Patch Notes V1.9.5

Hello, Summoners! We’ve got an update with some new content as well as a lot of Hero updates! Check it all out below!

Server News


Mythic Heroes will soon be launching brand new servers for our South Korean players! In celebration of the game being launched in this new region, we will be releasing a historically inspired hero from Korea! More information about this new Hero will be available at a later date, so make sure to stay posted on our social media platforms for their announcement!

In-Game Events

Recruits of Olympus

The Recruits of Olympus is a new system for brand new players to Mythic Heroes! New players can compete against each other across multiple aspects of Mythic Heroes to earn medals!

After completing stage 2-1 in the Main Campaign, players will be assigned to a group where players will work towards completing various in-game progression tasks to climb the rankings against their competitors. Top players for each group in the Recruits of Olympus will earn exclusive avatar frames and other prizes!

Rhinemaiden Treasure

Once a day, the Naiads of the Rhine River will visit the Kingdom for a limited time! Visit their shop when they appear to get exclusive Rhinemaiden Treasure by exchanging Diamonds or Novastar Gems for valuable items based on your VIP level. After purchasing a certain number of resources, you will earn a Golden Gift box with even more bonus rewards!

Beastly Echoes – Weekly Event

The Beastly Echoes is a new weekly event that will be added to the rotation alongside the Tower of Babel and Zodiac Mapping.

Use Beast Seals to seal beasts in their caverns and earn rewards! Sealing away all the divine beasts will earn your server a Beastly Echo, and the more Echoes earned by your server, the more rewards everyone will receive!

  • Beastly Echoes has been added to the weekly events rotation, alternating with Tower of Babel and Zodiac Mapping.
  • Added Beastly Echo rewards to Astrolabe of Fate (Beast Seals).

Game Updates


We’ve made several adjustments to the points system and bounty rewards to make it easier for more players to achieve the higher-tier point rewards. We’ve also increased the maximum total earnable points for leaderboard rankings.

  • The reward point score range changed from 380 Points → 300 Points
  • The maximum leaderboard point score changed from 380 Points → 400 Points
  • Ally Hero level sync adjusted from Level 300 → Level 350
  • Designated Hero Ascension quests have been adjusted.
    • Tier 1 Quest Ascension Requirement: Legendary I → Elite I
    • Tier 2 Quest Ascension Requirement: Mythic I → Legendary I
    • Tier 3 Quest Ascension Requirement: Celestial I → Mythic I
  • The following bounties have received changes:
    • [Focus] Points earned reduced from 2 Points → 1 Point
    • [Combat Fatigue] Points earned reduced from 2 Points → 1 Point
    • [Enemy Ardor] Points earned reduced from 2 Points → 1 Point
    • [Fatigue] Points earned reduced from 2 Points → 1 Point
    • [Combat Fatigue] Points earned reduced from 2 Points → 1 Point
    • [Hero Banish] and [Assassination] Points earned reduced from 3 Points → 2 Points
    • [Crude Armor] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Lack of Guile] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Foul Air] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Mana Magnet] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Collective Awe] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Collective Remorse] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Alliance Cracks] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • [Natural Crisis] Points earned increased from 1 Point → 2 Points
    • The Divinity Bounties score is adjusted to the amount of mana consumed by the deity (1, 2, and 3 for each deity instead of 1 for each deity)
    • [Hard] Bounty unlock requirement reduced from 40 Points → 35 Points
    • [Hell] Bounty unlock requirement reduced from 100 Points → 70 Points
    • [Doomsday] Bounty unlock requirement reduced from 180 Points → 120 Points
    • [Basic Attributes III] All Basic Attributes of enemies increases by 90% → 100%
    • [Basic Attributes IV] All Basic Attributes of enemies increases by 140% → 170%
    • [Team Medics] Enemy Heroes’ Health increases by 30% → 25%
    • [Strength Exercises] Enemy Heroes’ Attack increases by 30% → 20%

Void Portal

  • Hero level sync adjusted from Level 300 → Level 350


Show off your achievements with medals! Several medals have been added for players to earn, which can be displayed on their profiles! 

Void Portal Medals

Earn exclusive medals from the Void Portal each weekend by earning your place on the leaderboards! If you earn a medal, make sure to show it off in your profile!

New Antiques

We’re continuing to build out our library of Antiques which can be collected in the Museum. Use your Tomb Maps in the Tomb Exploration area to discover the latest Antiques!

Divine Chronicles

Levels 101-150 have been added to the Divine Chronicles for ALL factions.

Puzzle Event Optimization

We’ve optimized the recurring Hero Puzzle event.

  • When claiming Puzzle Piece Quest Rewards, you will now collect all available pieces by default.
  • When placing Puzzle Pieces, you can now place all available Puzzle Pieces at once. If you complete a Puzzle, the remaining Puzzle Pieces will carry over to the next available Puzzle.

While there’s no Puzzle event with this update, look forward to a smoother and more streamlined Puzzle Event experience when it returns!

Upcoming Skins

Collector Exclusive Skin – Susanoo’s Neon Exoskeleton

Susanoo is powering up with a futuristic armor upgrade! Neon Exoskeleton Susanoo will be available in the Fashion Shop starting July 2nd, 0:00 UTC!

Color Change Skins

Thor and Western Queen will be receiving new skins in the fashion shop throughout this update! Use Skin Shards to get these color-change skins to give them a fresh look.

