Patch Notes V1.5.0

Welcome, Summoners, to our December update for Patch 1.5!

We hope you have all your Christmas shopping done, but now it’s time to talk about our next big update, coming December 18th at 00:00 UTC. 

We have a lot to talk about, so let’s get right into it, starting with the Winter Event!

Introducing the Winter Wonderland Event for Mythic Heroes! The Kingdom has had a fresh flurry of snow, covering the grounds and buildings of the Ascension Realm. Snowflakes sparkle in the air, and our Heroes are ready for a relaxing break from battle. 

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland!


Starry nights are always the best thing about the Winter season, so don’t forget to check in daily for free rewards throughout the Winter Wonderland Event. Tapping on the Christmas Tree baubles will let you collect all the currencies of this event!


Idun and Oberon have found themselves drawn into a Winter Wonderland of enchanted trees and snow as far as the eye can see. So they have decided to dress the part in brand new Christmas-themed outfits! You can collect these using Skin voucher tokens, which are the same currency from previous events that had Hero outfits, and more are earnable through the Snowman Dress-up section of the event!

Hecate also gets another outfit for this event! Available in the Store. 


Do you want to build a Snowman!? Because it’s time to customize your Snowman using your Magic Gloves, another currency in this event. 9 Magic Gloves will complete each Snowman and you will gain rewards for the rarity of parts you get. If your items match the ones displayed, you gain extra rewards once it is fully dressed! The “Lucky” Snowman will reset and change every day, so make sure to check out his new accessories each day! Rewards include Ice Coins and progression on the Snowman Journey card, where you will earn rewards, including Skin Vouchers which can be redeemed in the Fashion Store!


This is the Boss Challenge area of the Winter Wonderland event, where you will face off against 7 Gods, each lasting 2 days with 3 free challenges per day. Rewards will come in the form of a chest that is refreshed daily! All Heroes’ levels will be synced to 300, and each battle will have different requirements for which Heroes can be used. To learn more about this feature, tap on the [?] inside this section of the Event, as there will be rewards for the best Summoners daily and overall after the Challenge has completed!


Collecting Wish Coins throughout the Winter Wonderland event will allow you to visit the Wishing Tree and collect tons of rewards while spending your currency! SSR shards, Summoning Scrolls and Astrolabe of Fate Crystals are all up for grabs! Collect your Wish Coins through Daily Quests, Festival Check-in, the Snowman Journey, and the Wonderland Market! NOTE – The Wishing Tree will not be open at the beginning of the event and will open a week after the Christmas Market.


Here, you will find wondrous rewards, befitting a successful Summoner! The main currency of the store is your Ice Coins, which you can spend on SSRs, URs, Divinity Gems and more! There are also items available directly for your Diamonds! Remember to check the Exclusive Festival Store for free Daily packs, purchasable options and even some customizable packs where you can choose the rewards you want, including a free pack with Magic Gloves, Wish Coins and 2 customizable slots!

We hope you enjoy the Winter Wonderland, Summoners!


Shadow Lightning

Lilith will now be immune to control and damage while casting.

Dark Ritual

Lilith begins a ritual 5s after the start of the battle. If she wears a human mask, she absorbs 5% of the Attack and 25 50 Energy from all allies but increases all allies’ Defense by 25%. If she wears the demon mask, it absorbs 7% of allies’ Attacks and takes 50 75 Energy from each.

Lv.4:With the demon mask, absorbs 30 60 Energy from all allies; with the human mask, 60 90 Energy from all allies

Lustrous Land

Nuwa’s Five-Colored Stones will cycle through the colors every auto-attack, producing a different bonus for the next auto-attack.
Brown (Nuwa): Removes 100 Energy from the target.
Red (Tank): Attack 3 enemies at the same time.
Yellow (Fighter): Stuns 2 targets at the same time for 0.5s.
Blue (Mage): Recovers 10% 12% of max Health for the weakest ally.
Green (Support): Deals 220% 250% damage.

Twin Blades

Lv.4: The right blade removes 2% 2.1% of the target’s max Health
The left blade will now remove the correct amount of energy according to the description


Oberon throws his blades at the furthest enemy in the field and disappears. As the twin blades are travelling, they deal 150% 250% damage to all enemies in their way. When the blades reach their destination, they pause for 1.5s and then deal 100% damage every 0.5s to nearby enemies. After Oberon appears again and catches the blades, he will deal 200% 250% damage to nearby enemies.
Lv.2: The blades deal 165% 300% damage to enemies in their way
Lv.3: The blades deal 105% 120% damage to enemies near the destination
Lv.4: When Oberon appears and catches the blades, dealing 215% 300% damage to nearby enemies

Iconic Weapon

Lvl 400 skill Duration increased from 5s to 8s

We also increased his Attack / Hit Energy Restoration in order to use his ultimate faster.

