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This article about Artifacts & Runes in Mythic heroes game. All Equipment can hold 1 Artifact and 3 Runes. Runes are directional and can only be placed into their orientation spots.

There are 8 types of Artifacts and Runes and their skill bonuses vary. Players can manually change them or select the Quick Change function in the lower right corner.

Tap on Equipment to access the modification area. Upgrading Lv. 1-3 Equipment will increase Hero attributes. For Equipment above Lv.4, Hero skills will also be enhanced.

This is a list of recommended artifacts & runes to use on each hero.

  • Main Carries should use Fire or Thunder runes with either the AxeStaff or Chakra artifact.
  • Mages should use Air runes with the Yasakani artifact.
  • Supports should use Air or Forest runes with either the YasakaniExcalibur or Hammer artifact.
  • Healers or shield casters should use Water runes.
  • Tanks should use the EarthLight or Dark runes with either the ExcaliburHammerBadgeShield artifact.
  • Heroes whose ultimate does not deal damage can forget using Chakra.
  • Heroes who are squishy or need to survive a little more to be useful can use Badge.

Mythic Heroes Artifacts

IconNameStats (Lv5)Effects (Lv5)Use
AEGIS SHIELDHealth + 20480, Attack + 960, Defense + 960Blocks damage for 19% of the timeBlock more often
AXE OF PANGUHealth + 7680, Attack + 2240, Defense + 480For every auto-attack, there is a 25% chance to deal an extra 90% damage to the target. (This damage is treated as Health removal)Deal extra damage on auto-attack
EXCALIBURHealth + 15360, Attack + 1440, Defense + 800While the wearer is alive, increase the Attack and Defense of all ally Heroes by 6% (effect is not stackable)Buff the team while alive
SCARAB BADGEHealth + 17920, Attack + 1120, Defense + 960Wearer recovers 30% of max Health after it drops below 30% for the first timeLive longer
STAFF OF SHARURHealth + 10240, Attack + 2080, Defense + 480Deals an extra 42% damage to an enemy with less than 50% HealthFinish your enemies faster
SUDARSHANA CHAKRAHealth + 10240, Attack + 1920, Defense + 640Ultimate deals an extra 30% damageDeal more damage with ultimate
THOR’S HAMMERHealth + 17920, Attack + 1280, Defense + 800While wearer is being attacked, there is an 15% chance the opponent’s hit will reduce their attack speed by 56% for 1.5sSlow down attackers and survive
YASAKANI MAGATAMAHealth + 12800, Attack + 1760, Defense + 640After this hero uses an active skill, there is a 22% chance to halve the Cooldown of the same skill next timeReduce cooldown for skills

Mythic Heroes Runes

IconNameEffects (Lv5)Set Bonus (Lv5)
AIRReduces skill Cooldown by 9%After using a Hero skill, increase damage dealt by next auto-attack by 70%
DARKRestores 3 Energy every secondIncreases Attack by 8% after releasing an ultimate. This effect lasts the entire battle and can stack 3 times
EARTHReduces Damage taken by 3.9%For the first 10s of battle, increase Defense by 50%
FIREIncreases Damage dealt by 3.9%For the first 20s of battle, increase Crit Chance by 15%
FORESTIncreases resistance to control abilities by 10.5%At the beginning of the battle, gain 150 Energy
LIGHTRecovers 0.3% of max Health every secondWhen Health is below 50%, all Health restoration effects increase by 35%
THUNDERWhile attacking, ignore 7.2% of target’s DefenseWhile attacking, there’s a 20% chance of increasing damage dealt to 135%
WATERIncreases shield and healing abilities by 7.5%When a shield or healing spell is cast, also increase target’s Dodge by 30% for 3s

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