Patch Notes V.1.12.0

We hope you enjoyed the Mythic Heroes First Anniversary celebration with its new game modes and gifts throughout the previous month! Thank you all for celebrating with us!

Coming this update, we will see the return of the Bifrost Bridge, the return of the Hero Puzzle event, and information regarding our next UR Hero: Dangun, the Mountain God of Gojoseon! Check out all the updates below!


In-Game Event Calendar

The in-game event calendar has been updated to reflect the next month of events!

Bifrost Bridge

The Bifrost Bridge returns! Battle your way through the challenge and enhance your team with event-exclusive engravings as you make your way to Valhalla.


Medals have been added so that players can show off their successes from conquering Valhalla!

Divine Chronicles

Stages 51-100 have been added for the Legacy Chronicles. Continue the battle and learn the story of your favorite UR heroes!

Hero Puzzle

To provide players with more choices when completing Hero Puzzles, we have added factional Random SSR puzzles for all four factions to the puzzle selection options.


Further customize your guild’s identity by unlocking more flags to display as your banner! Guilds can choose one of four available default flags upon creation, and more flags can be unlocked as your Guild levels up! If you currently have a flag equipped that has not yet been unlocked, switching away from the flag will lock the flag away until it has been unlocked again.

We have also made some minor UI adjustments.


In-Game Chat Bubbles

We have added customizable Chat Bubble themes so that you can make your in-game chat experience more personalized when you send a message.

Share Feature

Share an amazing summon pull straight to Facebook by linking your account and receive bonus rewards! Sharing a summon result to get a bonus is limited to once a week. 

Note: This feature will only be available for users on Android devices at this time. This feature will be added to iOS at a later date.


We have made adjustments to the refining mechanic of upgrading certain Antiques to make the refinement bonuses more effective. The Antiques affected by these adjustments are: 

  • (Common) Babylonian Lion Relief
  • (Common) Antikythera Device
  • (Common) Dinghai Beads
  • (Rare) Uesugi Kenshin’s Armor
  • (Rare) Bamboo Ichijugiri
  • (Rare) Gate of Ishtar
  • (Rare) Armillary Sphere
  • (Rare) Diagram of Taiji
  • (Legendary) Golden Antlers
  • (Legendary) Code of Hammurabi
  • (Legendary) Dendera Zodiac
  • (Legendary) Pangu Banner


Dangun Wanggeom has left the holy city of Asadal to join Mythic Heroes in the Ascension Realm! Representing the Guardian and Luminarch factions, this support Hero will provide a wide range of buffs and abilities based on many factors. These factors include his positioning in your team formation as well as the timing of his allies’ skill casts. With 14 total skills in his kit, Dangun is our most ambitious Hero yet! Stay posted to our social media pages for more detailed information about this Hero’s skills and abilities.

You can summon Dangun from the Summoner’s Sanctum beginning October 1st, 0:00 UTC!

UR Hero Event – Gaecheonjeol

We were thrilled to see the positive reception for the Cosmic Trials event that was introduced with Marduk in the 1.10.0 patch! This event will be coming back with some improvements and thematic changes for the release of our next UR Hero: Dangun, the Mountain God of Gojoseon. To celebrate his arrival, this edition of the event will be called “Gaecheonjeol” as a reference to the Korean national holiday in which Dangun’s founding of Gojoseon is celebrated. Torches have now been replaced with an entry item named “Sam-Taegeuk,” an important historical symbol from Korea.

  • Event Name: Cosmic Trials → Gaecheonjeol
  • Event Entry Currency: Torches → Sam-Taegeuk

We noticed that the difficulty levels in the event challenges became too challenging too quickly. To make sure that more players can earn rewards throughout the event, we have added more difficulty progression benchmarks. By adding more benchmarks, we hope that this allows more players to access the displayed rewards, while also creating more point distinction for players competing for the leaderboard rewards.

  • Each UR Hero event challenge has 10 difficulty levels → 20 difficulty levels per challenge.

We have also added MORE stages to the UR Hero event.

  • 12 Battle Stages → 36 Battle Stages
  • 4 Bonus Stages → 10 Bonus Stages

Since we added more stages to complete, we have also increased the number of Sam-Taegeuk earned from logging in daily.

  • Daily Login Sam-Taegeuk: 1 Sam-Taegeuk → 4 Sam-Taegeuk
  • Daily login entry item claiming has been changed to a check-in claiming system.



Love and Peace

  • After 15s each of these arrows will remove any shields on the target and deal true damage
  • Fixed a bug where Love and Peace would sometimes not trigger the stun effect.


Magic Fountain: 

  • Fixed a bug where the Magic Fountain skill would not apply the level-ups correctly.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the red dot notification for Void Portal would be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the issue with the battle score reset.
  • Fixed a visual bug where certain Heroes would appear to stand still when using specific Divinity Skills.


While this update may be a bit short, stay tuned for our next update announcement – you DEFINITELY do not want to miss it! Good luck and have fun, Summoners!

^ MH Team

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