We have made some UI changes to Hela’s abilities

  • Removed the Blood Stained icon above Allies’ heads. This is to bring her in line with other heroes that provide buffs and debuffs but do not place indicators on other Heroes. 
  • Hela’s Ultimate, Dark Synergy will send out 4 shock waves when upgraded to skill level 3. This is not extra healing, just to align with the timing increase at level 3. Strictly a Visual update.
  • Optimizations were added to the Iconic Weapon upgrade effects, we were missing silence icon before.

Iconic Weapon

Lvl 400 When Lu Bu’s health is below 35% 50%, he is immune to control skills

Also, Lu bu will gain an extra 2 seconds of immunity to control when his health is above 50%

We have increased Medusa’s Attack Energy Restoration in order for her to use her Ultimate faster.

Izanami’s active skill Life Drain will now function correctly (Bugfix).

Static Shield 25% damage reduction is now in effect (It wasn’t working before, sorry Thor). 


  • Mastermind Arena badge issue fixed – Players should now receive the same amount of Arena Badges that are displayed when collected. 
  • Private messages in your inbox – These threads can now be successfully deleted on a long press.
  • Arena Points display – Incorrect values showing for Arena points should now be resolved. 
  • Pantheon Relic description change – Backline Strategy – The description of this Relic will now match the actual effect in-game. Increases damage dealt to enemy backline Heroes by 10% Increase damage dealt by backline allies by 10%

I heard you like really long Patch Notes, so have some more!


Both the Monthly and Supreme Monthly Subscriptions will be receiving adjustments

Monthly Subscription Rewards

  • Removing Gears of Time
  • Adjusting Diamond rewards to be based on your current VIP level, increasing the Diamond rewards for higher tier VIP levels. The base 100 Diamonds is not being changed. 
  • Adding 2 Daily SSR shards
  • SR shards have not been changed. 

Monthly Supreme Subscription Rewards

  • Removing Gears of Time
  • Adjusting Diamond rewards to be based on your current VIP level, increasing the Diamond rewards for higher tier VIP levels. The base 400 Diamonds is not being changed. 
  • Adding 2 Daily UR shards
  • SSR shards have not been changed. 

At the moment, monthly cards and permanent cards are automatically issued to your mailbox, regardless of whether players log in to receive them or not. Going forward, if a player does not log into the game, they will not be regarded as active that day and the remaining time for receiving the monthly sub will be postponed accordingly. Only when players log into the game, will they receive the monthly or permanent sub rewards via the in-game mail. 

Compensation for these Changes will be delivered in a one-time delivery to the player’s inbox for the two monthly subs, delivering the Gears of Time that the player had previously intended on receiving. Other rewards will continue to be delivered daily, based on the new update to the monthly packs.


The Power Hub was not presenting as much value as we intended, so this page has been changed to a Daily Deals page. 

  • We have removed the Daily perks (key for first daily purchase)
  • We have removed the 7 days packs feature. 
  • Added an additional free pack for players to collect. 

Compensation for players currently using these packs will be sent via in-game mail, containing the items that they have yet to receive. 

For players who still had Keys for the Daily Perks, these will be converted to 400 Diamonds each and sent via the in-game mail. 


During your battles in the Pantheon, you may have noticed that as you got stronger, your enemies did not! This will be changing with today’s patch. As you get stronger, so will the enemy teams that you encounter during your Pantheon expeditions. Each time you finish a run in the Pantheon, depending on the results of your previous completion, the Pantheon’s difficulty will increase, scaling with your strength. 

This was a feature that we have intended for the Pantheon from its inception, however, it took some time to get the dynamic difficulty right.


Tapping and holding other Summoners Hero Avatar’s will now display a bunch of fun information about their heroes, such as their hero stats, equipment and Divinity. Take a peek at the top 10 players, and get suggestions from them.


When a player first enters the Epic Showdown Guild battle, there will be a guide for you to check out tips for Guild Towers and Relics!

There will also be a player guide available for the Wardragon, once you enter the Guild Daemons section of your Guild.


We have heard you on the topic of the Epic Showdown seasonal rewards. The current system calculates your Guilds points at the end of each season and presents rewards from a table that is built in such a way that it allows Guilds to accumulate points and earn better and better rewards as the Seasons progress. So each Guild has the opportunity to keep 70% of their points at the end of each season, giving them the ability to have a higher amount of points at the end of the next season, increasing their rewards even further. 

This system will be changing based on your feedback. But not before the end of Season 2. All rewards for season 2 will be based on the current system. We do not have an exact date at this time, for when these changes will be implemented, but it is on our list of things to complete as soon as we can!

And to all, a Good Night!

This is our last Patch Notes update of the year! Isn’t that crazy!? 2022 is just around the corner and the Mythic Heroes team and I would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays, and a safe and wonderful New Year! 

See you all in 2022!

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