Patch Notes 04/12/2021

Hello Summoners!

Today we are implementing an update! Here are the Hotfix Notes:CARNIVAL OF GODS (STORE PACK)

  • The Carnival Pack is returning to the Store. Players will have to meet the requirements to unlock this pack from the Campaign (Chapter 1-2). Once this requirement is met, a 30-day timer will begin to count down, during which time players will be able to purchase the Carnival pack. 
  • If you purchase the Carnival pack, you will have unlimited time to complete it, manually collecting your rewards. 
  • If you do not purchase the pack and the 30-day timer has expired, you will need to wait 1 day + the time left before the next season of the Carnival starts.


We were able to include some requested features and Bugfixes in this patch:

  • We added further optimizations to the feature that allows for quicker item use. This includes the ability to use the Fast Grab feature for Diamonds.
  • We added a Survey Feature that will let us send players Surveys to complete for rewards!
  • Some fixes were implemented for the Mastermind Arena and Gladiator Arena.
  • We adjusted the number of Puzzle pieces earned by some Daily Challenges to better weight completion of Dailies in different areas of the game.
  • Alongside this patch, we will be resetting the timers for the Arena in Servers 4 and 5 as they are not synchronized with the rest of the servers. After this reset, players from these servers will receive double rank rewards due to the new season ending earlier. This is to help resolve an issue that players in these servers were experiencing where they could not buy items from the Arena Store!


The Zodiac Caverns have been updated to allow Summoners to go back to previous difficulty levels of the Caverns in order to Pillage the rewards. Go collect those Level 1 Soulseals!


  • Arena badges will now correctly update after battles
  • The Rank display interface will now update correctly after being challenged by another player instead of only refreshing after challenging others.


Reward shards from the Epic Showdown for Custom Chest, Hero Chest Fragments, Rune Chest, and Artifact Chests will now refresh correctly in the player’s bag when received.


  • The Reset day for the Limited Summon Banner is changing from Sunday (UTC) to Saturday. 
  • For the current Summon Banner with Nuwa and Cassandra, it will stay active until Sunday 12th (UTC) , like normal. 
  • Along with this banner, a new one will start on Saturday 11th (UTC) with a new Hero. So for a full day on Saturday, 2 Limited Summon banners will be available (4 tabs total in the Summoner Sanctum). Please be careful and choose the correct banner that you wish to use.

That’s it for today’s Hotfix Notes! Have a great weekend, Summoners!

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