Patch Notes V.1.15.0

The month of December will be a busy one in the Ascension Realm! Our Mythic Heroes will not only be preparing for the holidays, but they will be meeting a lot of brand-new summoners with the official release of Mythic Heroes in Japan!

In this update (and the last update of 2022), prepare for holiday-themed content and new in-game events to celebrate our launch in Japan with a new UR Hero and in-game event!


One of the most iconic warriors from Japanese culture will be joining the Mythic Heroes roster as a dual-faction Warrior representing both the Guardian and Shadowarch factions. Causing massive damage with his blades and summoning the almighty Demon Lord to assist the team in battle, Oda Nobunaga will truly be a force to be reckoned with!

Oda Nobunaga will be available to summon in the Summoner Sanctum starting from December 8th, 0:00 UTC. 


2022 Winter Wonderland Event

Starting from December 8th, 0:00 UTC you can join the holiday festivities in the Mythic Heroes Winter Wonderland event! This year’s event features a 2-week long check-in event, an exclusive event marketplace, and many ways to earn rewards including the Snowman Dress Up all event long and starting in the second week, the Wishing Tree will become available. Hecate has also received an outfit for the holiday occasion which can be unlocked via VIP Points!

This event has two event-exclusive skins: Candycane King Odin and Reindeer Lancer Freyja! Make sure to get them while you can as they will be unavailable once the Winter Wonderland event ends!

Last, and certainly not least, the new boss fight has been integrated with our new UR Hero event for the newest upcoming Hero: Oda Nobunaga, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven!

New Year’s Check-In and Fortune Bags

From December 30th, 2022 to January 6th, 2023 you can celebrate the New Year with Mythic Heroes with a check-in rewards event and the Fortune Bags event! Log in daily to claim your check-in rewards and choose special prizes from a wish list that can be earned by opening your Fortune Bags!

Void Pantheon

Our introduction to the Void Pantheon was very well received, however, the power level was a tad too strong. We have made many balance changes to the Void Pantheon based on players’ feedback!

  • The enemy power level has been adjusted for players who have recently met the Void Pantheon unlock requirements.
  • All bosses’ attack has been reduced.
  • All bosses’ HP has been increased.
  • Cronos’ skill scaling has been reduced to deal less damage overall.
  • The rate of a Class ban appearing as an entry requirement has been reduced.
  • The rate of receiving Inherited Divinity after a successful run has been increased.
  • Several Blessings have received adjustments
  • Several Relics have received adjustments

Heavenly Gifts

The third cube of the Heavenly Gifts has been added!

The Muses

We have made multiple interface adjustments to the Muses.


Visual Update – New Summoning Animation

The Summoner Sanctum has received a makeover with new animations to showcase your best summons in a brighter light! To see the new animations, make sure that you update your game via your device’s app store.

Market Updates

There will be a Pantheon marketplace update coming soon! Check out the new available options in the Marketplace starting December 5th, 2022 at 0:00 UTC!

The Arena Marketplace will also have an updated selection following the next Arena Market refresh.

Epic Antiques

We have introduced a new tier of Antiques called “Epic Antiques” which will have their own exploration pool in the Museum and focus on providing Hero specific buffs. Summon these Antiques using Exploration Coins or the new “Temple Map” exploration scroll!

In-Game Event Calendar

The in-game event calendar has been updated to reflect the next month of events!

Hero Skill Update: Joan of Arc, the Saintly Warrior

Banner of Honor (Active):

Joan of Arc thrusters the banner into the soil for 8 seconds and increases the Attack and Defense of nearby allies by 15% for the duration.

  • Lv.4: Increase the Attack of nearby allies by 25%. → Increase the Defense of nearby allies by 30%
  • Banner of Honor effect radius has been increased by 10%


Alongside our Winter Wonderland event skins, we will be adding two new color change skins in the shop during the month of December that can be purchased using Skin Shards!

  • December 24, 2022: Leonidas – Cobalt Cloak
  • December 31, 2022: Tamamo no Mae – Night Fox


General Bug Fixes

Leaderboards: A bugfix to the Leaderboard “Like” feature has been applied.


On behalf of the entire Mythic Heroes team, thank you for all your support and we would like to wish you all a happy holiday season! 

MH Team.

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