Final Patch Notes v.1.7.0

Welcome Summoners, to the April Patch Notes for Update 1.7.0! It has been a while since we had an update and we are excited to share with you today all the new features coming to the Ascension Realm. The team has been working on new ways for you to play Mythic Heroes, including new rotating events, new ways to battle powerful foes, and power up your Heroes.

For the last 3 weeks, we have also been hosting a Player Test Realm for 300 select members of the community, where they were able to access these features and changes on a test server. Their feedback has been instrumental in ensuring the best possible experience for returning players as well as new players! After the 1.7.0 update, you will be able to recognize these hard-working Summoners by their custom Fenrir Avatar in Mythic Heroes!

With the success of the PTR, it is our intention to host it again in the future for large updates to help with the introduction of new systems and features, so if you are interested in joining our veteran team of testers, make sure you join our Discord and keep an eye out for the next round of invitations in the future!

Now, there is a lot to cover. Let’s get started!


New Game Icon

We’ll start things on a bit of a light note – with the new update, we figured we’d give ourselves a new look. Amaterasu will now be featured on the Mythic Heroes app icon!

Novastar Gems

We have updated our in-game shop to use a new currency called Novastar Gems. 

Novastar Gems will be replacing the currency values displayed on the in-app purchase options. In adding this new purchasable option, we hope to provide players with more flexibility and options when it comes to how purchasable content can be obtained. 

Novastar Gem Packs will be available to purchase at the following prices (USD):

First Time Purchase of a Novastar Gem Pack

The first time a player purchases a pack of Novastar Gems, they will receive a one time bonus doubling the base amount of Novastar Gems purchased. This applies to each package once.

Price (USD)Base AmountBonus AmountTotal Novastars

All Subsequent Purchases

Every subsequent purchase of a pack of Novastar Gems can provide a bonus value pack. This bonus will apply to all subsequent Novastar Gem pack purchases starting from the second time the pack is purchased.

Price (USD)Base AmountBonus AmountTotal Novastars

We hope that these changes will provide additional value to our players who make in-app purchases. This change will not affect users who do not make in-app purchases and Novastar Gems will not replace existing packs that were previously available with Diamonds.


Valhalla is a recurring 2-week long event where Summoners fight against a powerful boss to complete quests, fulfill bounties, and buff your team using new boons. This new event offers players unlimited replayability for you to increase your score and ranking on the leaderboards. Upon completing Valhalla boss challenges and event quests, you may receive Valhalla Coins! Visit the Valhalla Warchest to exchange these coins for a wide variety of rewards.

Valhalla can be entered during active event periods by visiting “Ragnarok” on the campaign menu after completing Chapter 20 – 4.


Bounties are a new Valhalla exclusive mechanic to customize your challenge difficulty. Each bounty applies different modifiers to the battle which can range from enemy buffs, friendly team hindrances, and even adding more opposing units! 

Selecting the bounties with more difficult challenges will reward you with more points at the end of a successful fight so make sure to choose wisely!


Upon completing quests within Valhalla, players can earn Leaves from the Infinity Tree! These Leaves can be exchanged for “Boons” which are a set of Valhalla exclusive buffs. Exchange your Leaves for specific hero ability effects, teamwide stat bonuses, and more!


After centuries of refinement and storing energy, these relics have become magical instruments within the world of Mythic Heroes, emanating powerful auras to support you and your heroes.

Antiques unlock after completing stage 10 – 4 in the main campaign. They can be found in the Museum and can be summoned with the new Tomb Exploration feature. They provide you with scaling benefits as you progress through the Ascension Realm. These bonuses include roster-wide benefits, faction or class-specific buffs, and more. Enhancement materials can be acquired all throughout the Ascension Realm including campaign quests, the marketplace, and the new weekly events.

By collecting, awakening, and refining antiques, you can greatly enhance your heroes, making antiques a coveted treasure for all summoners! 


Summoners can Appraise their antiques by using Appraisal Scrolls and Antique Fragments. Appraising an antique will increase the item’s Star Grade as well as its maximum restoration level.


