Patch Notes V.1.19.0

Introducing the highly anticipated Patch 1.19.0 update! Get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure with the permanent addition of the Nexus Gate. Discover a world filled with treasures and hidden secrets!


Nexus Gate

Welcome to the brand-new game mode Nexus Gate, introduced in Patch v1.19.0! 

Designed based on the 7 Wonders & Nordic myths, this permanent addition is unlocked after completing stages 7-20 in the Main Campaign. 

Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure filled with mystery, treasures, and secrets to uncover, all while being rewarded with valuable loot including Diamonds, Gold Rewards, Standard Scrolls, Soulseal Custom Chests, Divinity Custom Chests, Antique Development Custom Chests, Inherited Divinity, and much more!

The Nexus Gate is set to become your new favorite destination in the game. Get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime!


New Chapters 49-52 Added

New chapters 49-52 are now available, taking players on a thrilling adventure to the mystical land of Esagila. Here, they will fight for justice and love as they navigate through treacherous terrain, encounter dangerous foes, and uncover hidden secrets.

The new content promises to challenge players’ skills and test their mettle as they strive to become the ultimate hero.

So, get ready to embark on an epic quest like no other and experience the thrill of adventure in the latest Mythic Heroes update.

P.S. We’ve slightly adjusted the difficulty of Chapters 47 and 48 to provide a smoother progression into the new content of Chapters 49-52.

New Levels 101-150 Added to the Maze!

Exciting news! The Maze in Mythic Heroes has expanded with brand new levels 101-150, available in the latest update v1.19.0! Many players have already conquered the existing levels, but now it’s time to take on even more challenging mazes and discover new treasures.

Don’t miss out on the excitement – download the latest update today and dive into the depths of the Maze!

New Novastar Purchase Perk

Get ready to share the love with your purchase in Patch 1.19.0! 

Whenever you make a Novagem purchase at $19.99, $49.99, or $99.99, you’ll automatically send gifts to everyone on the server, including yourself.

But hurry, because the gift-giving extravaganza is limited. So don’t wait too long to claim your rewards! With this new feature, spreading the joy of giving has never been easier! Show your generosity and share your wealth with your friends today.

New Hero 7 day Log-in Rewards Updates(45 Novagems Pack)

  • For Day 7: new hero replaces new hero’s colored skin;10 standard summoning scrolls are replaced by 50 new hero skin shards.

More Paths to Acquire Items and Boost Your Gameplay

  • Infinity Soulseals Added to Weekly Value Pack Custom Pack
  • Oda Nobunaga Hero Shards Now Available in Arena Marketplace
  • Infinity Soulseals Added to Members-Only Marketplace in the General Section

Adjustment to Weekly Value Packs

New 100 Novagems pack replaces 450 Novagems pack in Weekly Value Packs, now with 1000* diamonds and 5* Infinity Soulseals.

Daily Viewing Packs Expanded with New Rewards

Daily Viewing Packs increased to 6 with 2 new rewards: 50 diamonds & 2 Refining Stones and 50 diamonds & 1 Chimaera Soulseal II

Rookie 7 day Log-in Rewards 

  • 7-day log-in rewards adjusted! 

Get the UR hero Lucifer instead of Oda Nobunaga on the 7th day. Keep playing to add this powerful hero to your collection


Invalid Targeting Issue Resolved

Heroes now target living enemies correctly instead of attacking a dead hero’s position. This issue only affected battles involving Morrigan or Chiron.

Combat Countdown Display Bug Fix for Sinful Abyss

Combat countdown no longer shows negative time in Sinful Abyss

Bug Fix for Daily Challenges and Purchased Challenges in Sinful Abyss

The 3 daily free challenges and the 10x diamonds purchased challenges have been corrected for Sinful Abyss.

Persephone’s Iconic Weapon Skills Fixed

The effects of Persephone’s Iconic Weapon skills were mistakenly set to level 6 before reaching Attribute 600. This has been corrected to reflect her actual Iconic Weapon level in the new update. MH Team.

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