Hero Changes

Many of the original Heroes were designed with the original game environment in mind. Because of this, there is a power difference developing where it is less effective to use these Heroes in newer content. So we’ve made changes to a few of our older Heroes in order to bring up their performance across the Ascension Realm.


Imperious Glance

Level 2: After using an active skill, increase Dodge by 8% → 12% for 5 seconds

Level 4: Increase Dodge by 10% → 15%

Fallen Stars

Base Ability: As Fallen Angel, Lucifer also stuns the target for 0.1 seconds → 0.5 seconds

Level 2: As Fallen Angel, Lucifer also stuns the target for 0.5 seconds → 1 second


Hell Hound

Base Ability: Inherits 50% → 80% of Hades’ max Health.

Shadow Shield

Base Ability: Absorbs damage equal to 175% → 200% of his Attack.

Level 2: When the shield breaks, it deals 100% → 200% damage to nearby enemies

Level 3: Absorbs damage equal to 200% → 250% of his Attack.

Life Tap

Base Ability: Hades deals damage equal to 1.3% → 1.6% of the opponent’s max health every 2 seconds to all enemies.

Level 2: Deals 1.4% → 1.8% damage

Level 3: Hades recovers 50% → 100% of the enemies’ lost health

Level 4: Deals 1.5% → 2% damage


Petrifying Glare

Base Ability: Medusa uses her eyes, petrifying all enemies (facing in her direction) and increasing their damage taken by 30% for 3s → Medusa petrifies all enemies in front of her, increasing their damage taken by 20% for 3s.

Level 3: Enemies facing away from Medusa have 50% reduced Attack Speed for 4s → Increases the damage taken by petrified targets to 30%


Brutal Charge

Skill Update: Brutal Charge can now hit multiple targets within range.


Skill Update: The ability effect radius has been increased by 20%.

Mortal Strike

Skill Update: The radius of Mortal Strike has increased by 20%.


A new indicator has been added for the “Taunt” effect.


Toxic Beauty

Level 2: Deals 3.5% → 4% damage per second for each stack

Level 3: Each stack of “Snake Poison” decreases the enemy’s healing received by 7.5% → 5%

Level 4: Deals 4% damage per second for each stack. → Additionally, each stack of “Snake Poison” deals damage equal to 0.1% of the target’s max Health


Power Surge:

Base Ability: When “Power Surge” begins, his auto-attack now also targets 2 units to deal 30% → 35% damage each hit.

Focal Fire

Level 3: Stuns the target(s) for 0.5 seconds → 1 second

Sunder Grenade

Base Ability: After 20 → 10 hits, Archimedes launches a grenade to deal 125% → 150% damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Level 2: Deals 150% → 175% damage.

Level 3: Attack cannot be blocked/dodged → Additionally, stuns all hit targets for 1 second.

Level 4: Deals 175% → 200% damage.

Ganjiang & Moye

Twin Souls

  • Updated the description to better match the actual in-game effect. 
  • Removed ability effect: “This attack cannot be dodged.”

Level 3: Deals 225% → 250% damage.

Level 4: The Ultimate can be used while being controlled. Additionally, disperse all debuffs on Ganjiang. → If Ganjiang & Moye’s Energy bar is full, any extra Energy gained will be converted into Health recovered (100 energy = 10% Hp.)

Illusion Blades 

Base Ability: As Ganjiang, Moye sword fires at the 3 closest enemies to deal 120% damage and stuns them for 0.5 seconds.


Base Ability: As Moye, she increases her Dodge and Tenacity by 36%. As Ganjiang, he increases his Crit Chance and Accuracy by 36%

Iconic Weapon rework

Level 100: Increases Attack Speed by 40% for 5s after releasing “Twin Souls” → Increase their Attack Speed by 40% after releasing “Twin Souls.” This effect cannot be dispersed and lasts for the entire battle

Level 200: Increase Attack Speed by 70% → 50% after releasing “Twin Souls”

Level 300: Increase Attack Speed by 100% → 60% after releasing “Twin Souls”

Level 400: “Twin Souls” can be released 2 times (Attack Speed boost is also stacked)


Pious Plea

Base Ability: Cassandra prays to recover all allies’ Health to their max health → equal to 600% of her Attack. After this Health is gained, 70% of the amount recovered will slowly drain away in the next 5s. If these Heroes are hit during this time, the damage taken will be removed from this temporary Health.

Level 2: 60% → 55% of the amount recovered will drain away.

Level 3: 50% → 40% of the amount recovered will drain away.

Holy Illumination

Base Ability: Cassandra releases Holy Energy at the target nearest to her. This energy then bounces to 3 → 5 other Heroes nearby, recovering 8% of max Health if ally or dealing 100% damage if enemy.

Level 2: The energy is conducted up to 4 → 6 times

Level 3: Recovers 10% → 12% of max Health to allies

Level 4: Deals 110% → 120% damage to enemies

Guardian Spirit

Level 2: Reduces damage taken by 10% to nearby → all allies

Level 4: Reduces damage taken by 20% to nearby → all allies

Closing Remarks

And that’s it for this month’s patch! Make sure to check out the newest Letter from the Producer on our website for some news about the future of Mythic Heroes and some rewards (Code will be active after the maintenance is complete!). MH Team.

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