By using Restoration Elixirs, you can increase the effectiveness of an antique’s bonus. As an antique’s star grade increases, different elixirs may be required to restore your antique.


Certain antiques will belong to a set and collecting multiple antiques of the same set will provide you with additional attribute effects. Set bonuses have 3 tiers: Collected, Graded, and Awakened. By having discovered each antique in a set, you can achieve the “Collected Set” bonus. In order to achieve the “Graded Set” bonus, all antiques in the set must reach their maximum Star Grade. Lastly, to achieve the “Awakened Set” all antiques in the set must be fully restored at their maximum Star Grade. Each collection tier will provide significant bonus attribute effects, so make sure to collect them all!

Tomb Exploration

Tomb Exploration is where summoners can use Exploration Coins and Tomb Maps to find a wide array of treasures. Possible rewards include:

  • Antiques
  • Antique Fragments
  • Appraisal Scrolls
  • Restoration Elixirs
  • Museum Coins

Summoners will also receive bonus cumulative rewards as more Tomb Explorations are completed.


We will be adding two new rotating weekly events! Both Ascension Hammers and Luminous Pearls can be earned passively whether the event is active or on cooldown so that more rewards can be earned when the events are active. Choose to use them right away when the event is available, or stack and save them for the next time the event comes back – the choice is yours!

Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is a new recurring weekly event where players can collaboratively build the Tower of Babel alongside other summoners in their server. As players build the tower, they will earn a wide range of rewards including Faith, Treasure Fragments, and Firmament Coins! Firmament Coins can be exchanged for more prestigious rewards including Astrolabe of Fate Crystals and Heavenly Orbs.

Build floors of the tower by using Ascension Hammers, which can be earned throughout the Ascension Realm, even when the Tower of Babel is not active. That means that you can save your Ascension Hammers to build even more next time the event comes around!

Zodiac Mapping

Collect Luminous Pearls throughout the Ascension Realm to start mapping the Zodiacs. As players draw their Zodiacs, a wide range of rewards can be earned including treasure fragments, hero shards, diamonds, and star coins! Star Coins are a new exclusive currency that can be exchanged in the zodiac market for even more rewards, ranging from treasure fragments to a UR custom selector voucher!


Heavenly Gifts is a new idle collection feature that allows players to passively earn rewards and bonuses for both antiques and heroes. Within the Heavenly gifts, summoners will find special Cubes which store energy that can be passively gained or instantly charged by using diamonds. The stored energy can then be converted into Celestial Treasure Fragments to craft Mythic Antiques.

Players can also obtain Privilege Vouchers which can be redeemed for heavenly gifts. These gifts can provide players with additional resources aimed at upgrading antiques or the cubes themselves! By redeeming Privilege Vouchers or earning VIP Points through in-app purchases, summoners will earn “Gift Points” which are used towards unlocking the next Heavenly Gift.

To upgrade the Cubes, summoners must use Heavenly Orbs, a rare currency that can be obtained through weekly events. Upgrading cubes can increase antique draw rates, energy recharge speed, maximum energy storage, and even hero attributes.


The new Jade Market allows summoners to exchange their excess hero tokens for a selection of highly valuable resources. Excess hero tokens can be exchanged for “Jade Tokens.”

  • Exchange excess hero tokens
  • Exchange excess SSR hero tokens for Superluster Jades
    • 1 Excess SSR Token = 10 Superluster Jades
  • Exchange excess UR hero tokens for Ultraluster Jades
    • 1 Excess UR Token = 10 Ultraluster Jades

Once you’ve exchanged your excess Hero Tokens for Jade Tokens, you can trade your Jade Tokens for some of the following items!

  • Treasure Fragments
  • Hero Selection Tokens
  • Inherited Divinity
  • Restoration Elixirs

All players will have access to the Jade Market after having cleared Chapter 12 – 4 in the main campaign!


We’ve updated the chat system in Mythic Heroes! Now it’s easier than ever to check out your active chats and navigate between them. The new chat can now be found right above the navigation bar at the bottom of your display.

We have also added system announcements to share when other players have received an amazing reward through the Summoner Sanctum, Tomb Explorations, and the Astrolabe of Fate.


