Medusa’s Revenge

It had been decades since her transformation. At this point, Medusa had almost entirely forgotten what she had once looked like… But, what she did remember, was more like a recollection of a beautiful painting — it didn’t feel personal at all… Perhaps the only reason that she remembered anything of her prior self was that she had not seen her image since she was turned into a gorgon. She saw what happened to those who looked into her eyes, and she didn’t want to take any chances… At least that was what she told herself… However, on the rare occasions when she caught a bit of her reflection, looking down at a lake or peering into a shield, nothing happened, and she often looked at her gorgon “sisters,” so it seemed like she was safe…

These “sisters” were perhaps better described as stepsisters, but regardless, they all lived with her on the Gorgades Islands in the giant river, Oceanus. Here, Medusa spend most of her time practicing with her bow and arrow, fantasizing about one day sinking her arrows into a couple Olympians… one in particular. Medusa hated Athena, but she loathed Poseidon. Despite all the time since, she would never forget his crassness; his coy manipulating to get what he wanted. He didn’t care for anything or anyone — only his own desires. And she, by some cruel twist of fate, was the one who paid the price for his selfishness. As for Athena… She always felt that Athena was envious of her beauty and thought that the Goddess of Wisdom lied to her about the curse… Logically, she perhaps should hate her more, but… for some reason, she just didn’t…

Medusa’s decades spent on the Gorgades Islands were incredibly lonely. She found her stepsisters to be somewhat simple-minded and brutish characters that were difficult to relate to. To say she loved them, would definitely be an overstatement. She did like them though. They were her only external companions, and they treated her well — like one of them. However, all her warm feelings, as few as they were, came from her… well, her hair. The snakes on her head were always with her, and she could always see them – at least a couple. She even had names for them… On the furthest left was Gruev (vigilant) who she rarely saw. Next to that one was Anezka (gentle), named so because it never seemed as intense as the rest. On the opposite side (the extreme right) there was Adara (beautiful), the most sleek and bright-eyed of all of them, and the next one, nearing the center, was Chuse (golden) with its yellowish sheen on its violet scales… It was the two in the center though, over her forehead, that were the ones that Medusa felt the most warmth for. On the left, was Acacia (naïve), brave, but foolish at times. On the right was Chrysostom (the golden mouthed). While both of these snakes were beat up by those that intended to kill Medusa, this golden-mouthed one wore the scars like war medals. It stood a little higher than the rest and had a deep hiss that all the others immediately reacted to… Her respect for this snake was the closest thing to a positive feeling that she had anymore.

Everything changed on one seemingly-normal morning. Medusa was awoke in the first light of dawn to the sound of her gorgon stepsisters, rusting around the palace. Something was off… Their pace was chaotic. She slid out of the bed and headed to the central court. Stheno and Euryale looked at her with their wild, gorgon eyes. Euryale spoke first with her course, witch-like tone:
“Sister, it is time…”
“What time?” Medusa asked, slightly incoherent on account of her just waking.
“Revenge, Medusa. The Void Lord has given the Dark Crystals… The world will fall. Our time, sister, our time…”
“What? …Where are you going?”
“We…Medusa. You come as well. We fight with Shadowarchs. Stheno listened to Dark One. It tells her its plan. We will fight but betray them when time is correct… We be Queens after. The Void swore it… with the ancient oath… yes, yes, that one…”
After the last word was spoken, both Medusa’s stepsisters laughed frantically and immediately returned to their preparation.

Stheno only took an additional moment to speak, “Ssssister, boat is ready. Prepare…”
She was silent but even the simplistic minds of Euryale and Stheno could see that Medusa was elated… to defeat the Gods… to take its rule from them. It was perfect. Betraying them, even made it better. The corner of Medusa’s lip involuntarily raised into a sneer. Chrysosom hissed deeply; all the rest echoed this intense sound. It was a war cry… they understood. Medusa’s long awaited quest for revenge was about to begin…

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