 seconds, 1 stack of Accumulated Energy will be added, each stack increases the damage dealt by the Freezing Beam by 100%, and reduces the target’s accuracy by an additional 5%.

Ice Storm. Active
Genbu’s serpentine tail exhales cold air, causing hail in the area with the most enemy heroes, dealing 75% damage per second and reducing attack speed by 25% for 10 seconds.

Freezing Light. Active
After destroying the shield, Genbu jumps out of his turtle shell and fires a Freezing Beam, dealing 400% damage and reducing accuracy by 15% to all enemy heroes. This effect lasts for the entire battle.


Rewards: Baihu Soulseals
Recommended Heroes: Tanks

BAIHU Skills

Deadly Strike. Active
Baihu deals 250% damage to the nearest enemy Hero, reducing healing received by 50% for 8 sec.

Laceration. Passive
When Baihu deals damage, lacerate enemies. Targets hit take an additional 5% damage. This effect cannot be dispelled and stacks up to 100 times.

Blood Scent. Active
At the start of the fight, Baihu growls and marks all enemy heroes. Baihu kills all marked heroes with health less than 30%. Every 10 seconds, Baihu roars again, increasing attack speed by 15%.

Resources Guide

Background of Zodiac Caverns

The area where the Zodiac Caverns are located is a dangerous area. Although the surrounding area is now lifeless, it was once a living rainforest. During the war between the Gods, an epic battle took place here, which incinerated the Earth and opened the Void portal. Monsters of enormous size appeared through this portal, which terrified humanity.

According to legend, the Elder God used all his powers to lure these monsters into a trap in the caves. The following monsters are hidden in the caves: in the east there is Draco, who creates a tornado with simple breath; in the south – Ankaa, which can be reborn from the flame; in the west – Baihu, who strikes with the sharp claws of the sword; in the north, the hard-skinned and colossal Genbu; and in the very center is the legendary Chimera that uses Earth spells. If someone is brave enough to challenge these creatures, then for the victory they will receive the Soulseal emblem, which can improve the attributes of the Iconic Weapon skills.

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