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Today, we have a guide to the runes and artifacts in Mythic Heroes on the agenda. Many people ask which of the heroes to use which artifacts. First, we’ll take a look at artifacts and runes as a class, and then we’ll look at the best combinations on specific characters. Well, let’s get started.

Artifacts and runes for Tanks

For example, let’s see Athena, since she is exactly what a tank is. And one of her options for artifacts is the Aegis Shield. This attribute has a chance to block 13% damage. The second good option for a tank is Thor’s Hammer, which gives a 15% chance when attacking to cut the attack speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

The third suitable artifact for tanks is the Scarab Badge, which heals the hero (+ 20% of the max HP when he is not below 30%). An excellent item for tanks that sink in HP. Sometimes it is advisable to place this artifact in the second row if there are heroes in the enemy’s pack who go behind the back.

The fourth option will be Excalibur for greater stability, since this artifact works when the wearer is alive, and the tanks are usually fat in health. Increases attack and defense of all allied heroes by 4%. The buff will be distributed, although it is more suitable for supports, but still.

So, what runes do we put in addition to all these artifacts. The first option is the rune of the Earth, because in the first 10 seconds of the battle it increases defense by 50%, a very steep buff.

The second version of runes for tanks is rune of Light, again, because when health drops below 50%, all health restoration effects increase by 35%, that is, heal goes through it better and it heals much faster. Plus, each rune gives us the restoration of health. These two rune options, earth or light, give an advantage to tanks.

Enhancement items for DD (damage dealers)

Moving on to the characters that do damage. So, the first artifact under consideration is Axe of Pangu. Each auto attack has a 25% chance of dealing an additional 60% damage to the target. It is placed on characters who do a lot of auto-attacks, that is, who do not receive damage from the ultimate (for example, Zeus will not work), but characters such as Ganjiang & Moye or Artemis.

Option two, you can use the Staff of Sharur, which deals an additional 28% damage to an enemy whose health is less than 50%. But this artifact is rather controversial, because up to 50% health still needs to be brought. If you have a team with powerful burst damage, then there is still a chance to use these items effectively, but very situationally.

The next interesting option is the Sudarshana Chakra. Super and deals an additional 20% damage. Well suited for Zeus, an excellent artifact for damage dealers who are knocked out with a powerful ultimate attack.

Let’s see what’s on the runes of the damage dealers. There are several options for working runes. The first option is the Thunder rune. Suitable for damage dealers, ignores the target’s defense, plus a 20% chance to increase damage to 135%. A good choice, because defensive ignoring is worth a lot.

The second option is to put the runes of Fire. Increases damage dealt by 1.3% for each rune, and the general buff for the first 20 sec. battle increases the chance of crit by 15%. It is on Ganjian that this build shows us well: Axe plus the runes of Thunder.

Options for Magicians

So, consider magicians like Zeus . This is such a typical magician, and with his example we will look at the mechanics of magicians. His job is to deal damage mainly from ults and active skills from the hand. He doesn’t really damage anything. You can, in principle, put him the Sudarshan Chakra so that he can damage well.

The second option for such characters is to put Yasakani Magatama. After actively using the skill with a 30% chance, the recharge time of this skill will decrease the next time, that is, the skills will recharge faster, the character will deal more magic damage, and thus his DPS will increase.

Runes on magicians. You can use the Thunder rune, you can use the Fire wound, or you can use something new, such as the Air rune, because it reduces the recharge time, and after using the skill, it increases the damage done by the next attack by 70%. This goes exactly to the typical magicians who inflict damage from the ultimate. We have an atypical magician Ganjian, because this character is ultimated once per game, so we dress him as a full-fledged one damager.

Support Characters

There are several types of supports in the game. The first type of supports is a healer. The best artifact for healing heroes is Yasakani, so that skills are charged faster, or plus you can put Excalibur to this to give out a buff on attack and defense.

If you play through the healers, then we put the runes of Water (it also works on the shield buffers). Because each rune gives an increase in shield and healing ability by 2.5% (with an increase), and the general buff, when a spell is cast, increases the target’s evasion by 30% for 3 seconds. For healers like Idun, this setup works for her.

There are supports of another type. There are characters that cast defense or attack buffs and the like. They also belong to support characters, but it makes no sense for them to put the Water Rune. What do we equip them? Artifacts are the same, that is, either Yasakani or Excalibur. Excalibur because there are never too many buffs.

What about the runes. The first option is to put Air, that is, to reduce the reload time, and the second option is to put the Forest rune, which will increase resistance to control and plus to this at the beginning of the battle gives 150 energy. The control resistance for the back rows is very good, that is, no one hero will catch him, will not do anything with him, and with 150 energy plus, he will ult faster and more quickly distribute his positive effect.

Examples for Builds

Let’s quickly go over the characters and observe the successful combinations of artifacts and runes. Do not forget that these combinations can work for certain build of characters, that is, either from the mid game or in the late game.

  • Lucifer. Axe of Pangu + Dark Rune is considered the best build for it.
  • Iset. Yasakani Magatama + Air Rune.
  • Lilith. Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune.
  • Nuwa. Yasakani Magatama + Air Rune.
  • Zeus. Sudarshana Chakra + Thunder Rune.
  • Athena. Aegis Shield + Earth Rune.
  • Susanoo. Axe of Pangu + Fire Rune.
  • Artemis. Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune.
  • Dionysus. Yasakani Magatama + Air Rune.
  • Persephone. Yasakani Magatama + Air Rune.
  • Izanami. Sudarshana Chakra + Air Rune.
  • Hades. Aegis Shield + Light Rune.
  • Medusa. Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune.
  • Anubis. Aegis Shield + Light Rune.
  • Hercules. Aegis Shield + Earth Rune.
  • Lu bu. Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune.
  • Ganjiang & Moye. Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune.
  • Joan of Arc. Excalibur + Air Rune.
  • Cleopatra. Yasakani Magatama + Air Rune.
  • Nagakanya. Yasakani Magatama + Water Rune.
  • Tamamo no Mae. Two options: either Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune, or Yasakani Magatama + Air Rune.
  • Idun. Yasakani Magatama + Water Rune.
  • Gaia. Aegis Shield + Light Rune.
  • Oberon. Axe of Pangu + Thunder Rune. Or use Sudarshana Chakra.

Now you know on which classes of heroes what artifacts and runes to put. Good luck to everyone and see you soon!

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  1. As for runes, the most recommended rune for tanks is the Vitality Rune, which increases maximum HP. Another good option is the Toughness rune, which reduces damage taken.This Scarab Badge artifact seems like a useful option for tanks who may need some extra healing during battles. The strategy of placing it in the second row to protect against backline attackers is also a smart consideration.

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