Patch Notes 11/21/2021

Hello Summoners and welcome to another Patch Notes update!

November’s update sees new features added to the Guild, as well as a brand new event for Thanksgiving! So, let’s get into it!


Thanksgiving has come to the Ascended Realm and with it, a new event to participate in! This event is all about appreciating and sharing with your friends! Here are some of the features of this event:

  • Thanksgiving Check-in! Remember to check in at least 7 days to receive your free rewards!
  • Visit the Thanksgiving Market to spend your Harvest Coins, which can be earned by completing your Daily Quests, from the daily check-in and the Daily Cornucopia collection! Harvest Coins can also be purchased in the Store, attached to various Daily and Weekly packs.
  • For the duration of the Thanksgiving Event, you will send Double Friendship points each day, so make sure to fill up that Friends list!
  • The Pantheon will reset DAILY from 11.22-11.27! Make sure to defeat Cronos every day to take advantage of these increased rewards!
  • There is a new “Sharing Pack” available for purchase, that not only gives you rewards, but also shares diamonds with your other Guild members! This pack has a limit of 3 purchases total, per person.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for hidden surprises around the Kingdom! Check back Daily to hunt for “Easter Eggs”!


The team here at Mythic Heroes has been working tirelessly to bring not only new events to the game but also new permanent features that will give you more ways to work with your Guild to protect the Ascended Realm, as well as keep the competition fierce in the Epic Showdown battles! So today, we have two new features to announce that you will be able to access right away!


The first thing you will notice is that the Blade Wraith is no longer on your Guild home screen. It has been replaced with the Guild Daemons area, as he is no longer the only boss for you to battle! Once your Guild reaches Level 2, you will unlock the Wardragon! This behemoth is a challenge that will take multiple attempts to defeat! It is also going to take participation from everyone in the Guild, as progress is Guild-wide, not just per player! Coordination with your Guildmates has never been more important. There will be 4 types of this Boss to fight, each with their own weakness to a specific Faction, and they will rotate every 2 days.

Beware, once you defeat the Wardragon, he returns stronger in Phantom form, for you and your Guild to attempt to defeat again!


Epic Showdown is about to become even more EPIC! We are adding Guild Towers to the battle, which will be randomly selected each Showdown, and the effect of the tower will be active for both Guilds that are participating in the battle. Check out the Infographic below to see more about the Tower’s effects!


Remember the new Guild Wardragon we just talked about? Well, one of the rewards of defeating this fearsome foe will be a Wardragon Relic that you can use to help your Guild in the Epic Showdown with even more effects! We will be releasing more information on the Wardragon Relics and the Guild Towers in the near future! Learn more about some of these new Relics by defeating the Wardragon!

Alright, well now that the exciting stuff is over with, let’s get on with the general notes of this update! Starting with Hero updates!


Artemis – Skill Adjustment

Lunar Strike – Artemis deals 180% 250% damage to the closest enemy Hero, knocking them back and stunning them for 3s.

Lv.2: Additionally, increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 5s.
Lv.3: Increases damage to 200% 275%
Lv.4: Increases damage to 220% 300%

Ganjiang & Moye – Bugfix

G&M will now use their second Ultimate once it is unlocked in the Iconic Weapon active skills. The issue with it happening a third time has been resolved.


Fable Agora

  • Feature unlocks added for Fable Agora (4-20)
  • Autofill in the Fable Agora (4-20)
  • Collect All (7-20 or VIP 5)
  • Dispatch All (13-04 or VIP 6)

These changes were added to the Fable Agora to allow players to spend more time using this feature. Picking and choosing which Quests to accept, and which to Reset should be more of a choice. Moving the Collect All and Dispatch All features to later in the Campaign helps players spend that time deciding which Quests are most worthwhile. 

  • Weekly and Monthly Value Packs contents have been adjusted
  • Guild Masters will now receive a reminder that they have been offline for too long, and they will soon lose ownership of their Guild. 
  • The Staff of Sharur ability will now change when fighting a Boss. Its new ability is that it will now deal extra damage to Bosses, regardless of their Health percentage.

That’s it for today’s Patch Notes for Mythic Heroes! Join the conversation over in Discord where we will be talking about Guilds!

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