Patch Notes V.1.18.0

Welcome to the Patch 1.18.0 update notes! This update introduces new permanent game content with the Sinful Abyss as well as a highly anticipated update for the Iconic Weapon System!


The Titan of Fire finally joins the Ascension Realm! Prometheus is a dual-faction Mage representing both the Verdian and Guardian factions. Using the power of fire, Prometheus attacks enemies at range with his deadly flames to easily blaze through each battle and scorch his enemies.

Prometheus will be available to summon in the Summoner Sanctum starting March 18th at 0:00 UTC along with his exclusively themed new Hero event.


Sinful Abyss

“For most, the only time that they enter the ground is for their body to decay after their death. Yet, there are those who choose to live there, and a form of “decay” happens to them as well. However, their form of decay is spiritual and mental, and they become simply more depraved — more prone to ruthlessness. The worst of these entities now inhabit an abyss deep within the underworld, and here, their propensities have become more virulent. The fierce beings of the Sinful Abyss are the perfect embodiment of this… These ancient beings (some there since the fall of the Sanctuary) represent the extremes of all different kinds of depravity.”

The Sinful Abyss is a new permanent game mode which will have rotating boss fights every two (2) days. Each rotation will feature a new factional and formational requirement. A player can challenge the Demonlord up to three (3) times each day for free. Additional challenges may be purchased using Diamonds.

Scoring and rewards for the event will be based on the highest damage dealt to the Demonlord in a single battle, meaning a “Pillage” feature will not exist in this game mode. These rewards will be sent to players once the 2-day boss rotation has been completed. Please note that battles will not be available during the final two hours of each rotation as this time will be used to properly compile leaderboard results and process rewards for all players.

Leaderboards and groups will be formed based on the highest previously-achieved level of their top five (5) Heroes. All Heroes will retain their Antique bonuses and Hero Attributes. Each group will have different factional and formational requirements.

Rewards from the Sinful Abyss include an event-exclusive marketplace currency, as well as the introduction of new resource items including Elemental Essences and Refining Stones for Iconic Weapons (more information below!).

New Antiques have also been added that increase in power based on quests within the Sinful Abyss.

Clash of Heroes

With Clash of Heroes scheduled to be a more frequent recurring event, we’ve added new difficulty challenges that unlock as you complete more runs. There are now ten (10) total difficulties in which you can challenge Clash of Heroes.

At the beginning of each Clash of Heroes event period, all players will begin at the easiest difficulty: Level 1. As each player completes more runs during the event period, harder difficulty levels will unlock, providing players with more rewards during the challenge. These rewards include the new Clash of Heroes marketplace currency: Bravery Tokens.

With the new difficulty adjustments, the leaderboard ranking has been optimized to reflect the difficulty completions. Players are now ranked on the leaderboard based on the following criteria: Challenge Difficulty, Highest Stage Cleared. In the event that the ranking criteria between two players are the same, the higher placement on the leaderboard will be given to the player who was able to clear that stage first.

The challenge difficulty will reset to Difficulty Level 1 at the beginning of each Clash of Heroes event period.

Dragon Troves

We’ve made some minor changes and optimizations to the Dragon Troves event. 

  • The daily occupation timer now resets at the end of every day and no longer carries over.
  • The immunity timer is now displayed on the main map instead of having to go into each individual occupied space to view the information.
  • Bonus reward timer has been decreased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Certain rewards have been adjusted including basic single-player areas and defender bonuses.

We are continuing to improve the Dragon Troves event experience for everyone, so stay tuned for future updates with this game mode!


Updates to Iconic Weapons

Iconic Weapons are receiving a major update, making your Heroes’ potential power even stronger and more customizable. This update to Iconic Weapons has 2 major components: an increased level cap and a new refinement system.

Iconic Weapons now have a maximum level of 600. With this update, new Iconic Weapon skills have been added for every Hero upon reaching Weapon Levels 500 and 600.

Once an Iconic Weapon’s upgrade has reached level 400, you can activate new “Essence Nodes” by using an Elemental Crystal after having cleared stage 24-4 in the Main Campaign. Once activated, new Essence Nodes can be modified using Refinement Crystals, adding and changing bonus statistics for that Hero.

Essence Nodes will also be assigned one (1) of five (5) color groups. When there are two (2) or more Essence Nodes of the same color, an additional Color Boost will be obtained. Each Hero’s specific Color Boosts can be viewed by tapping on the colored bar above the weapon in the refinement page.

