Patch Notes V1.6.5

Greetings Summoners!
Welcome to this month’s Patch Notes update. January and February have been quiet months for Mythic Heroes, but the team has been working hard to bring new features to the Ascended Realm for all to enjoy. What do I mean by new features, you ask? Well, more PVE and PVP modes to engage in through the Ascended Realm, that’s what I mean!  More on that topic later, let’s go through today’s updates and changes first! Read through to the end to learn more about what is coming!


For Valentine’s Day, we have an in-game 7 Day Check-in event with a new purchasable skin for Ganjiang & Moye! Don’t forget to check in every day to collect the free Skin Vouchers and more!


A New Rotation for SSR Heroes will be available in the next Hero Puzzle!


Treasure boxes will no longer refresh daily and will now accumulate over the whole event, making it easier to open all the reward chests. There have also been more optimizations added to this event, to streamline the process of earning a new Hero.


We have added a slider to the menu inside your Heroes Divinity menu. This should help navigation between Heroes and lessen the amount of time spent moving between heroes!


Attributes have now been added to all existing and future skins in Mythic Heroes. Collector Skins will have 2 attributes added and normal skins will have 1 Attribute added. 

These lower-cost skins will include colour variants of existing Heroes, like Dark Zeus.


  • Battle Pass optimization – Primary rows in the Battlepass will now be highlighted (1,5,9,13,17,21,25)
  • Dynamic Avatars – We have added Dynamic Avatars. These are currently available through events. All new Heroes will receive a dynamic avatar and will be available in the New Hero Battlepass.
  • The Divinity skill, Tenacious, has received an update to the description to better match what this skill does. No change was made to the ability itself.
    Old: Increases all Shields’ strength by 20%  New: Whenever this Hero obtains a shield, increase its value by 20%


Fixed a bug with Nuwa’s Ultimate where it would not last the set amount of time and would cancel early. 

Fixed a bug with the ability Purifying Incantation. The damage reduction for this ability was performing lower than expected after upgrading to Lv.3

Naga’s Passive, Aqua Favor, has been fixed. Increased Healing effects were mistakenly stacking twice and the excess healing conversion to a shield was lower than expected. Her healing ability has been adjusted from 15%/18% to 15%/20%

Naga’s Ultimate, Blessing of Rain, has received a small buff. During the time that this Ultimate is active, Naga will recover the health of all allies equal to 3% 4% / 4% 5% of their max health every second.

Her ability, Aqua Barrier, has been adjusted. Now, when the shield breaks, the health recovery has been increased from 100% 120% and with lv.3 from 120% 140%

Medusa skill, Venomous Snake, has been fixed. The description said it removed 30%/40% energy from its target but only removed 20%/30%. The skill now matches the description!

Fixed Flora’s Blooming Magic passive. Once Flora has used an active skill 2 times, her next auto-attack is meant to deal additional damage equal to 25% of the target’s current health. This ability was basing the extra damage on Flora’s missing Health and is now fixed and in line with the Passive description. 

G&M second Ultimate Health regeneration has been fixed! Previously, the health recovery was only at 20%.

Hades Shadow Shield ability has been fixed. Previously, this ability gave his shield a lower than expected value. It will now match the ability description.

Fixed a bug where her Phantom Dash could sometimes be triggered off an ally or her own skill buff.

Cassandra’s Passive, Guardian Spirit has been fixed. It was not reducing damage for allies according to the % in her description and was not lasting for the set amount of time after Lv. 3.

There was a scenario where Joan’s Ultimate would cause her Ultimate to last forever if she was alone on the battlefield or with one ally. To fix this, her Ultimate will now provide complete immunity to damage (previously she could take 1 damage, allowing her or her allies to still gain hit energy). To adjust for this minor nerf, her ability ‘Banner of Honor’, has been increased to 15%/20%/ 20%/25% Attack buff for her nearby allies.
(Duo to the immunity buff, Joan’s iconic weapon will redesign in the upcoming patch.)

Anubis’ Ultimate causes him to grow in size and receive a buff to his max health for 8/10 seconds. However, once this timer expired, his size would decrease to normal, but the health buff was lasting longer than the description. The buff has been brought back in line with the Ult timer. 


I know you all want to know what is coming next for Mythic Heroes! Where are the new gameplay features? When are there going to be new Chapters added to the Campaign? All of your questions will be answered soon, but not today. We are working hard to get an in-depth write-up completed, to inform you all of what is to come next! Keep an eye out for that post, hopefully next week! We have a lot to share and can’t wait to tell you everything!

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for more information on our big updates, coming soon!

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