Patch Notes V.1.17.0

Welcome to the Patch 1.17.0 update notes! In this update, Clash of Heroes makes a return with some friendly changes, “The Maze” has received an update, and some balance changes have also been made. Check out the full patch notes below!


Clash of Heroes

Clash of Heroes will be making its return to Mythic Heroes with a few updates! 

  • We have removed the additional entry cost for Clash of Heroes. It will now have FREE entry for every run you wish to attempt.
  • You can now enter the Clash of Heroes event through Ragnarok when available.
  • Various balance changes.

The Maze

The Maze is back after some game mode maintenance and will now unlock for players upon clearing stage 9-4 in the Main Campaign. If you have previously unlocked The Maze, this change will not affect you.

The Maze has Moved!

The Maze can now be found in the “Event Center” and will no longer be accessed through the floating cube in the sky. Within the Maze, you will be able to see available challenges including the existing game mode “Sharpshooter”.

Changes to Maze Progression

Stages will now unlock as you progress through the Main Campaign. Upon unlocking the Maze, 10 levels will be available to clear. For each completed chapter after Chapter 9, an additional 10 levels will become available. 

For example, once Chapter 10 of the Main Campaign has been cleared, 20 total levels will be available to challenge in the Sharpshooter game mode of the Maze.

Any players who have previously had access to the Maze and have been affected by this change will be notified and receive compensation via in-game mail.

Empyrean Astrolabe

From February 18, 0:00 UTC – February 24, 23:59 UTC, visit the Empyrean Astrolabe where you can spin the wheel for bonus rewards including an Event Exclusive and Limited Edition skin!


General Optimization

We’ve reduced the game file size by approximately 200 MB! As a part of this optimization, some features have been moved to an in-app download package which will download in the background as you play through Mythic Heroes for the first time.


We have added new Memberships to the Shop, including an automatic renewal feature. These memberships include a wide variety of bonuses including increased battle speed (up to 5x)! 

With Memberships, we have also added Membership exclusive items to the General Marketplace. Check out the full details about the new memberships in the Store!

The Muses

We’ve added a “Skip Animation” button for collecting rewards from the Muses’ Banquets.


Several optimizations to the “Guild Search” function have been made.

In-Game Event Calendar

The in-game event calendar has been updated to reflect the next month of events!



We’ve made a slight adjustment to Artemis to help her stay a bit safer, after all — an archer is always safest on the back lines of the battlefield!

  • The range for Artemis’ Normal Attack, Active Skills and Ultimate Skill has been increased by 30%


We’ve made some minor adjustments to encourage building team compositions to help our alchemist to stay around a little longer and be a more consistent threat.

  • Weapon Skill Level 100: If ”Faustian Contract” is activated by taking lethal damage → completing the countdown (uses the ultimate active skill), increase damage dealt by 15% of Faust’s max health.
  • Weapon Skill Level 200: If ”Faustian Contract” is activated by taking lethal damage → completing the countdown (uses the ultimate active skill), increase damage dealt by 20% of Faust’s max health.
  • Weapon Skill Level 400: If ”Faustian Contract” is activated by taking lethal damage → completing the countdown (uses the ultimate active skill), increase damage dealt by 25% of Faust’s max health.


The Elven Queen needed a bit more of a pop in her step to keep up with our other Heroes so we’ve increased the damage-scaling ratios on some of her abilities.

Phase Blitz

Titania enters an Altered State which lasts for 3s. For this duration, if a physical attack is made on Titania, damage is instead dealt to the attacker equal to 150% → 160% of her Attack.

  • Lv.3: Increases the damage dealt to 160% → 180% of her Attack.
  • Lv.4: Increases the damage dealt to 170% → 200% of her Attack.

Dream Entanglement

Titania creates a dream in the area immediately around her for 5s, initially dealing damage equal to 225% → 275% of her Attack to enemies within range.

  • Lv.2: Increase the damage dealt to 250% → 300% of Attack.
  • Lv.3: Increase the damage dealt to 275% → 325% of Attack.
  • Lv.4: Increase the damage dealt to 300% → 350% of Attack.

Other Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where interactions with several Divinity Skills, including Gravitational Field and Transcend, were not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where a notification dot would appear on the Campaign screen when no suggested action would be required.


We have a few other surprises coming later this month, so make sure to stay posted for upcoming announcements! Good luck and have fun, Summoners!

MH Team.

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