Lore about Nuwa

Hello. Summoners! This is a story which is the Lore about Nuwa Awaken Chaos Era.
Let’s read it together!

Nuwa observed the massacre inflicted upon the human villagers by the Oceanids with disdain and horror. While the flames of anger raged inside, she sharpened her eyes to see a slight movement below the floor of a hut. She peered through the floor planks and saw an oceanid, awakening from being knocked unconscious. Nuwa grabbed the creature to interrogate it. Soon, she learned of terrible news… The one who sent them, they’re leader, was none other than the powerful dragon, Draco…

Nuwa sighed deeply, before speaking to Dayu: “Reorganize your forces. I will head to the icelands in the north to find Pangu’s Axe. It is the only weapon that can penetrate the scales of that infamous water dragon…”

After the words were spoken, she immediately left. After several days, she entered the lands of the Kuafu. It was a cold and hostile land. Here, she battled many of these fierce warriors before making it to the Ice Demon Cave where the fabled weapon, the Axe of Pangu, was being held. She stood at the cave’s entryway and again sighed. For inside, there was a terror that she hoped to never have to face…

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