Cubes and Resources Guide

Hello, summoners, today we will explore the tip about Cubes and resources Mythic Heroes game. Let’s go!

So, a lot of players wanted to know, why the one account gives higher and other account gives less, for example, stardust, exp or gold from chests. There is actually an explanation to that. If you will be reading the text for a 30 x Stardust, it reward equal to 30 times of what the Astrolabe of truth acquires in one spin (without VIP benefits in effect).

Alright, so how much are you getting for Astrolabe of spin. All you need to do is to click the Gears of time in Astrolabe menu and then here you will see the production. Every spin you will get on the left side, for the gold it’s +960, the exp + 2400, the stardust is + 96 and so on. VIP benefits, if you are higher vip, it will have a corresponding additional bonus. How can we increase this production rate?

So you can increase the production rate by upgrading your Cubes. So that’s how sometimes your other account is giving more and the other account is giving less, most probably other account has less cube upgrade. Ans it is very important to use all opportunities to buy Cube details. You can get it for example from the events or from the campaign.

Cubes description in the game:

  1. Players can unlock Cube Talents and receive bonuses by collecting Cube Fragments.
  2. When a Cube Talent is unlocked, the connecting pieces activate and become available for unlocking.
  3. When one side of the Cube is fully unlocked, the Cube will flip to the next side, and the players then can proceed to unlock and level it up.
  4. When all 6 sides of a Cube are completed, the next Cube will be unlocked.
  5. Switch between the sides of a Cube and between Cubes to view unlocked Talent bonuses.

Where do we get those upgrades or plus. If you go to Cubes menu and check some cubes details, you will see seals with multiple colors. They are Skills to upgrade. For example Gold one is Astrolabe (Gold) drop + 5%, so this is where you increase the Gears of time production rate.

So if you check gold (Orange) seals on the Cube, it will be about Astrolabe. You can see gold, knowledge drop or stardust. The red one seal is for attack and defense. The orange is always for the astrology production rate, so if you see orange then tru to upgrade it first. It will always be the same as those attack and defense and health. The only difference is it’s orange. The red is always for your team.

To get some cubes you can buy it on market or tribute shop. Knowledge is for your accounts exp, it is on the top bar and looks like the the green book. Sometimes you will get the green book, when you’re finishing campaign in elite.

To understand the effect of the cube, just take a look on the magic seal pic and check it’s color. Red cubes are good to boost power, orange to increase production, blue ones are for attack, defense and health procentage boost, greens modificate Astrolabe spin characteristics and others, white are for classes and yellow is for Astrolabe components leveling up.

That’s the brief explanation of the tip about Cubes and resources Mythic Heroes. We wish you good luck, have fun and stay tuned, guys!

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