Summoning Updates. Limited Summon Banner (VIP changes)

The Limited Summon Banner is receiving some VIP treatment! Once you reach a certain VIP level, you will now be able to unlock changes like choosing the SSR and UR in the Left and Center Hero slots, as well as increasing the number of chances to receive your selected Heroes. It is important to know that these changes will not affect the way the Limited Summon Banner previously worked. All players will still be able to choose ONE SSR on the Limited Summon Banner (Right slot) and will have an increased chance of receiving their selected SSR, and the banner SSR/UR Heroes, regardless of VIP level. Below are the VIP levels that these changes will take effect:

  • VIP 11 will increase the number of chances at receiving an SSR from both the Left and Right slots from 3 chances to 4 chances.
  • VIP 12 will unlock the ‘Select’ feature for the Left SSR slot.
  • VIP 13 will increase the number of chances at receiving the selected UR from 2 chances to 3 chances.
  • VIP 14  will unlock the ‘Select’ feature for the UR slot.
  • VIP 15 will increase the number of chances at receiving an SSR from both the Left and Right slots from 4 chances to 5 chances.

Faction Summon Adjustment

We have made the option to change the selected faction FREE! Now you can choose whichever faction you would like to pull from when using your Faction Summon Scrolls!

Ascension Levels

We have made adjustments to the Level Cap for Heroes at certain Ascension Levels. You can find these changes in the table below.
Note: This does not affect needing Celestial I Heroes to increase the level cap 300+. This remains as +5 levels for every Hero at Celestial I.

Elite I120100
Elite II140120
Elite III160140
Leg I180160
Leg II200180
Leg III220200
Mythic I240220
Mythic II260240
Mythic III280260
Cel I300280
Cel II300300
Cel III300300
Inf I300300
Inf II300300
Inf II300300


Gears of Time will no longer charge passively. Summoners will now be able to claim daily Gears of Time once a day for free from the Astrolabe and can exchange diamonds for additional Gears of Time recharges.

The Astrolabe and Astrolabe of Fate have been updated to include rewards surrounding antiques.


Pantheon Difficulty Adjustments

As many of you experienced, the scaling difficulty of the Pantheon was not sustainable for the majority of players. In this update, we have capped out the difficulty of enemies that you will encounter as you progress through Pantheon completions.

It is also important to note that we have reset EVERYONE’S Pantheon difficulty scaling as of the 1.7 Update, so your first venture to defeat Chronos will feel very easy for everyone and will scale up from there depending on your battle outcome!

Campaign Adjustments

Campaign rewards in Main Campaign, Elite Campaign, and Hades’ Hell have been adjusted to reward summoners as they progress throughout each chapter as opposed to only being rewarded after the completion of a full chapter. This means players will now receive rewards after completing a certain amount of stages within each chapter as well as bonus rewards for completing the full chapter. These rewards can be found on the new Campaign Rewards page, along with new Battlepasses available for purchase that will increase the amount of rewards received. 

Enemies in the Main Campaign, Elite Campaign and Hades Hell have received changes in difficulty with the addition of Antiques, to help balance progression.

Achievement frequency has also been balanced across the Main Campaign and Hades Hell, due to the addition of Antiques Achievements.

New Campaign Chapters

We have added new map locations to the story, bringing the Campaign to Chapter 36!

Trials of Ascension Adjustments

All three Trials of Ascension will be available to challenge and pillage every day! Now you can earn the core Hero levelling resources each time you enter the Trials.

Zodiac Caverns Adjustments

Players can now challenge each beast an unlimited number of times without exhausting challenge stamina! Rewards can be earned upon successful completion of the challenge or by pillaging the rewards.

Arena Changes

Once an Arena season restarts, the Arena points carried over to the next season will now be 10% of the total previous season’s points (was 30%). 

Rank rewards and Seasonal rewards in the Arena have also been adjusted to include new Faction Hero Shards and Antique Pirate, Noble, and Royal Treasure.

Guilds. Prosperity Tower

The Prosperity Tower will now only appear on the first day of Epic Showdowns.

Guild Packs

Guild Sharing Packs now accumulate points and provide extra rewards as more guild members participate in the share packs!


