Tamamo no Mae


Tamamo no Mae Attributes



Wrath of Nine-tail


Tamamo summons 10 “Fox Fires” around herself, drastically increasing the range and fire rate of all “Fox Fires” while the skill is active.

Level 2 (Lv 61):

Summons 11 “Fox Fires”

Level 3 (Lv 141):

Summons 12 “Fox Fires”

Level 4 (Lv 221):

Reset the cooldown of Spirit Fox Fire

Spirit Fox Fire


Tamamo summons 3 “Fox Fires.” They will lock on and travel to a random nearby enemy, dealing 100% damage.

Level 2 (Lv 81):

Summons 4 “Fox Fires”

Level 3 (Lv 161):

Deals 110% damage

Level 4 (Lv 241):

Deals 120% damage

Flower Dance


Tamamo quickly moves behind the furthest enemy target, dealing 100% damage to them and all enemies on route.

Level 2 (Lv 101):

Deals 125% damage

Level 3 (Lv 181):

Deals 150% damage

Level 4 (Lv 261):

Deals 175% damage

Phantom Dash


Tamamo is immune to the next incoming Attack and teleports to a random position. This effect can be triggered once every 6s.

Level 2 (Lv 121):

Can be triggered once every 5s

Level 3 (Lv 201):

Can be triggered once every 4s

Level 4 (Lv 281):

Can be triggered once every 3s





Assasin, Damage dealer, Magical DD


Tamamo can move around the battlefield and do good damage while dodging enemy strikes. Her ultimate attack is swift and powerful. At the same time, Tamamo can provide support to other attacking heroes, and can also hold a position in the back row depending on the situation. To improve it, it is important to monitor the pumping of dodge skills and the rate of energy accumulation, as well as the chance of crit damage. A passive attack gives evasion, and Tamamo’s active attacks make her a damage dealer and an assassin for a quick teleport and powerful hit.

Weapon skills allow you to improve attack speed and crit chance. The recommended working build is the Sudarshana Chakra artifact and the Air runes.

‘Let Tamamo carry you. Tamamo knows best’ – Quote from Nuwa (Asura) who is a Mod.


Early (1-15)

Mid (16-25)

Late (26+)





Skin Attributes

NameBeach Party
BonusATK +2%, CRIT +2%
CostEvent Exclusive

Skin Attributes

NameNight Fox
BonusHP +2%
Cost x 50


As the maxim states: “You catch more flies with honey.” Tamamo no Mae is the equivalent of honey mixed with cyanide poison. Her charm and cleverness are as devastating to the enemy as any earthly weapon. She uses her beauty and cunning to distract and misdirect her opponents but also can deliver significant damage in close quarters. She is armed with a modified hand fan, has the ability to summon fox fire spirits, and can teleport at will.

Tamamo no Mae is a kitsune or “fox spirit.” These feminine spirits are known for their intelligence and can shift from human to fox at any time. Although kitsunes are generally thought of as tricksters, they sometimes are servants, friends and even, as was the case for Tamamo no Mae, lovers.

Tamamo no Mae was the great Emperor’s favorite concubine. He thought she was as beautiful as a wildflower and as soft and gentle as a rounded river stone. The emperor was fond of her skill in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, but it was her skills of seduction that kept him entranced. She gained tremendous power in the emperor’s court and lived a very privileged life – until one day. That fateful day the emperor became gravely ill and everyone in the palace blamed Tamamo no Mae. She was cursed and exposed as a nine-tailed kitsune demon and spent the following years of her life hunted around the countryside by the Royal Guard.

Tamamo could never find a decent country again. Evil Gods were raging everywhere, and the Void spirits converted every continent into ash. The whole world became darkened, leaving only chaos and fighting.

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