Patch Notes V1.9.0

Hello, Summoners! We’re very excited to share a handful of new features coming to Mythic Heroes! New game modes including the Bifrost Bridge, PvP updates, Friendship Summons, and a more customizable profile page, are all being introduced in this update alongside some other changes. Check out all the details below!


Bifrost Bridge

The one road that leads to Asgard, known as the Bifrost, is a shimmering road to heaven on which the Valkyries would lead the deceased towards Valhalla. In Mythic Heroes, the Bifrost Bridge allows summoners to journey along the bridge, confronting increasingly difficult challenges. Summoners will experience a distinct progression system, featuring unique skills, new currencies, and an exclusive engraving system to help power up your heroes along the way. 

Players can enter the Bifrost Bridge through Ragnarok in the Campaign screen or by using the Event Center. All heroes will be synced to level 300 during the challenge upon entering the Bifrost Bridge. Hero bonuses such as Divinity Talents, Iconic Weapon upgrades, and Museum effects will remain unchanged. NOTE: Equipment Runes and Artifact bonuses are NOT carried over into the Bifrost Bridge challenge.

Exclusive to the Bifrost Bridge is a runestone engraving system. Runestones are a new way to help power up your heroes for battle along their journey on the rainbow bridge. Summoners can earn runestones through daily rewards, event quests, and battle completions.

Treasure Hunt

It’s time to hunt for treasure! The Treasure Hunt is a new limited event where you can dig for bonus rewards. Collect Treasure Shovels and find a wide range of rewards as you excavate each tile for a grand prize! Upon finding the grand prize for that level, you can proceed to the next tier for a chance at even more prestigious treasures.

Potential Dig Results

  • Empty: Unlucky! Better luck next dig!
  • Prize: Earn a small reward!
  • Bomb: Dig up to 4 squares directly beside the selected tile (top, bottom, left, and right) and receive all the prizes that are revealed!
  • Grand Prize: Earn the selected Grand Prize and proceed to the next level!

This event will only be available for a limited time so make sure to claim your rewards while the event is active!


Mastermind Arena Update

By reducing the required number of teams in Mastermind Arena to 3 teams, we want players to be able to build a set of stronger teams. This will allow for more player choice and options in creating the strongest teams when battling against your peers. We have also introduced a points system to the Mastermind Arena to show players the qualification progress for the Champions Arena.

  • The required number of teams to build for the Mastermind Arena has been reduced.
  • Teams Required: from 4 Teams to 3 Teams
  • Mastermind Arena Points System
    • Summoners will be awarded points based upon their PvP performance in the Mastermind Arena.
    • Mastermind Arena points will be reset at the end of each season so that all players can have a chance to qualify based on their current season’s performance.
    • These points do not affect the passive Arena Badge acquisition.

Champions Arena

The Champions Arena is a new cross-server PvP event that will be available periodically for top-ranking players in the Mastermind Arena. These Summoners will compete over multiple days and stages to earn exclusive rewards and bonuses for their guilds!

Heroes on competing teams in the Champions Arena will be synced to level 300, but they will maintain their Attribute bonuses (Grade, Equipment, Divinity, Iconic Weapons, Antiques, and Cubes of Truth). Team formations will be made during the 1-day lock-in period at the beginning of the season, and the selected formations will be used throughout the duration of the Champions Arena season. Competing teams will consist of a predetermined number of team formations to be used by each player (ie. 3 team formations per player).

Group Stage

The Group Stage consists of a selection of players who will have to compete against each other in a Round Robin format. This means that each player will battle against each opponent in their group one time.

At the group stage’s end, a minimum of 4 players with the best winning records from each group will move on to the next stage: The Bracket Stage. In the event of a tie, tiebreaks will be decided by the team with the highest Combat Power.

The Group Stage will remain open for 1 day.

Bracket Stage

Once the Group Stage is completed, there will be one round of competition in the Champions Arena every day in the Bracket Stage. For these matches, team formations will be locked 2 hours before the start of the battles. The players’ formations will then be visible by tapping the player’s avatar in the bracket area. Winning a match in the Bracket Stage will earn a Champions’ Gift reward for all members of the winning player’s guild consisting of Arena Badges.

After the Top 64, Top 8, and Champion have been decided, competing Summoners will be rewarded with a special avatar frame and medals to recognize their achievement in the Champions Arena.

Battle Format

Each season of the Champions Arena will have a team formation requirement, outlining the number of teams to be locked in for the duration of the competition.

  • After a team wins in battle, the next battle will begin, carrying over the remaining Heroes and health from the previous battle while receiving 1 stack of “Fatigue”
    • Fatigue will make Heroes deal less damage and receive more damage.
    • For example, if 3 heroes survive from the battle against Team 1, the battle against Team 2 will start with the surviving 3 Heroes.
  • The player whose team wins the overall team matchup will win the match and move to the next stage of the event.
  • If the timer expires, the battle’s victor will be decided by which team has more surviving Heroes. If this amount is equal, then whichever player has a higher sum of Health for all their Heroes wins.


