Alchemy Workshop

The structure of the Alchemy Workshop Mythic Heroes is designed to improve artifacts and runes. In it, you can further develop your items up to level 8. This building is revealed after the passage of chapter 8 of the main campaign.

There are 3 sections in the Alchemy Workshop:

  • Artifacts
  • Runes
  • Dismantle

Dismantle Lv.1-3 Equipment into fragments. Collect 100 fragments to craft a random Lv.4 Equipment. To craft Lv.5-8 Equipment combine 3 of the same type of lower level Equipment.

Higher-level Blueprints for Equipment will be unlocked as you progress through the Campaign.

Tap on Dismantle to access the dismantle area. Thanks to the Quick Dismantle button you can disassemble many items in your Bag at once by specifying the appropriate settings in the menu.

Or you can manually specify the Runes and Artifacts that you want to disassemble. Then press the button Dismantle.

Artifacts and Runes that are already equipped cannot be used in a craft batch. They have to be removed in the “Heroes” Equipment area first.

We wish you good luck and the speedy collection of Artifacts and Runes of level 8 in the game Mythic Heroes.

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