You can unlock up to eight (8) total Essence Nodes by upgrading the Elemental Level of the Iconic Weapon. Levelling up the Elemental Level of an Iconic Weapon will require the use of Elemental Essences, specific to the Hero’s combat style.

Refinement Stones can be used for any Hero to change the bonus statistic which is applied to each elemental node.

Merchant Ship – Ragnarok Marketplace Update

We’ve added a new area called the Merchant Ship in Ragnarok that combines Marketplaces for the following events:

  • Valhalla
  • Bifrost Bridge
  • Clash of Heroes
  • Void Portal
  • Dragon Troves
  • Sinful Abyss

With the addition of these Marketplaces, new items have also been added including event-specific Avatar frames!

This update will allow players to easily navigate all the event marketplaces to exchange event currencies for the rewards they want to claim!

Marketplace Update

With the addition of the Sinful Abyss, we’ve updated the inventories of a couple of the Marketplaces to include some of the new event-exclusive items as well as the new resources for the Iconic Weapon update.

Heavenly Gifts

A new Heavenly Gift, “The Glove of Creation”, has been added to the Store. Once unlocked, you can use energy to create Essences or Refining Stones to help upgrade Iconic Weapons for your Heroes.

Locked Areas UI Update

We’ve updated the UI for locked areas in the Kingdom and Campaign. If an area has yet to be unlocked, there will be a visual representation on the screen.

In-Game Event Calendar

The in-game event calendar has been updated to reflect the next month of events!



Aphrodite felt a little bit underwhelming initially, so we are buffing some of her Weapon Skills to make her shielding more reliable.

  • Iconic Weapon 100: There is a 20% chance → 25% chance to provide ”Golden Yarn” shields for all allied Heroes
  • Iconic Weapon 200: There is a 30% chance → 50% chance to provide ”Golden Yarn” shields for all allied Heroes
  • Iconic Weapon 300: There is a 40% chance → 75% chance to provide ”Golden Yarn” shields for all allied Heroes


Fixed a bug where Apollo’s auto-attack would sometimes switch targets unexpectedly after casting his Ultimate skill.


We’ve fixed the description of Chiron’s Iconic Weapon Skill Level 300 bonus to reflect the in-game effect.

  • Iconic Weapon Skill Level 300: Chiron converts every 1% of additional Crit Damage (above base amount) into a 2% increase → 1% increase in max Health


We’ve updated the targeting of Dionysus’ “Mist of Wine” to be more consistent.

  • Mist of Wine (Active): Dionysus targets the enemy Hero directly opposed to him in the enemy formation (new) and releases “Mist of Wine” to deal 100% damage to opponents within the target’s area. After, the affected enemies’ Accuracy will also be reduced by 30% for 6s.

Ganjiang & Moye

Spirit Slash (Active): As Ganjiang, he fires sword energy to 3 enemies → 5 enemies


Fixed an error in the descriptive text for Lucifer’s Iconic Weapon skills. The description now matches the effect of the Iconic Weapon upgrades.

  • Iconic Weapon 100: After using “Fallen Flames,” gain a buff of 30% Lifesteal → recover HP equal to 30% of the damage dealt.
  • Iconic Weapon 200: After using “Fallen Flames,” gain a buff of 45% Lifesteal → recover HP equal to 45% of the damage dealt.
  • Iconic Weapon 300: After using “Fallen Flames,” gain a buff of 60% Lifesteal → recover HP equal to 60% of the damage dealt.


  • Fixed a bug in Morrigan’s Ultimate Skill “Death Declaration” where Health Bestowal and Reclamation effects sometimes were not properly blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where Morrigan’s Meet fate sometimes can be dispersed


Soul Cleanse (Ultimate) will no longer target enemy summons. The skill now reads as follows.

  • Soul Cleanse (Ultimate): Nephthys targets the 1 enemy unit → 1 enemy Hero that has advanced the furthest into the allied side of the battlefield and suppresses them.


We’ve made an adjustment to Thor to go along with the overall Iconic Weapon update.

  • Iconic Weapon Skill Level 200: If an enemy unit is killed while “Divine Descent” is active, increase the duration by 5s → refresh the duration of the skill (this effect can be triggered only 1 time every time the skill is used)
  • Thunder Hammer (Active): Fixed a bug where Thor would throw his hammer at the furthest enemy instead of the intended target with the highest Attack.


We hope you all enjoy the major Iconic Weapon update and the challenge the Demonlords will provide in the Sinful Abyss! 

MH Team.

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