Changes to Daily Log-In Rewards

  • Summoners will now receive a free Standard Summon to use every day! The free daily summon will only be available during the day you log in, so make sure to use it!
  • The daily log-in rewards have been adjusted to a 30-day log-in reward plan with additional daily reward purchase options.

Changes to Faith

Faith used to increase a hero’s divinity level will also be changing. Faith is now a consumable resource that will provide faction-specific faith. The consumed Faith will be randomly split across the four factions in Mythic Heroes. For example, consuming 100 Faith can provide 20 Shadowarch Faith, 30 Luminarch Faith, 25 Guardian Faith, and 25 Verdian Faith.

We believe that this change will positively impact players looking to build a wider team of heroes across all four factions and provide more opportunities for advancement across all content within the Ascension Realm.

New Hero Type Cards

We have added new types of Hero cards to the lootpool including, Random Hero Type Cards (Tank, Fighter, Mage, Support), Custom Hero Type Cards and Faction Shards.


Many changes have been made to equipment, runes, and heroes. On top of brand new hero attributes, some heroes received balance changes and reworks. 

We’ve also included small indicators beside each hero’s name to quickly show how they have been affected by the patch.


Equipment Adjustments

Scarab Badge (↑)

Max Health increased by 5% per level and added a new effect: Additionally, damage taken is reduced by 30% for 5s.

Thor’s Hammer (↔)

While the wearer is being attacked by an enemy, there is a 15% chance the opponent’s hit will reduce their Attack Speed by 40%~80% → 25%~50% for 1.5s → 2s.

Rune Adjustments

Dark Rune (↑)

Increases attack by  8% → 12% after releasing an ultimate. This effect lasts the entire battle and can stack   → times. 

Forest Rune (↑)

New Set Effect: At the beginning of the battle, restore 150 Energy. Additionally, receive a shield that can block damage equal to 20% of Hero’s max Health for 8s.

Water Rune (↓)

When a shield or healing spell is cast, also increase the target’s dodge by 30%  → 20%  for 3s

Divinity Skill Adjustments

Deftness (↑)

Every 3 auto-attack hits → 2 auto-attack hits, deal an extra 65% → 80% damage to the target. This damage is treated as True Damage.

Embroilment (↔)

Bugfix: Embroilment now works as intended.

Savvy (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Savvy sometimes increased damage dealt from ultimate skills. The skill now works as intended.

Wrath (↔) 

Bugfix: Wrath now works as intended.

Collective Fervor (↔) 

Bugfix: Collective Fervor now works as intended.

New Hero Attributes

We’ve added some new hero attributes to give more build options to players and more opportunities for both specialization and general hero use cases!

  • Crit Damage Resistance: Whenever the Hero receives damage from a critical strike, the Hero will ignore its damage dealt by this attribute’s percentage.
  • Crit Chance Resistance: Whenever the Hero is being attacked, the Hero will ignore this attribute’s percentage of the attacking enemy’s critical strike chance.
  • Insight: When the Hero controls a target, the duration of the control effect is increased by this attribute’s percentage. Insight can be offset by the enemy target’s Tenacity attribute.
  • Tenacity: When the Hero is under enemy control, reduce the duration of the control effect by this attribute’s percentage. This attribute can be offset by the attacking Hero’s Insight attribute.
  • Parry: When the Hero receives damage, ignore a percentage of the enemy’s Attack.
  • Breakthrough: Whenever the Hero deals damage, ignore a percentage of the enemy’s Defense.
  • Magical Cleave: When the Hero deals a Magical Attack, ignore a percentage of the enemy’s Magical Resistance.
  • Physical Cleave: When the Hero deals a Physical Attack, ignore a percentage of the enemy’s Physical Resistance.
  • Auto-Attack Speed: The percentage of increase for the action speed of the Hero’s auto-attacks.
  • Auto-Attack Boost: Whenever the Hero deals damage with their Auto-Attack, the damage is increased by this percentage. This Attribute can be offset by the opponent’s Auto-Attack Resistance.
  • Auto-Attack Resistance: Whenever the Hero receives damage from an Auto-Attack, the damage is reduced by this percentage. This Attribute can be offset by the attacker’s Auto-Attack Damage.
  • Skill Damage Boost: Whenever the Hero deals damage with a skill, the skill’s damage is increased by this percentage. This Attribute can be offset by the opponent’s Skill Damage Resistance.
  • Skill Damage Resistance: Whenever the Hero receives damage from a skill, that damage is reduced by this percentage. This Attribute can be offset by the attacker’s Skill Damage Boost.
  • Ultimate Damage Boost: Whenever the Hero releases their Ultimate ability, their damage dealt is increased by this percentage. This Attribute can be offset by the opponent’s Ultimate Damage Resistance.
  • Ultimate Damage Resistance: Whenever the Hero is dealt damage from an Ultimate ability, that damage is reduced by this percentage. This Attribute can be offset by the attacker’s Ultimate Damage Boost.
  • Health Reclamation: Whenever the Hero gives or receives Health recovery effects, increase the healing amount by this percentage.
  • Health Reception: Whenever the Hero receives healing, increase the recovered amount by this percentage.
  • Health Bestowal: Whenever the Hero gives healing, increase the given amount by this percentage.


