Western Queen


Western Queen Attributes



Lotus Branch


For 8s, increase the effects of “Blue Bird’s Favor” for Hero by 2x, and additionally, increase this target’s Attack Speed by 80%. If the ally takes lethal damage during this time, the effects of “Blue Bird’s Favor” will be sacrificed to recover 30% of their Health.

Level 2 (Lv 61):

Increases duration to 9s

Level 3 (Lv 141):

If lethal damage is received, target recovers 40% of Health

Level 4 (Lv 221):

Increases duration to 10s

Spring Peach


Western Queen targets the 1 weakest ally to recover 40% of their max Health in 4s.

Level 2 (Lv 81):

Increases Health recovered to 48%

Level 3 (Lv 161):

Reduces target’s damage taken by 25% for the duration

Level 4 (Lv 241):

Increases Heath recovered to 56%

Blue Bird’s Favor


Western Queen directs her blue bird to follow the ally Hero with the highest combat power, providing 20% of her Attack to the target.

Level 2 (Lv 101):

Additionally, provides 20% of Western Queen’s Defense

Level 3 (Lv 181):

Increases Attack to 25%

Level 4 (Lv 261):

Increases Defense to 25%

Bird of Prey


Western Queen releases her blue bird to deal 100% damage and remove 50 Energy from 3  enemies.

Level 2 (Lv 121):

Increases damage dealt to 120%

Level 3 (Lv 201):

Increases Energy taken to 60

Level 4 (Lv 281):

Increases damage dealt to 140%






Support, Deals magical damage


Western queen is actually pretty good, she can be a dps support and she can also buff your main damager. So the strongest hero that you have, she can buff it and give attack and defense. She is a good hero for boss fights.

About the skills. The ultimate Lotus branch, so her ultimate actually just enhances her passive skill, so the blue bird’s favor it’s a passive. Western queen directs her blue bird to follow the ally hero with the highest combat power, so it’s providing 20 percent of her attack to the target, at level 2 additionally provides 20 percent of western’s queen’s defense. So at level 2 it gives you attack and defense, level 3 attack to 25 percent, level 4 defense to 25%. It’s like a 25-25 attack buff being given, if she activated her passive. If she do the ultimate, it actually increases to 50%, because it actually increase the bluebird’s favor by two times, so imagine giving your hero 50 percent attack, 50 percent defense. It is pretty good for early game, because, as you may know, in early game you are only focusing on one hero, main damager, so for those players, who are just started the game, let’s say, one week to one month just go for western queen.

The active skill the Spring peach. This is also good and viable for the one main hero or carry, because if your other hero dies, then the spring peach will be activated to western queen and the bluebird’s faber will be activated to your main carry. She is actually healing herself and then giving attack and defense to your main damager. Last skill is the Bird of prey. Western queen releases her blue bird to deal 100% damage and remove 50% energy from three enemies. So this is her main damager.

Most of the upgrades on her weapon focus on the bluebird’s favor. When ally is affected by bluebird’s favor at 100 it increases their attack speed by twenty percent. Next one at 200, when an ally is affected by bluebird’s favor it increases their dodge by 20 percent. And when an ally is affected by bluebird’s favor at 300, increased crit chance by 20%. Aside from attack and defense, if you increase her weapon, she can give out more attack, speed, dodge and crit chance to your highest combat power ally. This is pretty good for boss fights to gain more damage. Lastly at 400 the energy taken during The bird of prey is given to your ally hero with the highest combat power. It is great for Artemis or Susanoo in a boss fight

Divinity. What are the best divinity skills that you can use. Tenacious, Animus, Self-Hypnose, All Attributes, use one Energy Nodes, Prevail, go to Panacea and Wrath (for every six percent of health lost increase attack by one percent to a maximum of 30 stacks). It means more damage given to your strongest hero ally. Psych panacea is also good, because if you have more health, then you can gain more stacks from the Immortality Wrath.

For the equipment you can use whatever item that you have extra that gives more attack, because more attack means more damage be given to your ally hero. Use Yasakani Magatama or Excalibur. You can equip her with the dark rune, because if for every ultimate she can gain eight percent attack after releasing the ultimate, so she can give more damage to the highest combat power ally. Pump your western queen with more damage and it means more shareable attack power to your strongest ally. Also water rune is good here, if you want to focus on healing. Another benefit of dark rune is that you can gain more energy per second. As you can see, western queen is really slow on gaining energy, so dark rune is a viable option.

Western queen is actually very good in terms of normal attack, she have a higher attack speed. This hero can actually be a carry as well as a damager, so all you need to do is to give her high damage weapons and the artifact. Western queen is actually pretty good for the campaign and if you trying to boost your damage to boss, she will do the trick better than Dionysus. You can build a team with her. For example pick Lucifer, Nagakanya, Persephone, Ganjiang and Moye, Western Queen. Or use your basic main team with damage dealers and supports.


Early (1-15)

Mid (16-25)

Late (26+)





Skin Attributes

NameWhite Jade Queen
BonusDEF +2%
Cost x 50


At the base of a sacred peak in the Kunlun Mountains, there is a lake of emerald-green called the Jade Lake. On the other side of this enchanting lake is a path to an orchard of the Peaches of Immortality. Many have sought to find this path. However, only those that are invited by Western Queen will find it. She holds an annual feast here where she shares her immortal peaches from her orchard with the worthy, conveying eternal youth and life upon them. “Annual” in this realm is very different from the lower realms, which was a lesson learned by the king, Zhou Mu.

The King had arrived looking for the peaches but had not received the traditional invitation. Since he had travelled thousands of miles through, the Western Queen received him and the two of them discussed many topics at length. They discussed the natural world and human desires and emotions. They had a wonderful time together, but she could not help him with the fruit of immortality. She told him that she could only provide the fruit at her annual festival, and she would send an invitation when the time came. The King told her that until then, he would try to enact what they talked about to make his people more prosperous.

Indeed, the people in his realm lived better after his return. After years of toil and hard work though, the king began to age, and his health worsened. He still had not received his invitation though. So, in hopes of saving his life, he began the long, arduous journey west. When he arrived at the Jade Lake, he could continue no further and died at the foot of the mountain. Where he died, a Locust Tree now marks the spot, and the Western Queen was very grieved by his death. She would forever mention afterwards that “one year” on the sacred peak of the west was 3000 years in the world of mortals!

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