Letter from T-Z

Hello Summoners!

My name is T-Z, and I am the Producer of Mythic Heroes.

First of all, I wanted to write this letter to you, our players, to thank you for getting us to where we are today. Mythic Heroes would not be what it is, without your support. You have helped immensely with your feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and more.

We have already achieved so much in the time since we launched Mythic Heroes! Almost 3 Million downloads in over 150 countries is an incredible achievement for us, and we could not be happier that so many of you are enjoying our creation.

The Development team is working hard on more features, more ways to empower your favorite Heroes, and more myths and legends to expand the roster of Mythic Heroes! We even have some upcoming collaborations that we will tell you about in future updates!

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for our mistakes and the issues that you have come up against while playing Mythic Heroes. As a team, we will be working to decrease the number of maintenance windows needed and the length of time that they last. In order to achieve this, our updates will be released on a more regular schedule, with new Heroes every 2 weeks, exciting events to participate in, as well as new features.

Issues that have come up, like making changes to the Zodiac Caverns without informing the players in Patch Notes of these changes, are things that we are working on. This also includes mistakes like during the first Hero Puzzle event. We released the puzzle with 8 Heroes available to choose from, but changed it soon after to all Heroes. Making knee-jerk reaction decisions like this will be avoided as much as possible going forward. We want to be transparent with all our changes, using the Patch Notes posts to inform players of them.

The feedback received from the community has helped tremendously in the further development of Mythic Heroes. Your feedback is leading to updates with more game content for players in the later stages of the game, including new PVE and PVP modes.

We have heard from many of you that you feel there is not enough to do in the later stages of Mythic Heroes, and we want to remedy that. The next big addition to Mythic Heroes will be a new Competitive mode for PVP, with huge rewards!

We want players to leave more feedback for us, which can be done in our Official Discord server. I will personally be reviewing all the feedback that you leave!
Once again, thank you for being fans of Mythic Heroes. We couldn’t have reached these incredible milestones without you. As a thank you, I have some codes for you all!


Happy Christmas, Summoners! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


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