Patch Notes V1.10.0

Hello, Summoners! We’ve got an update with some new content! Check it all out below!


Summer Event – Beach Party

Things are heating up in the Ascension Realm – A few of our Heroes are enjoying the summer heat and are dressed for the occasion.

To celebrate the summer months, new summer-themed skins will be available for five of your favorite heroes! We will also have 2 weeks of bonus daily check-in rewards, including special Gacha Coins to use in the Gachaship and even a free skin!

Beach Party Swimsuit Skins

The following Heroes will receive new outfits suited for their relaxing day at the beach! The Beach Party skins will be available exclusively through the different activities in the Beach Party event! This means they will not be available via the Fashion Store.

  • Beach Party Dionysus – Obtainable for FREE after 12 days via Daily Check-In rewards.
  • Beach Party Athena – Obtainable via the Day 1 Super Reward Check-in.
  • Beach Party Joan – Guaranteed after 200 Gachaship Capsules are drawn.
  • Beach Party Tamamo no Mae – Guaranteed after 350 Gachaship Capsules are drawn.
  • Beach Party Izanami – Obtainable via Gachaship Lottery reward.

Hecate’s 2022 Swimsuit

Our friend Hecate is also receiving a limited summer-themed outfit! Her outfit will be available after purchasing 1200 VIP Points worth of in-app purchases during the event period.


Hecate’s been on an adventure and has found a treasure ship full of rewards! The Gachaship has a mix of rare rewards that can be unlocked by using Gacha Coins. Draw these capsules out of the ship and claim them as your own! Grand Prizes include UR Custom Vouchers, a treasure trove of Diamonds, and the Beach Party Izanami skin!


Server Partitioning

We will be grouping similarly aged servers into groups to help balance multi-server rankings. These groups will replace global rankings moving forward. For now, we will start these Group Rankings in only select game modes as we continue to roll out the new ranking systems.

  • Global Bifrost Rankings → Group Rankings
  • Global Valhalla Rankings → Group Rankings
  • New Chatroom Added


With the new server partitioning adjustments, the Bifrost Bridge will be receiving some adjustments to the game mode’s interface.

  • The in-game Bifrost Chatroom has been removed.
  • The Global Ranking system has been replaced with Group Ranking.
  • Optimization: Claiming rewards now claims all available rewards.

Champions Arena

The Champions Arena will be receiving some changes to make sure the final brackets are as competitive as possible. Antique bonuses have been removed and the level sync has been increased so players can focus more on the composition and placement of their Heroes when competing in the final stages

  • Antique bonuses removed from Knockout Match phases (Top 64 onwards).
  • Hero level sync updated to Level 300 → Level 350

Void Portal

The Void Portal challenge will be receiving a gameplay overhaul to incentivize Void Invaders to build balanced teams instead of a single strong team.

  • Gameplay: Defending against a Void Invader will require (THREE fights) → ONE fight.
  • Void Invaders: One of the three prepared teams will be randomly selected each day of the Void Portal challenge.
  1. Day 1 → Team A, B or C is randomly selected to defend.
  2. Day 2 → One of the remaining 2 teams is selected to defend.
  3. The unselected team is not used.

Rhinemaiden’s Treasure

  • Increased chances of Inherited Divinity appearing in the Rhinemaiden’s Treasure marketplace.
  • Various price adjustments.


Our next update will be a significant milestone for Mythic Heroes as we celebrate our first anniversary, so make sure to follow us on our social pages to be a part of the celebration!

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