Patch Details v.1.7.0

Greetings Summoners! We have scheduled server maintenance on 2022/4/15. Here are some of the planned changes in the new update. The Big Update is complete, 1.7 is finally HERE! Here’s information about some of the most significant changes!

  1. New Events and Content:
  • Antiques.
  • The Jade Market.
  • Valhalla.
  • New Premium Currency: Novastar Gems.
  • New Weekly Event: Tower of Babel.
  • New Weekly Event: Zodiac Mapping.
  • New Campaign Chapters.
  1. Antiques – Antiques can give your collection and Hero roster a wide range of benefits.
  2. Novastar Gems – A new premium currency.
  3. Jade Market – The Jade Market allows Summoners to exchange their excess Hero Tokens for a selection of highly valuable resources.
  4. Valhalla – Valhalla offers players unlimited replayability in a boss battle using bounties to alter the challenge difficulty and boons to provide event exclusive team bonuses.
  5. Tower of Babel Weekly Event – Earn Ascension Hammers throughout the Ascension Realm to build the Tower of Babel alongside fellow summoners! Exchange earned rewards for a wide range of additional resources.
  6. Zodiac Mapping Weekly Event – Collect Luminous Pearls throughout the Ascension Realm to start mapping the zodiacs. Similar to the other weekly event, you’ll be able to trade earned rewards for additional prizes.
  7. New Campaign Chapters – 3 new Campaign Chapters have been added to the game, rich with more Mythic Heroes lore.
  1. Optimizations and Changes:
  • All Trials of Ascension are now open every day.
  • Various Store and Marketplace changes.
  • Daily Log-In, Rookie Handbook, Campaign Progression Rewards.
  • Free Daily Standard Summon.
  • Astrolabe and Astrolabe of Fate Adjustments.
  • Improvements to Zodiac Caverns.
  • Divinity Adjustments.
  • Pantheon Difficulty Adjustments.
  • Chat Window and Notification System.
  1. Free Daily Standard Summon – All players will receive one free Standard Summon every day they log in.
  2. Pantheon Difficulty Adjustments – Everyone Pantheon difficulty has been reset as of the 1.7 Update. The first run will feel very easy for everyone and will scale up depending on your battle outcome! The maximum difficulty has also been lowered to avoid scaling issues.
  3. Trials of Ascension – All 3 Trials of Ascension will be available every day for players to challenge and collect rewards from.
  4. Zodiac Caverns – Challenges are now unlimited! Pillaging will still exhaust your daily Zodiac battles.
  5. New Chat Window and Notification System – We’ve given the chat system an all-new look and added a few new features. Our new Notification system lets you know if something interesting is happening in the Realm.
  6. Campaign Progression Rewards – Rewards have been added to celebrate more incremental achievements!
  7. Astrolabe and Astrolabe of Fate – Various changes such as new rewards and other changes are mentioned in our full 1.7 Patch Notes.
  8. Divinity Adjustments – Faith is now a consumable resource that will provide faction- specific faith.
  9. Various Store and Marketplace changes – We have updated our Marketplace and Store with new items, currencies, and ways to use resources.
  10. Daily Log-In Bonuses – The Daily Log-In has been updated to a 30 day reward program, including an optional ‘Pass’ for bonus rewards.
  11. Rookie Handbook – A new way for new players to get involved with Mythic Heroes!
  1. Bug Fixes:
  • Various Hero and Skill fixes.
  • Gameplay fixes
  • Equipment and Runes.

Bug fixes were something we focused extensively on while building this update. Many bugs were addressed including Heroes, Skills, Equipment, Runes, and general gameplay fixes.

After completion, all players will receive a maintenance gift and a link to the full 1.7.0 Patch Notes. Please leave your comments below if you’ve liked to read the detailed Patch Notes for the 1.7 Update!

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