Patch 1.10.001 Hotfix

Hello, Summoners! We’ve got an update with some new content as well as a lot of Hero updates! Check it all out below!

New UR Hero


After having won so many battles, including the slaying of the Chaos Dragon, Marduk has lost hope of finding his equal on the battlefield. Feeling a strong sense of disdain towards everyone in his previous life, the Mesopotamian God of Warfare is making his way to the Ascension Realm in search of his next worthy opponent!

New UR Hero Event

Divine Treasure

From August 6th to August 20th, celebrate the release of Marduk with our New Hero Event! Collect keys to redeem for Divine Treasures and receive bonus loot! Summoners can earn keys daily by logging in and completing quests in the NEW Cosmic Trials game mode.

By participating in the Hero Event and Cosmic Trials daily, you can earn a guaranteed copy of the new UR Hero Marduk, the God of Warfare, for FREE!

Cosmic Trials

With Marduk joining us in the Ascension Realm, we will be introducing a new limited game mode to celebrate this Hero’s release; welcome to the Cosmic Trials!

Enter the Cosmic Trials each day to earn a Torch, which can be used to enter an available challenge where you battle alongside Marduk to take down your foes. In each Cosmic Trial, there are three exclusive star conditions which award you points upon successfully meeting the challenge requirements. The more points you collect from these quests, the more rewards you can earn from each trial! Your earned points will also place you on a leaderboard where you can win bonus rewards including Diamonds and an exclusive Marduk-themed avatar frame!

Are you worthy enough of Marduk’s recognition? Summon him now to find out! Good luck, Summoners!

Campaign Adjustments

Main Campaign

We have made adjustments to lower the difficulty of nearly 170 stages between Chapter 9 and Chapter 30 in the main Campaign to help with player progression!

Recruits of Olympus

Adjustments have been made to player eligibility for Recruits of Olympus.

Accounts must be less than 8 days old to be eligible for the Recruits of Olympus.
Players that meet the unlock requirements for Recruits of Olympus on accounts older than 8 days (completing stage 2-1 in the main Campaign) will not be eligible to participate.

Players who are already participating in an active Recruits of Olympus event will not be affected by this change.

Our next update will be one to celebrate as Mythic Heroes’ first anniversary is coming up! We are looking forward to sharing and celebrating with you all! Best of luck in the Ascension Realm and Cosmic Trials, Summoners!

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