Idun Attributes



Tree of Life


Idun summons the Tree of Youth. “Golden Apples” drop from the tree, restoring 25 Energy and recovering Health equal to 35% of Idun’s Attack every second to all ally Heroes for 6s.

Level 2 (Lv 61):

Recovers Health equal to 40% of Attack

Level 3 (Lv 141):

Restores 35 Energy every second

Level 4 (Lv 221):

Recovers Health equal to 45% of Attack

Idun’s Salvation


At the start of the battle, Idun summons 3 “Golden Apples.” When an ally Hero has less than 50% Health, they consume this apple to recover 20% of their max Health. This effect can only be used once every 6s.

Level 2 (Lv 81):

Restores 25% of the Hero’s max Health

Level 3 (Lv 161):

When all the “Golden Apples” are consumed, Idun spends 500 Energy to summon 3 more “Golden Apples.”

Level 4 (Lv 241):

Restores 30% of the Hero’s max Health

Divine Blessing


When any backline ally Hero takes damage equaling more than 10% of their max Health, Idun spends 80 Energy to block this damage. This effect can only be triggered once every 5s.

Level 2 (Lv 101):

Spends 65 Energy to block this damage

Level 3 (Lv 181):

Idun recovers 10 Energy every second

Level 4 (Lv 261):

Can be triggered every 4s

Spirit Away


Idun summons a “Spirit Stag” to steal 100 Energy from the target and deal 150% damage.

Level 2 (Lv 121):

Steals 110 Energy

Level 3 (Lv 201):

Deals 200% damage

Level 4 (Lv 281):

Steals 120 Energy




Support, Deals magical damage, Healer


Great healer, Idun has great AOE heal as well as energy regen. She will always keep your units topped up. She falls of late as she can’t midigate damage, which means some members might get one shotted. If they die, having all the heals won’t help. Idun is good for Bosses.

Weapon Skill – Golden Apple Tree Branch.
The Golden Apples from “Idun’s Salvation” recover an extra 10% of the target’s Health within 6s. (Unlock 100)
Recover an extra 15% of the target’s Health. (Unlock 200)
Recover an extra 20% of the target’s Health. (Unlock 300)
Reduces the cooldown of “Idun’s Salvation” by 4s. (Unlock 400)

Divinity Skills: Devoid Time-lapse, Asterial New Moon, Asterial Full Moon, Psyche Panacea, Devoid Energy Field, Psyche Self-Hypnosis, Devoid Vexation, Asterial Gemini.


Early (1-15)

Mid (16-25)

Late (26+)





Skin Attributes

NameSnowy Dress 
BonusDEF +2%, ASPD +2%
Cost x 100

Skin Attributes

NameSpring Rain
BonusHP +2%
Cost x 50


The exquisite Idun is beauty personified. Even the animals of the forest cannot help but recognize it; they will stop chasing their prey in mid-step, stop and stare. Their eyes then fixate on her soft and elegant strides until she is out of sight. Some will even begin to follow… In fact, her spirit stag follows her wherever she goes. She can summon this stag during battle to get valuable resources from the enemy, as she can give resources with her golden apple tree. The apples on the tree draw upon the most ancient and powerful elven magic. They give eternal youth and can heal
teammates during battle. Her name even represents this magic, as Idun means “ever young.”

Her role was essential amongst the Norse Gods, as it was her presence that kept Asgard youthful and healthy. Loki once tricked Idun when he said he found new apples that were better than hers. He claimed he would show her in the forest. When Idun went outside with Loki, a giant came in the form of an eagle and grabbed her. While she was gone, the Gods absolutely panicked; they immediately began to turn aged and tired. They hastily questioned everyone as to when they last saw ldun. Two of the Gods said they saw her leave with Loki, so Loki was brought in front of the council and threatened with torture and death. She was eventually recovered, but this story shows the vital importance of Idun to the Gods. Without her, they cannot offset the effects of time.

Idun is a Verdian as a result of her elven heritage. The elves both respect and love nature and this definitely includes Idun.

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