Best team for Campaign and Bosses

Hello to all of you! What’s the best team for Campaign and Bosses in Mythic Heroes to beat all? Let’s see now.

First of all, it should be a combination of damage, support and crowd controls. So before we move to campaign let’s start with bosses.

Main Bosses fight pack

So which hero is good for boss damage and the most strongest physical damage based on? Choose Artemis, because she is a goddes of physical damage. If you have Artemis and you have a lot of copy of her this is just great. So the best equipment for Artemis is the thunder, fire runes and Axe of Pangu. Also beacause Artemis also relies on ultimates, you can use the Sudarshana Chakra.

The next damager same as Artemis is Susanoo. For the equipment it will be the same fire rune, thunder rune and Sudarshana Chakra or Axe of Pangu. You also will need this hero Dionysus, because he is a great support with his weapon Ivy Thyrus Staff. And of course you should pick Idun. What’s the equipment for Idun, and it is water rune and Excalibur or Yasakani Magatama.

The last one can be Oberon or Medusa with a Stuff or Axe. Nuwa also make a great job here, equip her with Shield and Air runes, and Yasakani Magatama is an option. So as you can see it is easier to make a team with heroes that do a magical damage, because physical damagers are not so many. To other bosses you cam pick also Tamamo no Mae.

For the magical damage boss use Tamamo no Mae, Nuwa, Idun, Dionysus and GM (Ganjiang and Moye). If you don’t have Nuwa, just use Zeus.

For the last one Boss, you can pick AOE heroes like Persephone with her Hell’s Butterflies weapon skill. Next is Izanami (dark rune and Chakra), Zeus and Cleopatra (Yasakani Magatama and air or fire rune). Also use Lucifer.

Guild boss and others

Now about the Guild boss, so basically on the guild boss you need to pick your main damager or your main hero in the campaign. It is good to use support trio of heroes Idun, Dyonisus and Nuwa.

In Zodiac Caverns and other places just use your main boosted hero. And by the way, don’t push too far in Caverns. It’s good to stay some time on six or seven level.

Chronos boss in Pantheon trial best heroes is which have procentage damage like Zeus, Artemis and Hades.

For free to play gamers you don’t have to really analyse what hero is the best. You can go in Market and see what fragments of heroes you can buy there. It is really your starter pack. You can buy one hero per week and at least one hero per month in lazy playing.

Campaign lineups

There is not only one perfect team here. You should use a combination of 2 damagers, 1 tank, 1 good support and a crowd controller. But let’s see what pack you can pick on the start or middle game.

For example, Susanoo can be placed in the first row opposite the most problematic enemy, and this hero will destroy it first of all with his skills. You need to upgrade it to at least level 180 and above, equip it in the best clothes, etc.

In order to level up your character well, you can open the Guides tab in the character menu in the Heroes section. It shows you what options for equipment and divinity as well as builds you can put together. And don’t forget about Market.

The next hero Tamamo no Mae of the Forest faction. She is the most mobile character and deals great damage. Holds well in battle due to her mobility. It is worth level it over.

Ganjiang and Moye do great damage. But the disadvantage of their battle is that the ultimate attack is triggered once per match, although then the attack speed increases, which is a good bonus.

Flora in this rating should actually be number two. This character has excellent explosive damage. Although it cannot be bought in the market, it is a must-have character.

Izanami is the top choice as she can restore health at the expense of enemies. This is a great skill to help you keep the line and end the fight in your favor. Deserves leveling in the first place, like Lucifer.

So now we know the best team for Campaign and Bosses in Mythic Heroes. Thank you for your attention, stay tuned and have a good time!

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