Artemis (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Artemis’ level 400 Iconic Weapon Skill could sometimes be triggered by her non-critical auto attacks. This skill now works as intended.

Athena (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where her level 100, 200, and 400 Iconic Weapon Skills only worked on herself, not all allies. The skill now works as intended.

Dionysus (↑)

“We wanted to make sure that Dionysus as a supporting unit can protect your whole team, so by increasing the dodge chance of the frontline units instead of the backline, the stronger frontline will bring increased long term survivability to the team.”

Update: Cooldowns of Dionysus’ active skills have been reduced to allow for more frequent use of his active skills.
Change: Passive Ability – Alcoholic
Level 2 – Additionally, increases Dodge of backline → frontline allies by 4%
Level 3 – Increases Dodge of backline → frontline allies by 6%

Flora (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where the increased control effect upgrade of Holy Fluorescence’s level 4 upgrade did not work properly. This skill now works as intended.

Gaia (↑)

Update: Passive Ability – Earthly Vein
For every 35/30/25% → 30/25/20% of Health lost, Gaia gains 1 stack of “Earthly Vein”.

Hades (↑)

Update: The cooldown for Shadow Shield has been reduced to increase his survivability during fights.

Hercules (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where provoked enemies could sometimes still use their active skills. Hercules’ provoke now works as intended.

Idun (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Idun’s Divine Blessing only worked on herself. This skill now works as intended and affects all backline allies.

Izanami (↑)

“Izanami has always been one of the best units for reliable area of effect damage, however, she often fell short when it came to battling in single target fights. We have reworked her Iconic Weapon Skills to help her when it comes to boss fights and dealing single target damage.”

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Izanami would collect fewer “Ghosts” from active skills than expected.
Update: Active Ability – Life Drain
Izanami marks a new enemy, dealing 75% → 80% damage every 0.5s for 1.5s to all marked enemies and recovering Health equal to 100% of the total damage dealt.
Level 3: Deals 80% → 90% damage
Level 4: Deals 85% → 100% damage
Update: Ultimate Ability – Breath of the Dead
Deal damage equal to 60% of Izanami’s Attack + ([number of ghosts released] x 3% → 5% of her Attack) per second to individual targets.
Rework: Iconic Weapon Skills
For Iconic Weapon levels 100/200/400, Izanami’s Iconic Weapon Skill will provide the following effect:
“When there are 5 enemies on the battlefield, increase the damage dealt by “Breath of the Dead” by 6/8/10%. Each time when an enemy dies, deal another 6/8/10% of additional damage when the skill is used again. This damage boost is capped at 30/40/50% when there is only one enemy on the battlefield.”

Joan of Arc (↔)

“Joan’s previous Iconic Weapon Skills often ran into problems, so we’ve reworked her Iconic Weapon Skills to provide more consistency to her Ultimate ability.”