In the bracket stage, players will be able to place a bet on who will win the current round for select matches of the championship. Predicting match outcomes correctly will reward you favourably!

  • Betting begins when 32 players remain in the bracket stage.
  • Placing bets does not require players to spend any gold.
  • Earned rewards from correct predictions are based on your Cube of Truth and Astrolabe upgrades.


The Void Portal brings an exciting cross-server PvP challenge to all players where Summoners can challenge top players from other servers to earn rewards every weekend.

  • Five (5) players from each server will be selected as Void Invaders and will “invade” another server. These players will be selected based on the previous season’s amount of points earned.
  • On the day of battle, all heroes will be synced to level 300. 
  • Players can challenge the invaders an unlimited amount of times to earn points. Only the highest point score against each individual invader will be recorded.
  • Players can alter the difficulty of the challenge. The more difficult the challenge, the more points they can earn.
  • The total score obtained by the player will be the sum of their highest score against each Invader.
  • The Servers Leaderboard ranks entire servers against one another. A server’s score is determined by calculating the sum of its Top 100 players’ points.

Portal Coins can be used in the event exclusive marketplace. Make sure to claim them before the event closes as the coins cannot be claimed once the portal closes!


Friendship Scrolls

Friendship Points from the Friends List have been replaced with Friendship Scrolls. You can collect up to 20 scrolls each day from your friends and you can give up to 30 to your friends! Friendship Scrolls are a new summoning resource that can be earned through your Friends List and the new “Like” system. These scrolls can be used to summon heroes in the Friendship Summon area of the Summoner’s Sanctum.

Friendship Summons

We’ve added a new Summoning Pool to the Summoner’s Sanctum. Now, you can use Friendship Scrolls to summon from a pool of all heroes! Summon 1 hero from the pool using 10 Friendship Scrolls, or summon 10 heroes using 100 Friendship Scrolls. Summoning heroes via the Friendship Summoning pool will not provide Summon Points.

Like System

Leaderboards across many game modes will now display an option to “Like” a player’s profile! By giving out likes, you can earn Friendship Scrolls to use in the Summoner’s Sanctum. You can send up to 3 “Likes” on every leaderboard, so make sure to give kudos to other players on the server! These “Likes” will also be displayed in the Summoner’s profile when viewed.

As a result of the addition of Friendship Scrolls with the Like system, the weekly Diamonds earned from liking the leaderboards have been removed.


There will be some updates to Guild content in this patch with changes to the Wardragon challenge and some adjustments to the towers and Wardragon Relics in the Epic Showdown. 

We have also added a global Guild ranking leaderboard so you can see how your guild stacks up against everyone else!

Guild Wardragon Updates

The Wardragon challenge for guilds has been updated to ensure that all guild members will be able to take on the challenge and earn rewards. Previously, new players who have joined guilds may have had trouble fighting in the Wardragon challenge. We’re hoping that by making these changes, all guild members can have an enjoyable and competitive experience in the fight while receiving rewarding prizes. 

  • The Guild Wardragon health bar has been removed and has been replaced with an accumulated points system.
  • Upon reaching point benchmarks, the difficulty of the challenge will increase for the entire Guild.
  • Team formations for the Wardragon challenge will now have a Faction requirement.
  • The Wardragon’s skill, “Rage” has been changed
    • Rage no longer reduces the skill cooldowns of the Wardragon based on the percentage of health lost. Instead, The Wardragon will increase its damage reduction over time.
  • The Diamonds required to challenge the Wardragon additional times has been reduced: from 100/200/400 to  100/150/200
  • A new “Wardragon Pass” has been added to the store.
  • Rewards
    • Received rewards from completing the challenge have been updated. Guild Badges have been replaced with a Factional Faith reward based on the Wardragon’s faction (50 Faith + (5 x Wardragon Level)).
    • Drop rates for Guild/Epic Showdown items have been reduced and their rank now scales with the level of the Wardragon.
    • When the Wardragon result is finalized, a resource chest will be distributed to each member participating in a Guild Dragon challenge via in-game mail based on the current Wardragon level. 

Epic Showdown Updates

We’ve updated some of the existing Wardragon Relics in the Epic Showdown and removed a few of the more underused choices. With the decreased drop rate of the Wardragon Relics, we want to make sure that when a Summoner uses them, the Relic provides a significant impact in battle.

