Trials of Ascension Guide

Welcome to our Mythic Heroes Trials of Ascension guide. This game mode is a set of boss encounters that can each be challenged 3 times a day.

Each trial will reward either Gold, EXP, or Star Dust. The number of rewards is based on the total amount of hero damage done to them.

All of the boss fights have a specific mechanic that favors a certain type of hero. It will say which type is recommended on the trials’ banner.

Once a boss has been challenged once, it can then be “Pillaged” to instantly gain the reward of the best score that’s been achieved so far.

Dorado Vault

A Boss with strong Defense that has a strong resistance to Mage Heroes. He can also control groups of opponents with gold coins.

  • Boss: Kubera
  • Reward: Gold
  • Recommended Heroes: Physical DPS

Kubera Skills

Rain of Coins
Kubera throws a treasure chest, scattering a rain of coins that stuns all enemies for 3s.

Gold Ingot
Kubera throws a gold ingot at the enemy with the highest Attack, stunning the target for 3s.

Protection of Wealth
Kubera is protected by a magic barrier. He takes 75% less magical damage, but an extra 30% of physical damage.

Yggdrasil Well

A Boss who can summon melee and ranged Dryads to attack opponents.

  • Boss: Mimir
  • Reward: EXP
  • Recommended Heroes: AoE DPS

Mimir Skills

Sprouts of Life
Mimir summons 3 melee dryads and 2 ranged dryads onto the battlefield. Melee dryads will move toward a random target and ranged dryads will stay in place.

Life Recovery
Damage taken by the dryads will be inflicted onto Mimir.

Speed Up
Melee dryads explode, dealing 200% damage to enemies nearby. Ranged dryads release sapling bombs to 1 enemy, dealing 200% damage.

Afreet Den

A Boss who deals damage to groups and has a strong resistance from Fighter Heroes. Genie can also remove opponents’ Energy.

Boss: Genie
Reward: Star Dust
Recommended Heroes: Magical DPS

Genie Skills

Genie Magic Circle
Genie casts a magic circle. After a short delay, it explodes to deal 300% damage to all enemies with ranger and reduces their Energy by 300.

Physical Immunity
Genie reduces his physical damage by 75%, but suffers an extra 30% magical damage.

Genie Casting
Genie casts a spell on the enemy with highest Energy, dealing 200% damage and removing the target from the battlefield for 5s.

Mythic Heroes Trials of Ascension LORE

In this mysterious realm, several ancient immortals protect many valuable treasures. Every day, they presen visiting brave souls many grueling challenges that will test their strength and cunning. According to legend, Odin, the God-King of Northern Europe, once gained arcane wisdom from the secret Well of Mimir within this domain. For this right, he had to sacrifice one of his eyes.

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