Rework: Iconic Weapon Skills
For Iconic Weapon levels 100/200/400, Joan of Arc’s Iconic Weapon Skill will provide the following effects:
“While a Hero is protected by “Deus le Volt,” they recover 6/8/10% of their lost Health every second.
Update: Ultimate Ability – Deus le Volt
The immunity effects provided by Joan’s ultimate can no longer be dispelled from the target.

Medusa (↑)

“This snake’s bark was a bit stronger than her bite, so we’ve adjusted how Medusa’s healing effect works on her passive ability in hopes of allowing her to survive for longer periods of time.”

Rework: Passive Ability – Arrows of Corruption
Medusa’s auto-attack has a 33% chance to add 75% lifesteal → of recovering 100% of her Attack as Health. 
Level 2: Recovers 105% → 125% of her Attack as Health
Level 3: Increases probability to a 50% chance
Level 4: Recovers 135% → 150% of her Attack as Health

Oberon (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Oberon’s left and right blades had inconsistent attack distances.

Persephone (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Nether Flowers were sometimes still in effect even after Persephone had been defeated. 

Susanoo (↔)

Update: Changed the description of Susanoo’s level 400 Iconic Weapon Skill to be consistent with his other skills. Description Fix: The last sword hit of “Phantom Fury” deals additional damage equal to 20% of the target’s Current → Lost Health. The description now matches the in-game effect.

Tamamo no Mae (↔)

Bugfix: The level 200 and 300 Iconic Weapon skills now work properly according to the description.

Typhon (↔)

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that Typhon’s ultimate Chaos Storm can sometimes be dodged by allies.
Change: Passive Ability – Titan shield 
When the Titan Shield is destroyed, it will deal 15% of each enemy’s → Typhon’s Max Health as True Damage. 

Western Queen (↔)

Bugfix: Western Queen’s “Blue Bird’s Favor” now correctly calculates the buff based on Western Queen’s basic stats, not her allies’. The skill now works as intended.

Zeus (↑)

“Zeus needed some love beyond his early game usage and has been adjusted to be a more reliable source of damage.”

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Voltic Shield amount is less than expected. The skill now works as intended.
Update: Increased Zeus attack energy restoration to allow for faster casting of his Ultimate ability.
Update: Ultimate Ability – Wrath of God 
Level 3 – Zeus’ attacks have a 35% → 100% chance of generating an additional lightning bolt to strike a random target.


Loki (NEW!)

The God of Mischief, Loki, will be joining the Ascension Realm. Check out the detailed information about the newest hero here Loki.

Marketplace Adjustments

  • Existing marketplace inventories have been updated to assist with antiques and offer a wider range of items available for exchange. 
  • The market refresh button has been removed. 
  • Some price adjustments have also been made.

Paid Subscription Updates

Our monthly subscriptions have been updated to include Privilege Vouchers!
The price of the Supreme Monthly Subscription has been increased to accommodate for the addition of Antique Treasure Fragments.

Claiming monthly subscription rewards has been changed:

  • Monthly subscription rewards are no longer sent to the player’s mailbox on the day they log in.
  • Players can manually claim their monthly subscription rewards through the store on the Subscriptions page
  • If the reward is not claimed on the day of the login, the monthly subscription reward will be automatically sent to the player’s mailbox the next time they log in.

New Rookie Handbook

The old Rookie Handbook has been updated from a 7-day 30,000 Diamond reward system to a new 3-week program. Over these first 3 weeks, new players can earn a wide variety of all in-game resources including Diamonds, Summoning Scrolls, hero enhancement resources, and more! Every day, new players will also be offered a high-value Diamond exchange deal for core resources!


Thank you to all of you who stuck around and played Mythic Heroes through the quiet times recently. We wanted to show our appreciation for all of you somehow, so we have created a new 10-day Rewards package with Diamonds, Hero Summoning Scrolls, and Tomb Exploration Scrolls for all our existing players. And not only that… Check out your Campaign, Elite Campaign and Hades Hell progress rewards! You can collect ALL the rewards from the new rewards page, depending on your current progress in these areas!

That’s all for the 1.7 Patch Notes, but stay tuned as we have more features coming soon, including another addition to the new Ragnarok area! See you in the Ascended Realm, Summoners!

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