Seven Day Guide

Greetings, Summoners! You can read here some Tips in Seven Day Guide for Mythic Heroes. Let’s go!

Day 1. Tips for Adventure.

In Mythic Heroes, summoners will travel across history and mythologies, encountering gods and goddesses from around the world. The main campaign will take you on a journey to explore the Ascension Realm. For many, progressing through the main campaign is the primary way to play Mythic Heroes, where continual hero enhancements will be necessary to challenge the most difficult enemies.

Adjacent to the main campaign, Mythic Heroes has Hades’ Hell, the brutal underworld where additional challenges will yield important rewards. Complete the early stages in Hades Hell in order to acquire new runes and artifacts for your heroes to equip for all their battles!

Early on, it may be difficult to choose which heroes will work best as you start your journey in the Ascension Realm! It’s important to find a nice balance between damage and survivability. Many players like to use a Back 3, Front 2 formation. This often allows for players to run 2 tank units, 2 damage units, and 1 support unit for a very balanced team composition. An example of this team could be Zeus, Muse, and Hodur in the backline for a mix of damage and healing, with Thanatos and Hippolyta in the front. You may summon some more powerful units as you play, so make sure to use your favourites!

There may be times where you cannot beat a level, but don’t worry! Make sure to check that your units are leveled up using your resources earned through campaign completion, as well as the Trials of Ascension. If you swapped out some of your heroes in favour of new summons, double check their equipped runes and artifacts! The bonus effects from completed rune sets can make a major difference in your battles.

Day 2. Journey Guide.

At 0:00 UTC, the Ascension Realm moves on to the next day, this means all of the daily tasks that you completed have now reset, and it’s time to get started on the new set of quests! When you log in to the Ascension Realm for the second day, you will be able to claim the Goddess of Eternal Youth, Idun! Idun is a support unit of the Verdian faction who specializes in healing and protecting your team.

Make sure to check out the Summoner Sanctum, as you get a free summon to use every day. This is a great way to acquire more heroes over time to help strengthen your team without spending any additional resources you may have earned.

As you continue to play through the main campaign, you will unlock a new playable event called “The Pantheon”! The Pantheon opens once every two days for players to battle in a series of progressively difficult battles to earn a range of rewards, including faith and divinity tokens. Completing challenges and events within the Pantheon also allows you to power up your units with Wisdom, Bravery, Relics, and God’s Blessings to assist you on the way to the final fight with Cronus.

Guilds are a great way to make friends and collect even more rewards while exploring new ways to play Mythic Heroes. Join a guild by heading over to the Kingdom and selecting the Guild area of the map. There, you can see which guilds are recruiting and after joining a guild (or creating your own) you can see all the guild activities there! Challenge the Blade Wraith to deal as much damage as possible, battle alongside your guildmates to take down the Wardragon, and battle against other guilds in a large battle between your allies and the opposing guild!

Lastly, check on your Rookie Handbook progress which can be found on the dropdown menu on the right side of the screen. Not only can you get additional rewards for quest completion, but they also include high valued one-time purchases using diamonds. Make sure to use these to top up your bag inventory ensuring you get the best value possible!

Day 3. Next Level of Experience.

In the Ascension Realm, we have four major factions – Luminarchs (yellow), Guardians (blue), Verdians (green), and Shadowarchs (red). When opposing factions battle against each other, one will sometimes have a tactical advantage against another. This advantage provides the heroes with the faction bonus an additional +25% to their attack when battling a tactically vulnerable unit. If you’re having trouble clearing a stage, you may want to adjust your team to take advantage of a faction bonus!

After completing stage 2-24 in the Campaign, you will have unlocked the Arena. This is the best place to fight against other summoners and their favourite heroes! Set up your defenses and strategize your attacks as you climb the ranking system. By competing in the Arena, you can earn Arena Badges which can be exchanged in the marketplace for exclusive rewards including hero tokens.

After a battle, you will also have the option to review the battle statistics. This is a great way to see who is dealing the most damage as well as who is protecting your team the best. If you want to see which opposing units were the most powerful, the battle stats will also show how your enemy’s units performed.

Day 4. Progress Tips.

Welcome back to your fourth day in the Ascension Realm! By now, you may have some more specific questions about how to progress further, or maybe you’re looking for some additional rewards. Fear not! If you head over to the Events Center in-game, you can check out the Community Tab! This is the best place to get to know the Mythic Heroes community. Here, you can follow the Mythic Heroes social media pages and join our official community Discord! Our Discord has a lot of welcoming community members who you can add to your friends list and ask for help if you need it. Make sure to say hello!

As you’ve continued to play through all the game modes in Mythic Heroes, you may have some extra runes and artifacts sitting in your bag. If that’s the case, make sure to pay a visit to the workshop, they can put these unused items to great use! You can dismantle low level items to craft higher level ones, or combine higher level items to make them even more powerful!

Day 5. Hero Evolution.

Our heroes in the Ascension Realm are often characterized by their significant influence in myth and legend – and that is in large part due to their weapon of choice. By battling through the Zodiac Caverns and earning Soul Stones, you can enhance your hero’s Iconic Weapons! These weapons belong exclusively to the hero and can provide additional power to their skillset through bonus stats and new effects to their abilities. By awakening a hero’s Iconic Weapon, the weapon will also get a fancy new look on the battlefield.

To further upgrade a hero’s power, you can use Divinity Gems and Faith to level up their Divinity Tree. The Divinity Tree allows you to increase a hero’s stats, enhancement level, and even add additional skills and abilities.

If you’ve noticed your hero collection is getting fairly sizeable, make sure to check out the teams tab in the hero page! Here, you can customize preset teams to help save time when selecting your units and preparing for battle.

Day 6. New Activity.

We’re already at Day 6 of your journey into Mythic Heroes. Time flies faster than Shadow Bats doesn’t it? Up to this point, you’ve had the chance to battle against other teams through your Guild Battles as well as regular Arena Matches. Let’s take this up a notch and look at the Mastermind Arena.

The Mastermind Arena requires four (4) teams to battle against your opponents. For each battle won, your Heroes will get a small stat bonus leading up to the final battle featuring your “Main” team. The winner of the final match will be the winner of the Mastermind Arena challenge. The Mastermind Arena is a fantastic way to earn Arena Badges passively, as each win increases your passive Arena Badge gain on an hourly basis! Furthermore, you can earn additional rewards for ranking up in the Mastermind Arena each season.

Don’t forget to check in on your Divine Chronicle progression! The Divine Chronicles offer an immersive story featuring faction specific challenges. Follow each faction’s stories while claiming a wide range of rewards including Faction Summon Scrolls, Weapon Enhancement Tokens, and even Astrolabe of Fate Crystals.

Day 7. Great Results!

Congratulations on completing your first week of MH!

Make sure to claim your final login reward – Izanami! Izanami is a fantastic Shadowarch Mage who can help you progress with her area of effect magic damage and self-sustain. As the Goddess of the Underworld, Izanami summons many spirits to fight on her behalf, slowly dealing large amounts of damage over time to all those who oppose her.

By now, you may have unlocked the Astrolabe of Fate. The Astrolabe of Fate allows you to play a game of high risk, high reward. While the initial investment may be high, the opportunity for rewards is endless. Your first 10 Astrolabe of Fate summons will guarantee you a UR unit, so make sure you choose your preferred unit wisely!

Now that your first 7 days in the Ascension Realm have passed, the rest of the journey is in your hands. Good luck, and have fun!

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