Patch Notes V.1.14.0

We hope you enjoyed the previous update with the Halloween event and the new limited game mode, Clash of Heroes! In this update, we have some new systems to introduce and some major updates to classic Mythic Heroes game modes. Take a look at what’s coming in Patch 1.14.0 below!


The Muses

A new idle system has been added where you build your favor with a wide range of Muses to earn passive rewards and bonuses! Improve your relationship with the Muses using exclusive items to add new effects and bonuses to your roster and boost your progression!

Thanksgiving Check-In Event

Join us from November 19th to November 26th for a week-long check-in event! Over the 7-day period, collect event packs, complete event puzzles, and exchange event currencies for additional rewards.

Void Pantheon

The Pantheon has received a major update with the new Void Pantheon Mode! Take on the classic Pantheon gameplay with an increased difficulty, featuring new Relics, Blessings, and battle requirements. Make sure you have several teams ready before taking on this new challenge! Summoners must clear the Original Pantheon a minimum of 15 times and must complete stage 26-4 of the Main Campaign in order to unlock this new mode for the Pantheon.

Original Pantheon

With the release of Void Pantheon, the Original Pantheon will also receive some adjustments. 

  • Pillage System – Summoners will be able to Pillage the Pantheon to earn rewards using “Pillage Scrolls”. Pillaging the Pantheon will become available after clearing stage 20-4 in the Main Campaign.
  • Revival Function – Hero revival in the Pantheon has been updated. We have replaced the previous revival system with a consumable item called the “Acorn of Heart” which can be earned by completing daily quests. By using the new in-game item, Acorn of Heart, players will be able to revive fallen heroes to their full health, full energy, and will grant all your Heroes with a bonus buff for the remainder of the Pantheon run. We’ll also be awarding existing players 10 Acorn of Heart consumables as compensation for this change.
  • Final Boss – Cronus can now be defeated by depleting his health points, instead of stacking the damage points dealt to him.
  • Pantheon Chest – Players will have a chance to receive two Custom Chests of Faith and Divinity Gems in addition to the original rewards.

Main Campaign

Chapters 45 to 48 of the Main Campaign have been added! Continue your journey in the Ascension Realm and face new challenging battles!



Monthly subscriptions can now only be purchased by using Novastar Gems. Because of this change, the VIP Points from the subscription have been removed (as the VIP Points are included in the initial Novastar Gem purchase). 

Monthly Subscriptions will also have updated content to provide players with more customizable rewards!

New Antiques

With the addition of the Muses, we have added several new Antiques which can be powered up by completing quests for the Muses.

Lunar Wheel

The weekly timeline for resetting the Lunar Wheel has been removed. Instead, the Lunar Wheel will now only refresh once all the Heavenly OrbsInherited Divinities and Royal Treasure Fragments have been won. When players successfully obtain all the above items, players will be able to collect the remaining rewards with one click, and the Lunar Wheel will reset. Collecting rewards this way will also count towards the Mythic Antique Fragment quest.

In-Game Event Calendar

The in-game event calendar has been updated to reflect the next month of events!

Hero Visual Updates

We have added new Hero portraits for select Heroes! If you prefer the original portrait artwork, you can select your preferred portrait art style to be displayed.

In-Game Voice-Over

As we prepare for the launch of Mythic Heroes in Japan, we have added the option to change the in-game voice-over language to Japanese featuring some voice actors you may recognize. If you wish to change your in-game voice language, head to your in-game settings and select one of the available languages: English, Korean, or Japanese.

Hero Skill Update: Nephthys, the Protector of the Dead

Life Elegy (Passive): Life Elegy now increases the target’s magical damage taken based on each hit instead of reducing the target’s magical defense. This change allows players using Nephthys to deal more damage to enemies with low magical resistance.


Titania, the Elven Queen

The next hero to join the Ascension Realm is Titania, the Elven Queen! This new Hero will bring a diverse skill set with mobility, control, and damage. Make sure to summon this Verdian mage starting November 12th, 0:00 UTC.


General Bug Fixes

Guild Research: A bug where searching for Guilds via Guild ID showed unexpected results has been resolved.

Antiques: A bug where an incorrect amount of Antique Fragments needed was being displayed has been fixed.


We hope you all enjoy the new content coming to this update! Some of these new features come directly from player feedback and suggestions from our official Discord server! If you haven’t joined our community Discord server yet, make sure to drop by and say hello to meet other Mythic Heroes community members!
Good luck in the new challenges, Summoners! 

MH Team.

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