Market Value Guide (Thanksgiving Event 2021)

This Thanksgiving event is the game’s second event since its launch in Mythic Heroes.

This event differs from the previous one as there are no event items and no gold this time. A few new items have also made their appearance, namely the SSR and UR Selectors as well as Limited scrolls and Soulseals IV.

This time, the highest value (compared to buying in diamonds) is found with Lv4 Artifact/Runes, but the best value in my eyes is from divinity-related resources. The Cubes, Fate Crystals and great value resources are also resources you don’t wanna miss out on buying, especially the Cubes.

The price for Inherited Divinity was calculated by averaging the price converted to diamonds across the different market sections that offer them (Pantheon, Arena, Tribute) as there is no other reference for the moment to have a proper grasp on its value.

The UR and SSR hero shards are options that are up to the player’s will. They can for instance get a “free” Lucifer through this event. However, players have to keep in mind that buying hero shards will reduce the amount of event coins you have left for buying other resources.

The 2 schools of thought have always been these : get a rare hero and a few extra resources, or forgo the hero and upgrade the others a step further with materials.

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