Changes to Wardragon Relics

  • Power Ring I/II/III: Allies’ Basic Attributes +8/12/16%
  • Fetid Potion I/II/III: Before the battle begins, all enemies’ current Health -15/20/25%
  • Victory Scepter I/II: Basic Victory Points +50/100%
  • Ares’ Sword: Physical Damage dealt +30%
  • Wizard’s Staff: Magical Damage dealt +30%
  • Inhibition Potion: Enemies’ Energy Recovery -20%
  • Forbidden Curse: Enemies’ Health Reclamation -50%
  • Divine Arrows: Increases the damage dealt by your Heroes on squads that you invade from 11% to 40% (depending on their battlefield position). Invading ‘position 1’ boosts your Heroes’ Attack by 40%, which decreases by 1% for each position lower, to position 30 (11% boost)
  • Recovery Potion: 2 random Heroes can be used for the next Invasion
  • Fleeting Shield: Each ally is immune to the first 5 attacks in battle
  • Banishment Scroll: At the beginning of the battle, exile the highest Combat Power enemy for 12s
  • Vitality Potion: At the beginning of the battle, your heroes receive 300 Energy 
  • Emanating Staff: For each Mage Hero in your formation, all Mage Heroes’ Crit Chance +15%
  • Invigorated Grail: For each Support Hero in your formation, all other Hero types restore 20 Energy per second
  • Reinforced Shield: For each Tank Hero in your formation, all other Hero types’ Defense +60%
  • Swift Blade: For each Fighter Hero in your formation, all Fighter Heroes’ Attack Speed +15%
  • Armor Atmos: If there are any frontline allies still alive, backline Heroes’ damage taken -40%
  • Enemy’s Map: Allies’ Breakthrough +65%
  • Spear of Vengeance: Whenever an ally Hero dies, all surviving Heroes’ Basic Attributes +15%
  • Treasure Finder: Removed
  • Infantry Map: Removed
  • Ranged Formation: Removed

Changes to Epic Showdown Towers

With the changes to Relics, we needed to remove some Towers to avoid potential ridiculous power bonuses during Epic Showdown fights. We also realized that 14 different tower effects were a bit too many, so we cut that number down.


  • Command Tower
  • Enlightened Tower
  • War-Drum Tower
  • Aura Tower
  • Ancient Tower
  • Equilibrium Tower
  • Prosperity Tower


  • Sharpshooter Tower: If you defeat a Defensive Squad in battlefield position 1 to 6 (highest Combat Power teams), receive an extra 150 Victory Points


Summoner Profile Updates

We’ve added a new look to Summoners’ profile pages! Now you can showcase and share your hard-earned accolades with medals and create a more dynamic profile featuring your favorite heroes! 

Alchemy Workshop Updates

The Alchemy Workshop now has a “Quick Forge” option for Summoners to upgrade excess Artifacts and Runes in bulk.

New Antiques

We’ve added a handful of new Antiques to the Museum! Make sure to check them out in-game to help grow your collection and power up your Heroes!

Campaign Updates

  • Continue the journey and discover more stories in the campaign! Chapters 37-44 have been added to both the Main Campaign and the Elite Campaign!
  • Campaign Chapters 33-36 have received difficulty adjustments. The secondary stats (Parry, Breakthrough) of certain enemies have been reduced.

Weekly Event Updates

We want to make sure that our weekly events are rewarding for players, so we’ve made some changes to the event quest completion prizes to be more rewarding.

  • Tower of Babel Quest completion rewards increased
  • Zodiac Mapping Quest rewards have received the following adjustments:
    • SR shards changed for Limited Summoning Scroll
    • SSR Shard reward increased
    • Antique Fragments reward decreased

New Skins

New skins will be added to the Fashion Store periodically throughout the update. Make sure to keep an eye out to see who will be getting some new outfits!


After the 1.9 Update, some of the lesser populated game Servers will begin a process of being merged. 

We have identified the first list of servers receiving a merge. Servers 6-10 will be merged together on an upcoming date. There are some details that affected Summoners will need to know going into this process.

  • Accounts that did not make it to Campaign 1-8, have made no payments, and haven’t logged into the game in 30 days, will be deleted. If any of these accounts are on your Friendslist, they will be removed!
  • If there are duplicate Summoner names from across servers, Summoners will get their server number added to their name. Diamonds will be distributed for name changes for everyone affected.
  • If Summoners had multiple accounts across these 5 servers, they will still be accessible after the merge and will still show the original server number these accounts were made for.
  • After the merge concludes, there will only be 4 Arena IDs remaining. Players will be sorted based on 2 conditions based on money and time invested in Mythic Heroes. All players will keep their original Arena points with ranking based on these points. If multiple players have the same Arena points, the origin Server ID that is older will be placed higher in the ranking. All Summoners will be placed in ONE Mastermind Arena.
  • Weekly Event Ranks like Tower of Babylon will also be merging. All Summoners will keep their original ranking until the event ends. After the event ends, all merged players will be able to see each other in the next weekly event.
  • Details of Server downtime and compensation will be sent to the affected players through the in-game mail system.


  • Fixed a bug where the Thunder Rune set effect would sometimes not trigger correctly causing units to deal less damage than expected. The set effect now works as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Cleopatra’s Viper totem would sometimes not properly inflict snake poison. Increased the limit of Viper Totems on the battlefield from 1 to 2.


Thank you all for reading the patch notes for Patch 1.9! We hope you enjoy the new features that have been released in this update and best of luck in your upcoming battles! GLHF, Summoners!

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