Content Creator Recruitment

Hello, Summoners! Are you a budding Content Creator? It’s YOUR time to shine! Mythic Heroes is looking for 100 content creators, and great prizes await the most creative!


DURATION: 05/17/2022 – 05/19/2022 (UTC)

RULES: Registration will be open for 48 hours and all participants can enter using the link in the attached FORM. You will need to submit your IGGID, Server number, and a link to the channel that you intend to post to.


Based on the applications, 100 Summoners will receive an official invite via in-game mail to create and post videos for the event. These Summoners will be chosen based on the quality of previously created content (doesn’t need to be Mythic Heroes specific). You will also be added to an exclusive channel in our Discord!

DURATION: 05/18/2022 – 06/18/2022 (UTC)


  1. Once the Event begins, the chosen Summoners will need to submit at least 1 video that fulfills the event requirements on the Channel that was registered for this event.
  2. The posted video must be related to Mythic Heroes. Videos may include official materials provided by the game or relevant content. The video must not be shorter than 15 seconds and the caption must include the hashtag #MythicHeroes
  3. In the Description section, the following information must be included: [Official Mythic Heroes Website:].
  4. Platforms where the videos may be posted are: YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
  5. The videos must not contain false, misleading, or inflammatory content. All videos should follow the terms and policies of the selected platform.


Rewards include In-game rewards worth up to $100 US dollars (available for everyone) and if you enter from the US, there are loads of Amazon Giftcards up for grabs for those that qualify!
For the extended rules, please join us on Discord where you can read through the entire Rules and Rewards for this month-long event! h


Content Creator Asset Pack:
Head over to our Website at the attached link to find a Content Creator Asset pack –

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