How To Divinity 101 by Asura

Greetings everyone, and welcome to yet another guide. This time we’ll talk about Divinity in Mythic Heroes and I’ll explain all you need to know about it and how it works. How to get it, upgrade it, make use of it, everything will be explained to you. Now, let’s get started!

What is Divinity, and how do I acquire it?

Divinity is another upgrade system for your heroes (limited to SSR and UR) which you unlock after reaching the Main Campaign stage 3-20. Advancing (Pledge) in the divinity system will increase your HealthAttack and Defense stats respectively, and unlocking perks inside the Divinity tree will also bring a lot of extra stats, that we’ll talk about in due time. You can also unlock talents in the tree which work as passive skills during battle.

As you can see in the picture, the system displays, from top to bottom, the following elements :

  • Skills
    • The displayed skills are the ones in use.
    • The skills in use can be edited on the right. We will talk about this later.
  • Stats
    • The stats, in order, are HealthAttack and Defense.
    • The stats will increase not just with each level up but also with each pledge you make on the way.
  • Divinity Tree
    • The branches differ for each hero and are already set.
    • There are 5 branches available in the game : AsterialPsycheImmortalityDevoid and Primeval.
  • Divinity Gems
    • To pledge, the gems are required.
    • The cost increases after each level up.
    • At certain levels, the gems required need to be of a higher level.
  • Pledge (or Level Up)
    • You have to wait until the bar is full and then pledge one last time to level up.
    • The final pledge usually costs twice as much as a normal one and occasionally requires a higher level gem to proceed.


You can see that the stats are increased as we pledge, but the divinity level is still the same. Now let’s see what happens when we level up.

Now the resources required to pledge are increased and we finally have the option to level up. On this particular level we did not need higher level gems, but this does not happen all the time.

We did it ! We leveled up ! As usual, the stats are increased through the level up and we also obtained a strange orb for Artemis.

What is that orb?

This is what is called a Divinity point. Divinity points are one of the two options used to progress in the Divinity Tree‘s side branches. The other option is Inherited Divinity, obtainable via the Market, or events.

Since we finally leveled up, we should look at what’s awaiting us in the Divinity Tree. But first we should first explain how this works.

Upgrading the Divinity Tree

The tree is divided into 3 branches, which occasionally are joined to unlock nodes. The central branch does not need divinity points to unlock talents and skills unlike the two branches on the sides. You will never obtain enough points through leveling up so you will also need Inherited Divinity to unlock the rest.

As you can see, we need a resource that’s essential to unlock everything : FaithFaith is the resource that looks like a pink, purplish orb, and is the only resource that you will absolutely need to obtain skills and talents, regardless of if you have points or not.

Where can I find Faith then, if it is so important?

You can find Faith in the Market, and it can also be obtained through modes such as Pantheon. You will never have enough Faith for your needs, so make sure to obtain some whenever you can (daily at the Market for gold, for instance). Events and chests are also a reliable source.

Now, we know what’s needed to get talents and skills, and we want to unlock everything ! But even if you unlock new skills, you will notice an issue.

Why can’t I add my new skill in the slots? I can see 3 slots, so naturally my skill could fit, right?

Yeah that’s the most common beginner mistake when raising Divinity. Just because you have slots does not mean you can insert a skill there. You will first need to increase the number of Divinity Energy Nodes ! You start out with 2 nodes, and you increase this amount by unlocking a specific talent in the tree.

As you can see, we need to unlock quite a few talents before reaching that point so let’s get started, shall we?

Now the central branch is done, and we can proceed to the side branch that was already upgraded beforehand to get the quickest results.

Talents will always need 1 point, however Skills will require 2 points.

There we go ! We unlocked a node. Since it’s done, let’s now check our hero’s divinity skills.

You can see the new node that looks empty next to the 2 blue ones. That is our new node.

But I can’t select my new skill that I unlocked at the same time, what is the issue now?

Of course it’s not completely over yet. You have to understand that all skills have an Energy cost, and you only have so many nodes. Let’s first remove the second skill that was inserted and which cost only one Energy. Now we should have 2 Energy available.

All we have to do now is select this new skill and Equip it.

It’s done ! We have now added a new skill on top of unlocking a node ! What a time to be alive. I guess with this, the guide can now be considered finished… No just kidding. I still haven’t shown you what happens when you level up your divinity. You remember when we got our Artemis to lvl 8 earlier ? Now let’s see what changed in the tree. I will also show you something essential you need to know about the Divinity Tree.

The final spurt

As you can see, we unlocked another series of talents, but no skill this time. The most important thing is that we are getting closer to unlocking a special talent that is very useful for the future.

Wait, enhance ? Where did I see this before?

If you don’t have a goldfish’s memory, you should be able to remember there is an Enhance feature on your hero page that allows you to feed SR hero copies of the same faction to increase your hero’s stats. Of course, it comes at a cost. There is an initial limit of enhancement at +10, and this limit increases by 5 whenever you find and unlock this talent as you progress.

With considerable investment, you may even get to reach +30 ! Don’t let your dreams be dreams !

Which branch should I choose when raising my divinity?

Before finishing, I should address this, even if I feel like everyone should have understood at this point. There is no need to choose or prioritize a branch in particular while progressing with your hero’s Divinity TreeEverything can be unlocked, and I also recommend doing it as you will need the nodes from both sides to use your skills. It becomes more and more evident as you unlock higher tier skills.

With that said, I believe we can now conclude this guide on raising Divinity. The next step will be showing every hero’s divinity branches, skills and maybe even issue a few recommendations. But that will be for another timeCheers !

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  1. Very good guide, but i would enjoy some raw numbers.
    Like how much of each ressource do i need to reach divinity lv 9/12/15 as example.

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