Pantheon Guide

The main concept of the Pantheon mode in Mythic Heroes game is that you can collect Relics and Divine Blessings to increase the power of your heroes, which will help in the fight against the final Boss. The more damage you deal to the Boss, the more rewards you will receive.

Any buffs received during the stages of the Pantheon cannot be used outside of it. This includes Blessings, Relics, and Mithril Coins. They will be reset every time the event is updated (every two days).

Wisdom and Bravery

As you progress through the Pantheon, you will earn points of Bravery and Wisdom. Usually, you can choose between one or the other. Every choice you make will influence your Bravery and Wisdom points and will prepare you to challenge the mighty God of Time, Cronus.

  • If your damage dealers (main damage heroes) are mostly magicians, choose Wisdom.
  • If they are mostly fighters, choose Bravery.

Currently unlocked bonuses will be highlighted in white. Closed ones will be gray.

Wisdom Bonus

In the final battle with the god of time, Kronos, increases the damage done to Kronos by mages and support heroes by 80%.

For any battle in the Pantheon:

  • When Wisdom > 10, Lifesteal +10%
  • When Wisdom > 15, Crit Chance +10%
  • When Wisdom > 20, Crit Damage +40%

Bravery Bonus

In the final battle with the god of time, Kronos, increase the damage dealt to Kronos by tank heroes and fighters by 80%.

For any battle in the Pantheon:

  • When Bravery> 10, Restore extra +8 Energy per second
  • When Bravery>15, Cooldown – 30%
  • When Bravery > 20, Attack Speed +15%

Mithril Coins

This currency can be collected in the Pantheon and used to buy Relics and upgrade Blessings.


These are random cards that can be bought with coins. They provide random rewards. It is generally worth buying all of them.


While traveling through the Pantheon, heroes can receive Blessings from various gods. These Blessings give buffs that can be used in every battle, including the final boss.

Each Blessing can be upgraded up to 3 times.

Best Blessings

These are the best Blessings to choose and improve:

Note: Upgrades for 2, 3 and 4 stars drop randomly.

Other Blessings


Relics give heroes unique buffs. There are 3 types of them:

  • Uncommon (blue)
  • Rare (purple)
  • Elite (yellow)

There are also relics with full set bonuses that are unlocked after certain requirements are met.

Best Relics

It is generally best to choose relics that:

  • Have a set bonus (Demon Set is very good).
  • Provide increased damage.
  • Increase the number of dropped Mithril coins.
  • It is also recommended to avoid Relics that do not work on the final boss. In this game mode, everything depends on the final boss and you should always strive to inflict maximum damage on him.

Cronus – final boss

The soul of the immortal Titan-King Cronus is imprisoned in Tartarus. He holds power over both space and time and is the father of the God-King Zeus. After Cronus’ defeat by Zeus’ hands during the God-Titan war, Cronus was imprisoned in Tartarus. Tartarus’ is a time prison of absolute zero where even time is frozen. However, the Tower of Time that seals the realm is about to collapse, and once it does, Cronus will be fully awakened. Your ultimate mission is to defeat him and re-solidify the ancient seal.

Cronus skills

Time Bomb

Kronos starts a 5 second countdown for one enemy hero. After 5 seconds, Kronos deals 250% damage to the target and nearby enemies. When the target dies or is affected by this ability again, the Time Bomb will take effect instantly.

Void Nova

Kronos fires 5 shockwaves, dealing 5x 60% damage to all enemies.

Fury of Tartarus

Kronos gains 1 stack (accumulated level) of attack boost for each bar of health lost.

Pantheon Background Mythic Heroes

For thousands of years the Pantheon has been the domain of Zeus and his chosen council. Recently though, it has been overtaken by the tyrannical Titan-King, and Zeus’ father, Cronus. He is extremely powerful and can control space and time. Cronus was originally defeated by Zeus during Titanomachy (Titan-God War), and since then had been held in Tartarus. He has recently escaped to lead a massive Void army to the Pantheon.

All the Gods were shocked to see him again but learned that their only hope relied on a “chosen one,” who was led to the gates of the pantheon on this day. There are five candidates: a brave hunter, a romantic poet, a pious priest, a clever liar, and a greedy merchant. Which one can protect the safety and order of the world? Choose wisely, Summoner!

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